1. B

    Help with pre stretching Pro's Pro Red Devil

    Does anyone have any experience pre stretching red devil? It's insanely stretchy and loses a lot of tension after 24 hours
  2. dudu

    String Types/Naming Conventions - Do They Have it Wrong?

    Simply put, looking at construction and performance: - Gut is made of the dried fibres of the serous membrane of cow intestine - which is elastic, good at high tensions; Diagrams I have seen of a cross section make it seem more like multifilament strings, in that there are multiple smaller...
  3. D

    Adjusting clamp width

    I have the clamps as seen in the pictures and I am having trouble adjusting them. Their openings is not quite parallel and they are very hard to adjust. If I adjust for crosses, sometimes I end up clamping the mains close to the base and they get bruised a little. Is there a trick to adjust them...
  4. S

    Buying an old Babolat Sensor Expert

    Hello all. I have the possibility to buy an old Babolat Sensor Expert Dual. According to seller it works fine but haven’t been used for 5 years. It has strung up around 9500 rackets according to the display. Around 30.000 Traction Cycles. I know it’s hard to say exactly, but what would be a...
  5. P

    Advices for manual tennis stringing machine

    Hi, I am a french student, tennis player and employee in a small tennis club. I am looking forward to buy a manual tennis stringing machine, mainly for being independent and for learning something. Here are more details about the use I will make of it. I have no experience with stringing but...
  6. ekucheraw

    Powerangle Pro Stringing Video?

    Recently acquired an unstrung Powerangle Pro thinking foolishly "how hard could it be"? I've strung hundreds of rackets but when the guide on their website says it takes only 5 minutes to learn I feel like I've never tied a knot in my life. Has anyone ever stumbled across a video of a powerangle...
  7. S

    Tourna 150-CS strong notching.

    Hey guys. Avid home stringer here, but I have a question if anyone can answer me. I use a Tourna 150-CS, and I generally love to string on it, but there’s one thing that just seems super weird to me, unless I’m doing something wrong. Whenever I have to pull tension, I have to wrap the string...
  8. B

    Software to manage restrings

    Hi, Does anyone know of any software that can be used to manage restrings/customer data. I currently use Xcel but need something that can help manage a larger volume of customers. Thanks!
  9. A

    One Piece Stringing: Can it be done on a drop weight stringer? Ex- Gamma X-2 Stringer

    Hey there! I'm new to stringing my own racquets and have been loving the process. I've gotten two piece stringing down really well but I don't use a hybrid set up and I use Wilson racquets to which they recommend one piece. I was looking into videos on how to string one piece (most of the...
  10. C

    Upgrade to Auto Clamps Loosening

    Hi All, I'd appreciate any help with this issue. I changed my clamp bases from the standard Spinfire to Spinfire Automatic base clamps. Every 3-4 racquets I need to tighten the base clamps as they begin to rotate back a little, likely resulting in tension loss. Is this normal procedure? Do...
  11. MM360

    Anyone able to contact MI Stringer, getting no responses

    Hi, As per the title I am not getting any replies from MI Stringer, the contact form says they will respond within 1 business day but nothing. The stringer looks perfect in the £300 range, assuming the company has gone under can anyone recommend a stringer for personal use for around £300? Thanks
  12. S

    What is this machine? Beginner stringing tips!

    Hey guys - new to the forums and have a couple of burning questions I’m really struggling with. Bought this machine about 2 months ago now - I’m surprisingly good condition for what could be 20-30 year old machine? Firstly does anyone have any idea of the brand at all - can’t find it anywhere...
  13. D

    Babolat Junior 26 (Blue) stringing for comfy play

    Hi, Anybody can recommend good string setup for this racquet, my 11 yo player complained about some arm/wrist pain after playing with it. I didn't see any recommended tension posted, it was restrung from factory with Hyper G @50 which I assume in the middle of recommended range. I heard that...
  14. A

    used gamma 5003 issues

    hey guys. Relatively new to stringing (I've finished probably around 150 rackets) and wanted to purchase my own machine, so I bought a used gamma 5003 on ****. At first glance the machine looked ok, but upon arrival I realized it was not ready out of the box. all the parts arrived complete and...
  15. B

    Stringing tension advice please

    Hey, I've been playing with the Yonex VCore Pro H with a full bed of Head Lynx Tour at 51 lbs and am really enjoying it. I'm looking to try a slightly softer setup so will go for a hybrid. I'm going to string the mains with Head Velocity MLV and crosses with Head Lynx Tour... My question is...
  16. E

    Stringing 2 piece instead of 1 piece because of reel end?

