1. C

    FS: Wilson Baiardo stringing machine + tools -- 9.5/10

    Hey TT folks - Thanks for checking out my ad. I sold my stringing business in 2018 when I moved out of the Bay area. I missed stringing though, so I pulled the trigger and bought this Jan 2019. Business has been much harder to drum up here than where I came from, so it's time for me to pursue...
  2. W

    Stringing and head deformation

    What I noticed lately from my often stringing jobs is that mains and crosses pull the head sides and deformation occurs depending on the tension you put on each type of strings, mains and crosses. The head can get elongated into a slight oval shape if the tension in the crosses is higher or it...
  3. pico

    Tf40 305 stringing instructions?

    Just wondering where to tie off the mains and crosses?
  4. Znak

    Wilson Blade v7 18x20 cross stringing question

    I'm pretty sure I did this wrong... I'm so used to Yonex 2-pieces which end up so clean. I bought a new 18x20 v7 Blade and as per their site, it mentions to tie the x-string at 6T, 12B. Problem being the mains have already travelled back to tie off at 7B which leaves a bundle of strings like in...
  5. noalac

    Pre-stretching for the Volkl Cyclone Tour?

    Hi, recently I have restrung my racquet with the Volkl Cyclone Tour. It is the first time I try this string and I always heard people complaining about its tension maintenance. I am wondering whether the tension loss could be fixed by the pre-stretching process for this string. Here is...
  6. M

    Strings and Different Levels of Players

    Starting a stringing business. Some of the people I will be stringing for know what kind of string they want, others don’t. I would assume majority of people just use synthetic guy up to the 4.0 level. Thought on good types of synthetic gut or any other thought on strings altogether. Also, at...
  7. H

    Wise 2086 Series 9

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wise 2086 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Strung about 30-40 rackets since I purchased it back in 2017 *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Second owner of...
  8. K

    Pure Aero 2 pc Tie off and Hole Sharing Differences from different stringers

    Hello everyone. I am pretty new to tennis and am not stringing my own racquets yet (but hope to in the future). After having a handful of racquets restrung, I have noticed that different professional stringers are stringing my same racquets differently, with respect to tie off locations and...
  9. Simplicius

    I’m doing something very wrong! But what?

    The situation which I'm going to describe below happens ALWAYS, since I can remember! Please HELP me! I’m doing something very wrong! But what? That’s the main problem: I buy only used rackets. Every time I purchase a new (used) racket I play with it a few matches with the strings which...
  10. MazarXskunk

    Would a pack of string be enough?

    Hello, I have a Pro Staff 6.0 125 and was wondering if a pack of 40ft string be enough to restring it. Any input would be appreciated, Thanks Cheers, Jo
  11. Znak

    Slack in the mains + 2 other questions

    Question 1 I'm unsure if I awake last night or not, but I was stringing my racquets up and was getting this weird slack/drawback, but only when doing the mains: Question 2 A simple one, why is it whenever I lay out the finishing tape on my overgrip (or even replacement grip), it looks good...
  12. Znak

    A bit of perspective

    In case this hasn't been shared here yet:
  13. W

    Trying to save money by stringing

    I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, haven't found a clear answer: I'm trying to save money in the long run by doing my own stringing. But it would be *very* long run if I forked out a ton of cash for an expensive machine. Anyone have experience with the cheap machines around $300? Do...
  14. C

    Overlapping strings at holes = bad?

    I don't know how to call this area. Let's say three strings (three sections) come together in this area. In the first photo no overlaps are on all three racquets. I have seen a string job which has one section overlapping the other section along half the length of the latter. Is overlapping a...
  15. F

    The Electricity Consumption of a professional stringing machine

    How much does a Professional Stringing Machine (f.e. Baiardo) consume for stringing a racket? (f.e. 20-25 minutes)

    Burned Restringing a Wilson Burn 100s

    My boy came home from high school practice last night asking if I can restring a racquet for a teammate as he needed it for today's match. It was a Wilson Burn 100s with wearguard in it and I thought to myself "no problem dad has got this". I prep-ed the racquet, went out to the Klipper site...
  17. A

    Losing tension after clamping down string and releasing the pull

    As you can see in the video, the string loses considerable tension (10-15 lbs) after releasing the tension pull. This happens no matter how tightly I grip the clamps on the string nor how much I tighten the clamp base to the board. The base clamps do not move at all, it's the clamp itself that...
  18. aidanzman73

    Losing tension when stringing crosses.

