1. Guttersnipe

    TF40 Users Thread (Foam Inside)

    Who is still using any TF40 variant as their main driver? & why is it the best of the bunch? Just bought my self a second OG TF40 305 (18m) and the wight distribution between the 2 of them is Wild! Made me realise why Tecnifibre/Lacoste didnt print the balance on those first gen frames...
  2. P

    Toroline Wasabi Carbon Gray Full Bed?

    Has anyone tried the carbon gray color Wasabi in a full bed? Only offered through Toroline as a half reel; wondering if there are any experiences out there. Does the gray feel crisper, muted, etc than the green? *Playing with a TFight Iso 305 18x19 - enjoyed green Wasabi full bed and a quasi...
  3. C

    Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 12R Bag

    In the description of this bag it says this: "2 mesh pockets on the top of the inside compartment large enough to hold a reel of strings" I can't see this in the pictures or video and I tried to google and couldn't really find anything that shows it more clearly. Can you confirm if this is...
  4. bobeeto

    Tecnifibre 1HBH

    Not that brand matters for 1v2 hand backhand, but do any pro players with a 1HBH play Tecnifibre?? Anyone here like a tecnifibre racket for their One-ie??
  5. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Tecnifibre TFight 305 ISO

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: Keeping the playtests rolling, we have the brand new Tecnifibre TFight 305 ISO that just launched for pre-sale. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet strung. Each racquet will...
  6. M

    new Tecnifibre TF40 305g vs Old TF40 305g

    any major differences on the 305gr ? different feel? different swing-speed ?
  7. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Tecnifibre TF40 305 16x19

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: What a great month for a playtest! We have a limited number of Tecnfibre TF40 305 16x19s available to playtest. We also have two grip sizes available- 2 and 3. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to...
  8. J

    TF40 305 16x19 or the TFight 300 RS

    Anybody who has tried the TF40 305 16x19 or the TFight 300 RS, which do u prefer when it comes to power and maneuverability. I’m coming from the 298 xtc also.
  9. C

    Switching Racquets

    Hello my friends, I am wheelin to switch racquets at the moment. I still use my Wilson Hyper Carbon Pro Staff 5.0 (16x20), which is excellent. In fact, i am starting to feel it a bit heavy now that I am nearly 36 yo. I made up my mind and will acquire a new tf 40 305g, but my main concern is...
  10. G

    Tecnifibre T Fight.

    Any ideas if tecnifibre will update the T-Fight line given the current success of Danill?
  11. F

    Hybrid stringing with Tecnifibre Triax and Yonex Poly Tour Air

    Hi, I would like to try this hybrid stringing and would appreciate some guidance before I waste too many meters of strings with experimenting. :) Which one should go on the mains and what tension shall I use? I would like to maximize spin&comfort. So far I played mostly with full bed of Yonex...
  12. J

    String sugestion for Extere Tour

    Do you have any good recommendations for Extreme Tour when it comes to strings? Been using the tour bite soft 1.25 for some time but it feels a little bit dead at times in this stringbed, besides TBS I also have Pros pro Black Force 1.24 and 1.30 that are from my tournament days circa 2007. Was...
  13. F

    L5 grip raquets

    Hello, I'm struggling to find raquets with grip size 5 where I live (Switzerland). Theoretically my hand would be size L6 but I gave up searching for that. I've tried to buy L4 and then add heat sleeve or replace base grip with the thickest I've found (Karakal X-Cel Gel) but there are at least...
  14. Aloysius

    String and tension for Tecnifibre Tfight 305 XTC

    Is anyone still playing with Tecnifibre Tfight 305 XTC? I understand that it is quite stiff, and the tension recommendation on the racquet is 49lbs to 55lbs. Any recommendations for strings/gauge and tension? I generally play at the lower end of the tension spectrum. Used Yonex DR98 with Tour...
  15. P

    Strings similar to Razor Code 16

    I love the feel of razor code blue 16, but it is a bit pricy and not durable enough. I am breaking it once a hitting session minimum, and it is irritating. Any suggestions on similar feeling strings that are cheaper or more durable?
  16. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    racquet reviews: http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/ultimate-racquet-of-choice-tournament-players-and-or-coaches.705277/ say hello on IG ! (y) @dandan.tennis YT: https://www.youtube.com/@dandan.tennis total number of strings: 72 Group A (round profile): 1. Tecnifibre Ice Code...
  17. E