    I'm not a professional stringer - just string for family and friends. I normally get 1 racket at a time and string 1-piece or 2-piece based on the specific racquet's recommendation if available. Just the other evening, I had 2 racquets from the same player to restring. The specific racquet was...
  17. M

    Hybrid String Suggestion for More Durability (Six One 95s)

    I play with a Wilson Six One 95s. I recently moved away from a full bed of Hyper G Poly (17 gauge) to Lux Alu Power in the mains @ 54# and Wilson NXT Syn Gut @ 56# in the crosses. I love the feel on volleys and touch shots and am also able to take full cuts at the ball and have consistent...
  18. Yaam

    RF97 10.0(2014) Customization Reccomendations

    Hi! So I have the RF97(the red and black one) that came out in 2014. I used to use the 11.0 RF with an overgrip, balanced at about 362g. with lead tape under the grip too. After trying something else, I'm looking for a similar playstyle with a lighter weight. I tried the Wilson Ultra 2.0 Tour...
  19. O

    Alpha Axis Pro or Tourna 300cs

    Don't know which one to go with. Seems I can't go wrong with either, but just to be sure. I would prefer the one with the best clamps, however if one is much better than the other I would obviously go with that one.
  20. S

    Bonny T-618 Stringing Nightmare

    I saw a couple threads on Bonny tennis racquets, and how many of their racquets pushed the envelope on weird designs and experimental concepts. Well, a customer visiting from Taiwan brought a Bonny racquet to be restrung: the Bonny T-618 (purple and green-ish). I looked in the 2020 stringers...
  21. pico

    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    I was stringing this for someone but it seems to be different from a regular Pure Aero. I couldn't find the right grommets to tie off crosses unless this is only meant for one piece stringing? Do I still skip 7 and 9 on mains?
  22. pico

    Syn gut strings slipping out of clamps

    Hi all. I have a Klippermate. I have tried to string a racquet with two different syn gut strings now and they both slipped out of my clamps during stringing. I have been able to string syn gut fine before. Do I need new clamps? I can string poly fine.

    Yonex Duel G 310 stringing pattern?

    I brought my Yonex Duel G 310 to the stringer yesterday and picked it up today. The guy told me that his colleague who was stringing it got confused by the pattern at the top of the frame. The guy tried to figure it out with her but he also wasn't sure. They ended up with this: It's a 16x20. I...
  24. T

    [Request] Can anyone post a video of stringing synthetic gut/multifilament with a drop weight and floating clamps?

    I have a the basic 2 point mount Gamma X-2 drop weight stringer and stringing synthetic gut/multifilaments have been unpredictable for me and that's because the string stretches and so the drop weight keeps dropping after leveling the drop weight. In the end it's caused me to sometimes have a...
  25. S

    Advice for Stringing Adjustments (Novice)

    Hey guys! I've recently taken up tennis again as a hobby, and I've been playing regularly for the last 3 months, (4 times a week, typically 90 minute sessions 1 on 1 with a hitter). I was using a my old crappy cheap Prince racquet untill I played enough to make an upgrade. I recently bought a...
  26. beepee1972

    Stringing example #2: Head Speed Pro Graphene Youtek 18*20

    Another example for a racquet I just had on my machine. I think it is a great way to use a 1-piece stringing pattern for this racquet. Because of the shared grommets, not all ATW patterns will work. In this case, I used the "ATW short side" pattern. My solution for ATW: Summary: SS M8 clamp...
  27. OldManStan

    TiS6 coating coming off from outer clamps?

    Hey everybody, I’ve been stringing a few TiS6s lately and noticed a reoccurring issue where some of the soft coating will come off where the mounts are (at 2,5,7, and 10) after I’m done stringing them. Just wanted to know if you guys have been experiencing the same since it seems to scratch so...
  28. A

    Help! PentaPremiumStringer 8700 Electro. Does not stop pulling.

    Hello everyone, I recently acquired a Penta Premium Stringer 8700 Electro! My issue is the following: (1). I set the machine to my desired tension (23.5kg). (2). The machine starts pulling, and eventually recognizes that my desired tension has been reached (a small light switches from red...
  29. C

    Ektelon H - Glide Bars

    I just recently found a steal of a deal on an Ektelon H machine, although I didn't get any full glide bars with it, only the short/half glide bars. Am I SOL? The previous owner claims his son strung rackets using only the short glide bars, but I can't figure out how that's possible/find any...
  30. Rudi Bergner

    What’s wrong with the string job!!?

    Hi, I’ve been with arm problems due to a bad string job that I can’t figure why. My stringer strings like 200/300 Rackets a mounth, for national athletes mainly, but in the past few months I feel that it makes a lot of pressure in my arm, the strings feel dead and like a thick rock wall. ( some...