    Hi guys, I’m using a gamma progression drop weight machine and every time I’ve strung a racket so far when I get to the crosses they always end up coming off in the range of 38-45lbs. I’ve used Poly, Syn Gut, Natural Gut, Multi and always the same. I’ve also changed the tension to try and...
  19. Znak

    Bowed string/grommet issue?

    Encountered a new one today. Was stringing for a friend and once completed I was straightening out the strings and noticed that on the 17th and 18th cross the string bowed. Like I couldn't adjust it, it kept going back to that flexed position — on the 17th it flexed downwards, on the 18th...
  20. RF19

    Feedback :Sergetti Stringing Methods

    Hello there Stringing Gurus! Wanted to check if anyone has given Sergetti stringing methods a shot? If yes - what's your opinion? I did see some videos on YouTube that said that it did hold the tension longer etc....but wanted to ask here to understand from the real people...
  21. Gabriel Sara

    Stringing a PS 85

    Hi everyone, i bought a stringing machine and i need help to string my Wilson PS 6.0 85. From what i read the crosses should be strung top to bottom, but i’m looking ay my racket and apparently they are strung bottom up. Can anyone help me understand how should it be done?
  22. S

    A Cross Stringing Tool for Badminton Racquets

    In response to requests from stringers who use and like the StringWeaver cross stringing tool for tennis racquets, we have developed and now have available a similar tool made specifically for badminton racquets. For more information visit the website.
  23. S

    Mounting/Stringing Prince Extender Ripstick 800

    Hi everyone, someone gave me a Prince Ripstick to string and I'm very concerned about safely mounting it on my machine, due to my 2-pt mount and the ripstick's more oval head shape making the throat. Pictures below. Is it safe to string this stick with the throat not buttressed fully? The top...
  24. Znak

    One piece string job question

    Question for any of you. I was wondering how to complete a one piece string job on a 16x20 or 18x20 racquets? It works out logically when the racquet starts top down, but both these Wilsons start bottom up — does that mean I always have to do ATW? Otherwise my crosses start at the throat and...

    Fishing Line Length Measuring Device - For String Length

    I usually just measure string off a reel by the arm-length method or if I am being picky a yardstick. I recall when I was evaluating stringers looking at the Gamma machines with the string length measuring feature and debating if I thought the feature would be useful. In the end I thought...

    Fanning Poly Cross with Gut Mains

    Hi: I am just curious about technique when stringing a hybrid with gut in the mains and poly in the crosses. Does one still fan the crosses in the same manner across the gut when weaving? Is there an approach one uses to lessen the abrasion on the gut? Thanks!

    String Tension - Evening Out from String to String

    I have been reading all the posts about proportional stringing and have even performed my string length measurements and prepared my spreadsheet to give it a shot. One item I was wondering about was tension changes from string to string after stringing (so to speak as per half it is all just...
  28. brownbearfalling

    WTB/WTT Wise Tension Head. Low miles.

    Looking for a Wise tension head with low usage since I plan to put it to work. There seem to have been a recent surge of these on the classifieds that all sold. Price was around $400 shipped. So I would be looking to spend around that. Newer model please with the diablo and button behind...
  29. Simon_the_furry

    How to pull through cross strings without burning the mains?

    I've been wondering about this. I strung my racquet the other day and I noticed how warm my crosses were from friction with the mains. I know it's not healthy for the string. Any tips on how to avoid this issue?

    RacquetTune - Maybe Some Factor Variances = Temp Variances???

    I was just stringing a unique racquet someone at our club gave me I have seen written about here... A Wimbledon Eclipse Expert... Anyway, while stringing it I was thinking about all the comments about the variances in RacquetTune String factors for a particular string/gauge. I am sure there...