1. R

    Stringway MS140 or ProStringer 1.0?

    Hi Guys. Looking for advice on these 2 stringing machines. I do travel about 20 weeks a year and portability is important but I also need to deliver a consistent tension. What would you suggest? Pros and Cons of both etc.
  2. P

    Advices for manual tennis stringing machine

    Hi, I am a french student, tennis player and employee in a small tennis club. I am looking forward to buy a manual tennis stringing machine, mainly for being independent and for learning something. Here are more details about the use I will make of it. I have no experience with stringing but...
  3. nintendoplayer

    Gamma-X2 upgrade / optimization

    Hi Tennisnerds, I'm currently using a Gamma-X2, having strung about 50 rackets on it so far and am generally happy with it. One thing I struggle a bit with are the plastic flying clamps. I'm mainly stringing 18 gauge / 1.15mm poly strings and for these I either have to set the clamps so tight...
  4. M

    Starting clamp or Stringway double flying clamp?

    I'm about to buy my first stringing machine (a ML 120 with fixed 92 clamps and the Concorde system) and because this is a fairly expensive machine (at east for me it is ) I would like some suggestion on what kind of essential accessories I would need, and which I shouldn't spend more money on...
  5. Mxdv2

    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    Hi - I'm relatively new to stringing and recently joined a stringing course to learn how to string. I realy enjoyed stringing. Now I'm planning to buy my own machine as I like to expiriment with different tensions and different string setups. Most of the time I will string for myself and maybe...
  6. wferdinand

    Next step after Pro's Pro Challenger?

    I bought an used Pro's Pro Challenger machine almost a year ago how I can stringing mostly for friends and myself, but I think I will outgrowing this machine in the future. I hope during the first year I reaching a hundred of racquets, and this year will be better, maybe rising to 200-250. I...
  7. S

    Cross Weaving Tools

    Hi Everyone, Nate Pagel, the Assistant Director of the United States Racquet Stringers Association, has been evaluating tools and gadgets designed to make it easier to weave the crosses when stringing racquets. The USRSA plans to publish an article on these tools in an upcoming issue of their...
  8. S

    String Tension and Cross-Stringing Tools

    On threads pertaining to the use of cross-stringing tools such as the StringWeaver or the Stringway MK2 there has been a good deal of discussion and speculation about how such tools affect the string tension and bed stiffness. People ask if they need to reduce the pull tension on the crosses to...