1. B

    Solinco Confidential - Elbow pain

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. I’ve been playing tennis for the last 2 years with a blade 98 v6 2021 (non countervail). I strung it with Yonex Super Tour @55 at first, changed after a year to Luxilon Element @50 and later element rough @52 and last week I tried Solinco Confidential...
  2. O

    Opinion about Kirschbaum Multifibre

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know everyone's opinion about Kirschbaum Multifibre. I am looking for a multi that can replace Technifibre X-one Biphase. I read around this forum that Multifibre feels as close to natural gut? I searched and read through almost all the post about this string. But...
  3. hobl4

    String effect on drag (air resistance)

    I made a (possibly useless) comparison between different string setups and their effects on drag. I did the calculations in Excel and I set it up so that it could be easily used by anyone to compare any setup, but this forum doesn't allow me to post an image of it, let alone the Excel file...
  4. K

    Hybrid Setup for ezone 98 2022 after Shoulder pain

    Hello again, I will follow your advice and try a hybrid setuo for my ezone as i am suffering Shoulder/Muscles Problems particularly the deltoid muscle, upper arm. Till now i played with full bed yonex polytour rev orange strung at 23/22 kg. My technique is good, i would say i am a NTRP 5. Heavy...
  5. B

    Super Slow clay courts

    Hi there, where I live we play on a dirt-like clay court. With the summer rains the court is pretty wet and super slow I usually play with Head Hawk or other similar strings with my Head Radical Pro at around 52/53lbs I feel that I don't get any depth with the ball staying heavy and low Any...
  6. S

    Gamma F.S.P. = Pepsi Scam???

    I’ve been playing tennis all my life, and stringing racquets since high school. Im 45 now. I’ve been collecting Gamma points as long as I can remember. I decided to cash in a few of my points for a set of stringers tools. I mailed them in only to find out 4 months later that the program ended...
  7. K

    Strings for Yonex Ezone 98 2022

    Hello, I am buying a second ezone 98. First ezone is strung 23/22kg with Polytour Fire 125. i like it but a slightly controlled string with a bit more precision could not waste. I have the impression that everytime that im not really focused on controlling my power, the ball flies out. Im an...
  8. T

    Racket for female with golfers elbow

    Hi everyone, I know there are a few posts about tennis and golfers elbow, but mainly for men rather than women and I am struggling to find a racket I can play with for longer than an hour without pain - assuming it is possible..... I am 55 and started playing tennis regularly again after 35...
  9. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Strike vs Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, interested in buying Yonex Polytour Strike 17 gauge. I currently use Solinco Confidential 17 gauge and love it but kind of want to go full Yonex For context, I use Yonex Ezone 98 Tour and am looking for a control string that will not hurt my arm and will have good tension...
  10. Rob209

    Angell TC95 16x19 Vs 18x20

    So….. I’ve very nearly committed to Angell frames twice now. This time I’m really going to do it. Currently play with Aero VS with some added lead at 12 and in the handle. Play some representative tennis at O40 level. All court player. Decent serve (although spin and precision are my biggest...
  11. K

    Strings fornYonex Vcore 98 2023 and Ezone 98 2022

    Hi There, Any recommendations regarding the strings for these two rackets? I usually tend to overhit and to overpower so i would like something like a good compromise and balance between effortless power and control. Not too much control yet because i can get quickly tired and this is not my aim.
  12. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Strike vs Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, Thinking about changing string setup for my Yonex Ezone 98 Tour. I am currently using Solinco Confidential at 50 lbs and was initially thinking about switching to Yonex Polytour Pro. However I have played with that string a couple years ago and thought it was maybe a little too...
  13. KungfuTennis

    Anyone try TAAN strings from China?

    So as someone who currently lives in China and works at a tennis club, I've tried a lot of polys. Almost all Lux strings, almost all Solinco strings, Black Widow, Quadro Twist, RPM, MSV Focus Hex, Cyclone, you get the picture. When I first came to China, I found that a lot of high level players...
  14. Troy_Chen

    Solinco Confidential/Vanquish Recommended Tension

    Hey guys, Just bought a reel of Solinco Vanquish to hybrid with my Solinco Confidential in Yonex Ezone 98 Tour and wondering what is a good tension for both. I typically use full bed Solinco Confidential in the range of 47-50 lbs. It is my first time using a hybrid setup and not sure if I...
  15. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Pro vs Gosen Sidewinder String Review

