1. time410s

    First Impressions on Angell TC 95, fully custom racket.

    Love it so far! I have since played with it so stay tuned for that review but for now, I hope you enjoy and appreciate the video here where I go over my thoughts and impression of the racket as well as why I chose the specs that I did. To anyone before who advised me on this or that detail for...
  2. T

    Time for an update: Angell?

    Hi everyone - I understand that there is an Angell mega-thread and I’ve been sifting through it for answers. I recently started playing tennis again after a 6-7 year hiatus and recognize it’s time to update my sticks as they are in pretty bad shape. I currently play with the Head Youtek IG...
  3. Kalethan

    Has anyone strung Angell tc97 18x20 as 16x20?

    I just did this. It is fascinating, but the strings (NRG 16g mains at 57 and Lux Element 17g crosses at 53) were too tight for it to feel very good. Hit some great shots as it opened up, but felt brassy outside of tennis ball sized sweet spot. Anyone else experiment with this? EZ Ace Machine