strong era

  1. AnOctorokForDinner

    Fun take: 2007 Nadal was better than 2011 Nadal on all surfaces when healthy

    Clay: 2007 Nadal: super dominant, routined everyone but the toughest opponents. Dominated MC and Barcelona, bested supercharged Davydenko in epic Rome SF, one loss in Hamburg final when he was fairly tired and Federer was zoning like mad, but responded with a brilliant RG capped off with a...
  2. AnOctorokForDinner

    The myth that Sampras didn't really try in Masters-level tournaments (off clay)

    For the purpose of this topic, let's place the relevant timeframe (when Pete was a legit contender) between his first and last Masters finals, i.e. 1991 Cincinnati - 2001 Indian Wells. Let us now examine Sampras's non-clay masters results during that period, by venue. Indian Wells: 2 W (1994...
  3. AnOctorokForDinner

    Tougher competition: prime Federer at Wimbledon or prime Djokovic at the AO?

    08 Djokovic added to make it 7=7, given that he did play at a prime level then. Fedr relevant comp: Wim 03 - Roddick, Philippoussis Wim 04 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 05 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 06 - Ancic, Nadal Wim 07 - Ferrero, Nadal Wim 08 - Nadal Wim 09 - Söderling, Roddick Djovk relevant comp...
  4. robthai

    Insane Tennis Match from Baby Rafa

    Look at Rafas movement here. Back when the era was stronger and wasn't dominated by a bunch of old players.