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  1. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Strike vs Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, interested in buying Yonex Polytour Strike 17 gauge. I currently use Solinco Confidential 17 gauge and love it but kind of want to go full Yonex For context, I use Yonex Ezone 98 Tour and am looking for a control string that will not hurt my arm and will have good tension...
  2. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Strike vs Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, Thinking about changing string setup for my Yonex Ezone 98 Tour. I am currently using Solinco Confidential at 50 lbs and was initially thinking about switching to Yonex Polytour Pro. However I have played with that string a couple years ago and thought it was maybe a little too...
  3. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Pro vs Gosen Sidewinder String Review

    Currently using Solinco Confidential in a Yonex Ezone 98 Tour (2020) version. Thinking about switching to a softer poly/co-poly setup to preventatively maintain my arm so I don't get sidelined with tennis elbow/other arm injuries. I currently don't have any arm pain and love my current setup (I...
  4. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Super Grap vs Gamma Supereme Overgrips Review

    Hey all, Currently using Yonex Super Grap overgrip (tacky version) and thinking about experimenting with other overgrips. I do love the Yonex Super Grap (for me it is the perfect balance between tack, comfort, and durability) but I am looking for some cheaper, more available options and want to...
  5. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Pro vs. Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, looking for a string to go with my Yonex Ezone 98 Tour (2020 version) and settled on either Yonex Polytour Pro or Solinco Confidential (both 17 gauge). Just kind of looking for some opinions on the power, comfort, feel, spin potential, durability, and any other characteristics of the...
  6. Troy_Chen

    Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

    Looking to try new tennis shoes (preferably Nike), I currently use Nike Cage (Rafa edition) but they are on the expensive side and the toe area on the left foot tends to get worn out faster than the sole. I tend to drag my left foot on my backhand which is most likely the reason why that...
  7. rchjr2091

    Question on prescription glasses

    So father time has stuck. I started struggling reading my texts and got a eye exam. I needed glasses. 20/40 was she told me my eye sight now was . The doctor ordered me new glasses to wear. They just arrived in the mail. I see much better with them on but I'm not quite sure I can use them on the...
  8. P

    ***Lightweight, portable stringing machines...a compromise? ***

    Hi everyone, There are a few machines out there and the question I pose: Is it possible to have a portable lightweight machine (intended for travel, but maybe the goal is to save space in your home) that performs well as a stringer in its own right, without compromise?