1. M

    Volley - Always sliced or natural motion?

    Beginner-intermediate here wanting to improve volleys. I've searched the YouTube world and even though there are tons of volley instructional videos, none of the really go into the technique of the forward swing motion. When watching ATP/WTA players, it looks like they always have a bit of a...
  2. Dakota C

    Forehand Feedback

    Hey guys, On the never-ending quest to hone in on good forehand technique as someone who started tennis as an adult. Would appreciate constructive criticism.
  3. T

    Grip for Straight Arm forehand

    I am a competitive junior player (17 y/o utr 11) and I am looking to develop a straight arm forehand to increase the power and spin on my forehand. Can anybody explain why the straight arm is better suited for more eastern grips or less severe semi western grips? (Delpo, Rublev, Federer...
  4. Bender

    ATP forehands and what it means for their respective games

    The purpose of this thread is to loosely categorise various types of forehands you see on the ATP tour, and what I think it means for their respective games. This is also an opportunity to correct popular misconceptions, where applicable. For now, I will be categorising the forehands in the...
  5. muph

    Please help me with my forehand, friends

    Back in the early 90s I was taught a very rigid SW/W double-bend forehand with a stiff wrist/arm. Didn't play at all for like 15 years then 3 years ago I saw a video of a Fed forehand and decided on spot I was gonna learn how to play this Eastern grip modern ATP straight-arm forehand. It was...
  6. JD-

    Need some advice on my serve, USTA 5.5+

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to simplify my motion and get more pop off my serve, it has a lot of height coming off the bounce but I'd like to increase the pace and simplify the motion for easier targeting. My coach has said it takes to long for me to get into trophy position hence why I toss so high...
  7. Pitti

    Can you recommend me some technique videos to regain basic technique?

    Hi. I've been out of tennis for a decade, and I've been playing again a bit (once/twice a week) during last year. I've lost some technique. Can anyone recommend me some series of videos to improve my current technique and my footwork, so I can regain a bit of it? Additional info: I play with...
  8. Waltonkidd

    Can you guys evaluate my form?

    What do you all see that could use some work? It starts off with basic ground strokes and then works into serves and volleys.
  9. K

    Question About Second Serve

    I commonly like to watch tennis videos of pros in court level view. After watching videos of Andy Murray play I wonder why he flails his left arm up after serving (second serve). He doesn't always do this. Is it for balancing purposes or something else?
  10. M

    Tennis Techniques Basics

    Hello, I see that techniques in tennis varies a lot from player to player depends on thier style, physique, and situations. However, I believe that there are some basics rules/habits that share between players regardless of styles and physique. Basically, what are you looking for when talking...
  11. C

    Buggy Whip Forehand

    Why does Rafa predominately use a buggy whip forehand, and with many people considering his forehand one of the greatest shots in tennis, why is it that we don't see others using this technique as much?
  12. Gabriel Sara

    Stringing a PS 85

    Hi everyone, i bought a stringing machine and i need help to string my Wilson PS 6.0 85. From what i read the crosses should be strung top to bottom, but i’m looking ay my racket and apparently they are strung bottom up. Can anyone help me understand how should it be done?
  13. Znak

    Not good enough to beat a pusher

    I just joined a new club/ladder and they pooled all the new guys in one box, 3.0 players with 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 players. I've had two matches, one against a 3.0 and one against a 3.5. I lost both of them because Im just not technically sound to put away someone that pushes the ball back or hits...
  14. Znak

    Good/bad coaching technique?

    Question for any coaches on here/ players that have been part of group lessons. I have only taken lessons in France and the mindset of my instructor would be to teach one or two technical apsects, run us through them with drills, etc. And then give us immediate feedback while going through the...
  15. bluenote

    Agassi Forehand, share your thoughts about the most relevant aspects of his technic.

    Hello, after a long hiatus i'm returning to the game and still think Andre's forehand is relevant for study now days. For me, the general ideia about the Andre's forehand is to keep it simple, objective, and effortless. Recently i came across this two nice articles about his forehand...
  16. bluenote

    Agassi Forehand, share your thoughts about the most relevant aspects of his technic.

