1. Znak

    Racket Logger

    I just stumbled on this — most of you probably know of it, but I thought I'd share for those who don't. It's pretty rad to be able to organize strings and racquets on a graph to compare them visually:
  2. K

    X-One Biphase 16G + ALU Power 16L on PS97?

    Hi! New to the forum but was hoping to get some advice on strings. I've been playing with the X-One Biphase 16G full bed up until this point on my Pro Staff 97 but have been finding my shots a bit flat and long so was looking to switch to a hybrid setup since I'm not a huge fan of a full poly...
  3. M

    Strings and Different Levels of Players

    Starting a stringing business. Some of the people I will be stringing for know what kind of string they want, others don’t. I would assume majority of people just use synthetic guy up to the 4.0 level. Thought on good types of synthetic gut or any other thought on strings altogether. Also, at...
  4. C

    Strings for Angell TC95 / TC100 (16*19)

    Hi Angell Users, I have been playing the last few months with Angell TC95 and 100 sticks and wondered whether there is a dominant / ideal string I could use. I am currently using Solinco Hyper G @ 23 KG in the 95s and Luxilon Element @ 23KG in the 100. The Hyper G is a bit too stiff and is...
  5. M

    Is there a multi that's lower-powered than NXT that is still has feel/control and is comfortable? And a bit more spin friendly?

    Hey everyone, So I'm looking to find a string that fits my flatter-hitting style while I tend to some arm soreness. Natural gut is too powerful, but I've liked NRG2 16's very consistent play and higher playability duration and NXT 16's excellent feel and control while it lasts. I had...
  6. C

    Pro specs sheet

    Hi Talk Tennis: I'm working to create the most comprehensive database possible on professional tennis players' racquets and strings. Here's a link. Submit a correction.
  7. Znak

    Millman's strings

    Damn, he strings Black Code upwards of 67lbs!! Ouch.
  8. Grapplesnake USA Official

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Hello, TT friends! We are happy to let you know that Grapplesnake Strings are now available in the United States. We are a German string manufacturer, and have been around in Europe for about two years. Before developing tennis strings, we focused our attention in the rope industry for sports...
  9. liftordie

    Grapplesnake strings

    This new brand offers high quality strings! Test them and give your opinion! Personally I play with the Neon Dust hybrid and it's a killer!!! Made in Germany
  10. liftordie

    The most slippery round strings on the market in 2019

    What are (for you) the most slippery round strings on the market in 2019 (for using as a cross)? Thank you
  11. M

    Need recommendation for hybrid strings

    Hi I play with a Graphene Touch Speed Pro 18x20 String Pattern Currently play with volkl cyclone I'm looking for a durable hybrid that has a shaped poly in the mains because I want spin friendly strings or includes the volkl cyclone in the hybrid and want a soft durable string in the crosses...
  12. M

    Best Hybrid For Aggressive Baseliner?

    Im 17, my favorite shot is the low down the line smashing forehand.I am very fast and get to most balls and come to the net often. I lack a good over head and back hand volley. I have a hard first serve but and a slow accurate 2nd serve. I use a full bed of Luxilon Big Banger at 55 currently in...
  13. S

    Racquet Tune question (another one)

    Hi All, I know there are numerous threads on this - I cant seem to find the answer to this. So apologies for starting another. I have just got a Pure Strike (previous thread on this story here > ) Ive...
  14. T

    Crisp feeling poly with max playability duration and spin?

    My first criteria for choosing strings is playability duration and then spin. This criteria led me to a full bed of Ashaway Kevlar 18g @40lbs in terms of feel and spin; I love seeing the fuzz in the air after ripping a forehand. But yeah had wrist and elbow discomfort and cut it out. Went back...
  15. S

    Expert Question - Pure Strike 18x20

    Hi All, Excuse the length of this post. Helpful if you read it. I just got my new PS 18x20. I used to play with a Babolat Pure Storm GT and havent changed since 2011 as I havent been able to find a racquet that plays similar. I demoed the PS 18x20 racquet using TW's demo program. Tried the...
  16. L

    Looking for a similar string to Luxilon savage

    Hi how you guys doing?. So when I was younger like 2010 I used to use a Babolat pure drive Roddick strung with luxilon savage 16 (58lbs) settings to play. Recently I was blessed and got a head graphemes touch MP gifted to me and I was wondering if anyone knew what strings I should get for these...
  17. joeyz101

