1. buckeye_man18

    What kind of strings are best for a racquetball racquet? Any advantage to diff string for Xs and Ms?

    I use to play a fair amount of tennis, but nowadays I mostly play racquetball (*braces for insults*). I have a Gamma X-6FC and string racquets for myself and some friends. In terms of string technology, however, I'm not very knowledgeable. What strings are typically best for racquetball...
  2. N

    Burn FST 99 stringing possibilities

    I am a 3.5 player at best and am currently running wilson revolves on the mains and wilson syn gut power on the crosses at 55lbs. This has proved to be a terrible hybrid for me, very limited sweet spot which is hurting my game and has lost tension very quickly. Was wondering what would be a...
  3. D

    Multi to full poly

    Currently playing with a 2015 PS97 with x-one biphase 17g at 52lbs (played at 56 for a few years but wanted more power). Looking at switching and thinking potentially a full poly bed. Can't afford Nat gut btw. I have been recommended solinco hyper g 17g at around 50lbs or a lux Alu power at a...
  4. projectone7

    Polys for a 18x16?

    I have a CV Blade 98S, and I want to try something different from my current set-up (full-bed Element 16G at 54).
  5. G

    string help

    Looking for advice on strings. I have exclusively played with prince syn gut for as long as i can remember. Ihave occasionally switched between 16g to 15g topspin off and on but mostly use the 16g setup. I have never really explored other strings due to being generally happy with the prince...
  6. D

    PS97 new string

    Hi all, Currently have been playing with tecnifibre x-one biphase 1.24 strings at 55lbs for about 6 years and with a PS97. I have heard lots of good things about hybrids and am really considering changing and trying out a new string (snap them way too often and fill like I want more spin and...
  7. Simplicius

    Ostapenko gear

    You may have already heard that "Jelena Ostapenko hits a forehand harder than men's No.1 Andy Murray". Actually, Jelena has averaged 76mph during her first six wins in Roland Garros 2017 (including 245 winners) – 3mph faster than Andy! I suppose that Murray eats equaly healthy food as...
  8. Tangi

    Poly String for IG Prestige Pro in Hybrid Setup

    Hi all, So I've decided to go for a hybrid setup on my TGT293.1 (aka IG Prestige pro) and I would like to know your thoughts on which string and gauge to use for the crosses. I play aggressive all-court but I love soft polys that emphasise control and touch. I will put Gut (1.25) in the mains...
  9. J

    Strings Getting Caught While Stringing

    Hello, After I weave the string while I am stringing crosses and i start pulling all the strings through, 30% of the time the loop gets caught in some weird places like on the clamps, the turn table, sometimes the tensioner. It's really frustrating since I have to pull some strings back out and...
  10. P

    Head Hawk Touch in Red?

    Hey TW. I was wondering if you guys why you guys don't sell the red version of Hawk Touch 17. It looks dope. :P
  11. projectone7

    Best Strings for the CV Blade 98S?

    I just got one at a discount from a friend unstrung. What strings work the best with the racquet?
  12. C

    Fake Alu Power Rough strings?

    Hi, I bought some Luxilon Alu Power strings on e-Bay for a pretty good price. Therefor I am wondering if they might be fake. The user I bought them from had a 100% satisfaction rating though. Any help is appreciated.
  13. I

    Boris Becker Melbourne Racket, with Kirschbaum strings on

    Racquet: Boris Becker Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Melbourne Grip Size: 4 3/8" Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 sq. inches Condition (x out of 10): 8 Price: $35 Shipping: $5 Seller's Contact Info: The racket has Kirschbaum Pro Line II 16 strings (black) on, at around 53 lbs...
  14. Andy Murray Is Goat

    Starting a string company (Need links and numbers)

    Hey guys I'm trying to start a string company can anybody give me some links to stringing manufacturer websites or numbers. This would be a really big help thanks in advance kind regards - Patrick aka A.M.I.G
  15. projectone7

    Thoughts on Solinco Barb Wire?

    I have been playing with Barb Wire 16 for a while now. A lot of posters say it feels dead, but I seem to get a lively response in my Pure Strike 19/19 (red & black). Anyone else?