    Hello, after a long hiatus i'm returning to the game and still think Andre's forehand is relevant for study now days. For me, the general ideia about the Andre's forehand is to keep it simple, objective, and effortless. Recently i came across this two nice articles about his forehand...
  17. Kylo Reed

    How do INSTRUCTORS sculpt EXCEPTIONAL technique?

    How did the coaches/instructors of players like Federer, Nadal, Wawrinka develop such excellent technique compared to other instructors? Did they have more in-depth knowledge of biomechanics? Were the players just that naturally talented at technique? Did they read books? What sources...
  18. S

    Topspin Forehand - Should you tilt the torso/shoulders upwards?

    Hey guys, On the modern forehand should you consciously try to tilt your torso (the torso pointing slightly upwards instead of directly at the opponent) and shoulder angle so that your hitting shoulder is lower than your non-hitting shoulder? I can see how that might promote more topspin, but...

    Fishing Line Length Measuring Device - For String Length

    I usually just measure string off a reel by the arm-length method or if I am being picky a yardstick. I recall when I was evaluating stringers looking at the Gamma machines with the string length measuring feature and debating if I thought the feature would be useful. In the end I thought...

    Fanning Poly Cross with Gut Mains

    Hi: I am just curious about technique when stringing a hybrid with gut in the mains and poly in the crosses. Does one still fan the crosses in the same manner across the gut when weaving? Is there an approach one uses to lessen the abrasion on the gut? Thanks!

    String Tension - Evening Out from String to String

    I have been reading all the posts about proportional stringing and have even performed my string length measurements and prepared my spreadsheet to give it a shot. One item I was wondering about was tension changes from string to string after stringing (so to speak as per half it is all just...

    RacquetTune - Maybe Some Factor Variances = Temp Variances???

    I was just stringing a unique racquet someone at our club gave me I have seen written about here... A Wimbledon Eclipse Expert... Anyway, while stringing it I was thinking about all the comments about the variances in RacquetTune String factors for a particular string/gauge. I am sure there...

    Pre-Stringing Steps

    One topic I have not been able to locate is a "Pre-Flight Checklist" so to speak. As I start to restring for others this is an item of concern for me and I will relate it with a story. About a year ago I received a racquet from a buddy after work to restring. I arrived home got my family...
  24. Aleksey Zharinov

    How To Choose A Great Coach (Part 1)

    How To Choose A Great Coach (Part1) Being a good coach consists of few factors: extensive knowledge of technique, precise root error detection and effective methods of fixing it, constant feedback, ability to transfer knowledge to a student, ability to structure practice with the most benefit...
  25. snahzje

    Serve Practice Video - 3.5

    Hi Everyone, Some new tennis courts were built just across the street from my company office so I took the chance to finally practice serves and record it during a ~45 minute break around lunch time. Background on me: 4 years of high school tennis, 2 years of varsity. Took a long ~12 year...
  26. F

    Healthy serve style

    Hi people.... I'm recovering from GRID on shoulder because bad technique on serve...I was using a platform stance and I've three months to recover and comeback to tennis... Do you recommend me any 'easy' (and healthier haha) pro´s player technique in platform stance
  27. D

    Beginner player, lost my forehand, please critique my technique?

    I'm a relatively new player, started january this year, never had coaching and have learned most of my tennis from trial and error and youtube. So about 2 months ago something clicked on my forehand and I was hitting 80% at least of my forehands perfectly, hitting winners feeling like I can hit...
  28. D

    Books on technique

    I'm looking for a book analyzing modern strokes' technique in detail. This is the one and only thing that I'm searching, anything else is irrelevant to me (strategy, mental preparation, warm, etc). I've come up with the following candidates : - Tennis 2000: Strokes, strategy, and psychology for...
  29. Bender

    Volleying Advice

    So lately my volleying skills have regressed badly and I'm either framing the ball, or hitting the volley too soft, or hitting the volley hard but too short. The main problem that I have identified is that when I'm playing doubles (and doubles specifically), when I'm the netman, as a righty, I...
  30. C

    Serves: why not grip change for the different serves?

    For the "basic" 3 types of serves, topspin, flat, & slice - why not change the grip slightly for each one instead of changing the toss location? Thanks for any and all answers.