tennis courts

  1. RaulRamirez

    A Question of Aesthetics: Courts without Doubles Alleys

    ...just wondering if you prefer watching singles matches without doubles alleys, or if you prefer the regular court dimensions (even though the alleys don't come into play)? While I've watched a fair amount of matches on courts without the alleys, it's still very disorienting to me. Has anyone...
  2. timtennis

    Help Prevent Parks and Rec from Ruining SF Tennis

    Hi all, tl;dr the city of San Francisco has been piloting a free, online court booking system called Spotery for the last 9 months. It's been available at half the courts at most of the parks in the city. While I've used it regularly, there are some problems: buggy software and no penalty for...
  3. RaulRamirez

    Doubles Alleys (or not) for Singles Matches?

    This may not be a burning issue, and I won't start an unscientific poll, but... Do you like the look of the court without the doubles alleys, dislike it, or it really makes no difference to you? For me, I'm in the dislike camp. Has anyone played on a court without the doubles lines? Was it...