    Currently using Solinco Confidential in a Yonex Ezone 98 Tour (2020) version. Thinking about switching to a softer poly/co-poly setup to preventatively maintain my arm so I don't get sidelined with tennis elbow/other arm injuries. I currently don't have any arm pain and love my current setup (I...
  16. Michael7

    Yonex Vcore 95 use with either Poly Tour Strike, Solinco Confidential, or Hybrid (Gut)

    Anyone try the Vcore 95 with either of these strings and have any advise/suggestions?
  17. J

    Overwhelmed by strings

    I've dropped hours over the last couple days combing through the forum trying to figure out what I should go with but I feel further from a decision than when I started. About me: -3.0 making progress towards the next level. 3 months with 1:1 coaching which is making a big diff -String breaker...
  18. MM360

    Anyone able to contact MI Stringer, getting no responses

    Hi, As per the title I am not getting any replies from MI Stringer, the contact form says they will respond within 1 business day but nothing. The stringer looks perfect in the £300 range, assuming the company has gone under can anyone recommend a stringer for personal use for around £300? Thanks
  19. R

    Tennis strings for a small shop

    Hi guys. I am opening a small shop at our tennis club and would like to get some string suggestions. I dont have the space (and i dont feel its necessary) to stock 50+ strings. i would like suggestions on the following categories: 1. Power 2. Control 3. Soft Poly 4. Multi/Syn Gut (lots of older...
  20. T

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike Colors

    Has anyone tried all the colors of this string? Is there a noticeable difference while playing with them?
  21. Troy_Chen

    Gosen Sidewinder vs Polyon

    Hey guys, Looking to change from Solinco Confidential to a hybrid set-up in a 2020 Yonex Ezone 98 Tour. Heard a lot of good things about Gosen, interested in hybriding Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 with either 17 gauge Polyon or Sidewinder. What are the differences between the strings and which one...
  22. Z

    Coco Gauff's Strings

    Does anyone have an idea what strings she plays with and the tension? Thanks

    What questions do I ask new customers?

    I started stringing in July 2021. I'm now starting to string for more people now besides my friends and people I know well (and their games). I think I'm doing well so far getting the right combinations (string/tension) in people's racquets and getting positive feedback. But I don't have much...
  24. F

    MSV Focus Hex Ultra vs Focus Hex

    Hey, has anybody tried both MSV Focus Hex Ultra and its predecessor MSV Focus Hex? If so, what colour and gauge have you tested? Thanks
  25. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Pro vs. Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, looking for a string to go with my Yonex Ezone 98 Tour (2020 version) and settled on either Yonex Polytour Pro or Solinco Confidential (both 17 gauge). Just kind of looking for some opinions on the power, comfort, feel, spin potential, durability, and any other characteristics of the...
  26. G

    Recommendations wanted for a budding beginner

    Hey all, I'd love to get your recommendations for my string setup. I currently play with a Yonex Ezone 100 strung with Tecnifibre Triax 16 at 52 lbs. I've been playing for a little over a year, and this string works well for me after starting with Syn Gut then transitioning to Wilson Sensation...
  27. M

    Tecnifibre NRG2 tension for 360 Prestige pro

    Hello I just got a prestige pro and found it to be very low power and very low trajectory which is odd coming from the 360 mp I’m just trying this one out because I’ve heard great things about it’s stability and accuracy. Anyways I’m about to string NRG2 on it and wanted to see if I can get some...
  28. Y

    Solinco Tour Bite vs Yonex Poly Tour Drive

    Hey guys! I play with my Yonex Vcore 95 (2018) with Solinco tour bite at 45 lbs, and as much as of pain it is to string it up I love it! Recently, I came across a similar-looking string for a cheaper price, that being the Yonex PTD. I was wondering what the playability duration would be like...
  29. Godfather

    Who here plays with 93?

    Hello Anyone here plays with a 93 head size? I ordered a Prestige 360+ with 93 head size. I wanted to go for control and generate my own power. Please share experiences and strings suggestions. Currently I am thinking to out on Krischbaum Max Power Rough or Babolat RPM blast. Thanks
  30. OldManStan

    What is YOUR string of the year?

    As the title suggests, what is YOUR string of the year? I’ve been testing a few strings this year to mix it up and so far Gosen AK Pro CX has been my favorite. Definitely a powerhouse of a string with good bite on the ball. Did not think I would enjoy a synthetic gut as much as I did. I’m...