tennis channel

  1. SumYungGai

    Tennis Channel's coverage of Rogers cup (and more) has been awful lately

    Who else finds their coverage lackluster. Besides the usual Annacone drone and annoying commentators I mean since this thread isn't about them. I'd like to watch some men's matches on the basic Tennis Channel without having to buy another tier of coverage... Kachanov/Wawrinka...
  2. pdizzy


    Anyone use youtube to document their tennis game? Comment with your channel and I'll subscribe (with a subscription back!)
  3. L

    DirectTV Now

    Has anyone used DirectTV Now before for Tennis Channel? How's the quality? Does it stutter, buffer a lot? Does the ball look real like cable? For example, if i watch tennis videos on Youtube, in some of the videos, even in full HD, the ball has weird shape and the frame rate is not the best. I...