    Tecnifibre T-Fight RS 300/305 racquets no 4 1/8'' grip size

    @Tecnifibre Official I'm really into the RS 300/305 racquets, but you guys don't make one with 4 1/8'' grip size, any possibility in the future? Or does anyone know if Tecnifibre grips run big/small comparing to a Babolat Pure Strike? If anyone has experience changing a 4 2/8'' racquet into a...
  18. TW Staff

    Ask the Racquet Designers of the New Tecnifibre TFight RS Racquets Questions!

    Attention Talk Tennis Members! You have an amazing opportunity to ask questions to two of the people that helped create and design the new Tecnifibre TFight RS series that launch for sale on August 31st. You can check out the racquets here...
  19. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Tecnifibre TFight 295/300/305

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: We have a VERY Limited number of Tecnifibre TFight 295, 300 & 305 racquets (in a prototype cosmetic) for a playtest. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet strung. Each racquet...
  20. P

    Razor Code vs Red Code?

    I bought a reel of Razor Code about 4 months ago. Before this, I would always buy a cheap, generic poly, and cared more about my racket, and other things than string. I had tried many more popular and expensive strings before: Hyper G, Head Hawk, NXT, RPM, Cyclone, etc. and although I did like...
  21. P

    Razor Code no Inking?

    I ordered a reel of Tecnifibre Razor code off of the bay. I love the feel, and it came with a real package, and feels like an expensive, good string. It has very little or no writing on the string itself. At first, I thought it was just a Tecnifibre thing, but a reel of Pro Red Code came in to...
  22. pico

    Sensors for Tecnifibre racquets?

    Hey guys. Just wondering what sensors you have tried for Tecnifibre racquets?
  23. pico

    Gravity Pro vs Tecnifibre T40 305

    Anyone played both these racquets? I own a Gravity Pro but curious how a T40 would fare.
  24. F

    How racquet frame affects serve speed and spin

    Hi, I recently tested and compared the Tecnifibre TFight vs. Yonex Vcore both at 305g and 98 inches head size. Both racquets were tuned with the same amount of lead tape at 3 and 9. Both racquets had the same strings and tension and OG. I tested them the same day on the same indoor hard court...
  25. SumYungGai

    Tecnifibre grip size compared to other companies

    This seems somewhat hard to find elsewhere, so I thought anyone with experience here might be able to help me out. How do Tecnifibre grip sizes run compared to other companies? I'm currently playing with a speed pro with a 1/4 grip, but in college used to play with the tecnifibre tfight 320 in a...
  26. Znak

    Millman's strings

    Damn, he strings Black Code upwards of 67lbs!! Ouch.
  27. C

    Old T-Fight grommets

    Hello everyone, Does anybody knows where to find new grommets for an old Tecnifibre T-Fight 295? It's the 2012 model, it says "Synergy link" on one side of the hoop. Thanks in advance
  28. pabletion

    Tecnifibre TFlash PS 300: GREAT racquet indeed. My review.

    Hey everyone, I recently demoed the new Tecnifibre TFlash PS 300 and I really REALLY liked it. I'm a Tecnifibre fan, and my current racquet is the TFight DC 300, which I really like, although I gotta say that, with the first playtest, I'm considering making the switch. First Impressions: I...
  29. Tecnifibre Official

    Tecnifibre Official - Strings

    Hello everyone! This is Eric/Nick here with Tecnifibre and we’re here to create a new thread to better engage with the community and answer all of your questions. Below is a brief introduction on the two of us, how we got into tennis, and what we do for Tecnifibre. We look forward to meeting...
  30. liftordie

    Multi on Prince ESP 14x16

    Hi, Anyone here already tried a multi (TGV or HDX) 15L on a Prince ESP? I spin a lot but without too much power, do you think it can last at least 10 hours?? o_O My Prince is the Warrior Pro 100T ESP (275g unstrung) with 14x16 pattern. Thank you! :D