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  1. E

    Volkl Cyclone Tour and Tier One Black Knight - best co-polys for sensitive elbows

    Just wanted to post this here in the hope that it will help players who have sensitive elbows, or are looking for a good co-poly that will help prevent tennis elbow. When I got tennis elbow, it was from playing with a Babolat Pure Aero 2016 and hybrid of Volkl Cyclone 16 / GOSM 16 at 45/49# for...
  2. B

    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    I was diagnosed with mild tennis elbow (although when I play tennis it doesn't feel mild at all). I am already having medical help and I'm better know, but tried tennis and the pain came back. The thing is, I just want to know if there are success cases? Anyone of you had tennis elbow and was...
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    A great read - tendinosis vs. tendinitis

    While working to heal my elbow, I found this excellent paper on the differences between tendinosis (micro-tears) and tendinitis (inflammation). Key takeaways: - tendinosis is often confused for tendinitis with tendinosis likely being far more prevalent than previously believed. - tendinosis...
  4. E

    Healing tennis elbow - start with total rest or start therapy soon

    I am resting my tennis elbow now over the winter break and I have started with total rest combined with some icing, some heat, some compression and voltaren gel. My question is - should I start first with total rest, and then do some exercises once the lateral epicondyle (where it attaches to...
  5. S

    Customizing Rackets at 4.5 / UTR 8 level

    Hey Guys, I did a video about how I customize my racket. I started down this path due to problems with tennis elbow but now I can't go back :) Let me know what you think and if you guys do something similar. Seems like adding weight is a 3rd rail topic for amateur players but the norm for...
  6. H

    Pure Drive replacement rackuet - softer / more comfort wanted

    Hi all, I've been playing with a Pure Drive since I can remember. Currently playing with a Pure Drive 2017 in 16x19 (300g). I have always played with Babolat Pro Hurricane strings, usually at 25kg. Recently (think past few months), I have started to feel pain in my left arm (am a lefty) very...
  7. P

    Tennis Elbow (1) Onset (2) Severity (3) Background (4) Method (5) Resolution (6) Regrets

    I am susceptible to Tennis Elbow. ONSET: It recently flared up as light stiffness in the forearm 3 weeks ago. SEVERITY: Mild. I can play without pain, but the elbow/forearm "feels it" after playing. There is mild discomfort on some forehands. BACKGROUND: I am 55. Started playing 3x per week...
  8. T

    Have varsity tryouts coming up - and got TE

    Hey, forum! I was practicing intensely for my tryouts coming up (August 2nd) and got one handed tennis elbow 6 days ago in my right hand from weighttraining+intense tennis sessions. The tennis elbow is very mild, does not hurt most of the time, but will feel some pain if I do some activity with...
  9. E

    Tennis elbow in the making - how to stop it before it gets worse

    A week ago I finished painting a fence with a power sprayer. Then I played tennis almost every day (some of it was just practicing serve or tutoring my family). Then, two days ago I started feeling it in my elbow. Not extremely painful but uncomfortable. I got me that elbow brace last night...
  10. S

    Racquet reco for tennis elbow

    Hi everyone, First post with a question for anyone who has or has had tennis elbow: what racquet would you recommend? I am trying to cast a bit of a wide net and gather as much info/thoughts as possible. I had had a few suggestions from one of the play testers and wanted a few more data...
  11. WilPro

    Heavy frame cured my tennis elbow

    At some point I had a slight problem with tennis elbow. It was nothing too big. After a few hours of playing, I was feeling a slight pinch in my elbow. I started using diclofenac and ibuprofen to avoid complication. But I knew I had to do some changes. I went up with the weight. 415 gr. then...
  12. E

    Is Babolat PureStrike 98 (18x20), in your experience, a tennis elbow maker?

    I'have just gotten an unstrung Babolat PureStrike 98 (18x20). While looking at some stringing recommendations, I ran into a discouraging pattern where people initially praise the racket for its play performance (it is one of the highest rated rackets on TW, rated at 89), but then I see...
  13. ironaufschlag

    Tennis elbow and diet?

    Hi TW forums. I'm a 5.5NTRP (UTR 10.50) and have experienced tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) pretty much ever since I began serving over 110mph about 4 years ago. I say serving because my tennis elbow only occurs when I try to hit above 110 (max speed 128 recorded recently). I can rally...
  14. A

    Tips for relaxing my grip?

    I grip the racket way too tightly, especially on my forehand, which I believe reduces my racket head speed and also sometimes leads to tennis elbow flare-ups. I've been doing this for years, so it is difficult to stop. Anyone have any pointers for drills or exercises to help train myself to...
  15. H

    RF97 Autograph (2016) - arm pain, alternatives?

    First post; joined TT so I could ask this question. Thanks in advance for all replies. I recently broke my Yonex Ezone DR 98 (lime version from a couple of years ago), decided to demo a bunch of different racquets, and found that, much to my surprise, I played the best tennis of my life with...
  16. Z

    Compression sleeve for woman w/narrow upper arm (no bicep)?

    I recently bought a Venom compression sleeve to wear while playing, to help with my elbow pain. It helps tremendously, but the upper arm portion is not tight enough. If I got the next size smaller, the lower arm part would be too tight. My upper arm circumference is no greater than my lower arm...
  17. JayP

    The best string lubricant

    After enough trial and error ive found the ultimate string lubricant to bring my dead polys back from the tennis graveyard. I first used silicone spray which worked for 20 minutes on court, in all, too dangerous for the skin and smelt really bad and just not good for humans as you smell the...
  18. Otacon

    Jeff Salzenstein's Take on Djokovic and his Injury

    In this video, Jeff Salzenstein tackles Djokovic's elbow problems and talks about Federer, Serena Williams, and more.
  19. J

    Time to switch from aero pro drive

    Looking for some advice. I've been using the aero pro for the last 5-6 years with good results. Currently strung with Alu power 16 mains and technifibre x one cross at 52. Have had good results. Recently developed, for first time in life, pretty bad tennis elbow problem- unclear why. Have...
  20. J

    Would you people recommend (ever played) Tennis Elbow PC game?

    Resting up after an arduous catch up with Uni work, month off, playing Tennis at my local club and just lusting to play a Tennis game also. It's 18 pounds on Steam and I'm considering it, should I?