    Racket Review Site - Feedback Needed

    Hi Everyone - I am taking a graduate class in entrepreneurship and would appreciate your help ! I am currently working on a project where we must 1st come up with a business idea and then gather feedback from the customer segment we think the business would serve. Based on the feedback we...
  18. I

    Babolat Boost Drive

    Hi guys, I started playing again 3 months ago after a 15 years hiatus. I played for 5 years as a kid from 8 to 13 years old. I bought a Babolat Boost Drive as it seemed to be a very decent racquet that could no wrong. Now that I’m starting to find my groove back and hit the ball a bit harder I...
  19. Znak

    Differences b/w Luxilon Alu Power Range

    Was hoping someone could tell me the difference, or their experience having played, between: Alu Power Alu Power Rough Alu Power Spin Alu Power Feel Alu Power Fluoro Alu Power Soft What is the goto Alu Power string? And why is it sometimes called Big Banger? Is that the previous naming for it...
  20. R

    Should I Change My Strings Wilson Prostaff 90

    My current setup that my coach strung is Wilson Prostaff 90 BLX ('12/'13) Mains : Solinco HyperG?? (It's a green poly so thats my guess) Crosses : Luxilon Alu Power Tension : idk but it's pretty tight for a full bed of poly Currently, my racket feels like a club, and I have to try 100% for...
  21. A

    Strings for Pro Staff 95S (2015 - Black and Red version)

    Hi! So I'm currently using a Prince Phantom 100 (with the O3 ports and all!). It's strung with Volkl Cyclone at the moment. I had the chance to use my friend's old PS95s (2015) and fell in love with it, I think it's such an easy racquet to transition to after having played with the PP100. The...
  22. A

    Strings for Wilson Pro Staff 95s {2015 - Black and Red, not the (predominantly) White edition}

    Hi! So I'm currently using a Prince Phantom 100 (with the O3 ports and all!). It's strung with Volkl Cyclone at the moment. I had the chance to use my friend's old PS95s (2015) and fell in love with it, I think it's such an easy racquet to transition to after having played with the PP100. The...
  23. M

    Soft or Plush Poly Strings

    I haven't had to opportunity to play with many strings as I mostly used ytex quadro twist for a few years but recently i've wanting to try something different. I remember using one of my friends frames and he had it strung up with luxilon 4g. I know that 4g is marketed as a stiff string and many...
  24. Q

    Ways to make Black Code 4S more comfortable?

    Hi, Right now I'm playing with a full bed of Black Code 4S strung at 50lb. However after 2-4 hours of gameplay, my arm will usually start to feel more sore. My racket is the RF 97 Autograph one btw. So I'm looking for ways to make it more comfortable. Right now I'm thinking of stringing it...
  25. Spoderblitz

    Need a string recommendation/tension

    Hello, As an individual that doesn't have a broad knowledge of tennis strings and how well it performs, I would require some recommendations as I struggle to find a string that suits my needs. I am a 3.0-3.5 player with a strong eastern forehand grip and a one handed backhand with short-medium...
  26. XFactorer

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike

    In the specs for the new VCORE Pro 97, they mention a new string: Poly Tour Strike. Discuss.
  27. Znak

    Winter Tension

    Do you guys adjust your strings to match the weather? If so what do you do? It's getting close to 0 Celsius in Paris, and wasn't sure if it's normal to make adjustments to your strings to compensate.
  28. I

    Multi mains / poly crosses spin and string friction

    I'm playing with a textreme warrior 107T racquet ( NTRP 3.5 player ) and I've tested plenty of string setups from full multi to full poly and hybrids. It turns out that at my current level a hybrid setup helps me achieve great depth with my shots, forgiving contact, comfort and easy access to...
  29. AemiliusRex

    TWU: Wilson Sensation vs Sensation CONTROL

    Experimenting with new strings for my daughter, love the TWU database and tools, but noticed that the string stiffness for Wilson Sensation Control is lower than that of Wilson Sensation (150 vs 169 lb/in). But the string description says that WSC is stiffer than WS. So I was wondering, whether...
  30. CopolyX

    When it comes to poly strings.........Tennis Industry: Nov/Dec 2017

    Collaborative Effort: When it comes to poly strings, we all need to make sure adult recreational players and juniors know the facts. By Bob Patterson: I speak to many manufacturers, coaches and racquet technicians, and the consensus is that recreational adult players and junior players are...