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  1. Elite Tennis Barcelona

    Feedforward, the great unknown.

    Before you read, please understand that this was translated from Spanish with Google Translate. If those who are reading don't understand something don't hesitate to ask me directly. If we asked a 5-year-old child to explain Feedforward, he wouldn't be able to. But if we observed it, we could...
  2. Elite Tennis Barcelona

    The mistake, the greatest MASTER.

    "The Transformative Power of Mistake in Tennis Player Development" Often, we underestimate the value of error in general in our lives and even more so in the world of tennis. Instead of embracing it as a learning tool, we fear it, avoid it, judge it, and worst of all, justify ourselves behind...
  3. N

    Am I tennis addicted ?

    Hey everyone! I just posted my first-ever YouTube video. I am documenting my journey as an amateur tennis player who started playing in 2020. I'm obsessed with improving my game and I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or feedback from fellow tennis enthusiasts like me.
  4. thomas daniels

    3 Tips For Developing a Better Slice Backhand!!

    First off. For the record. This post is for intermediate and advance players only. So, if you don't fit into those groups, you can stop reading now. Also, here are some reasons that you should develop a slice backhand... You will be able develop a better approach shot and you will be able...
  5. JamesS20

    Offering Sports Performance Tennis Training in SoCal, US

    Hey everyone! My name is James Shapiro & I know this is an international tennis community and wanted to reach out to those who might be living in the Southern California region for something special that I am offering to the tennis community. I'm a performance coach (MS, CES, PES) offering...
  6. ironaufschlag

    Tennis House room rental. Live, train and compete in Florida

    Hi, I'm a 10 UTR level player and working professional while still staying athletic and competitive. I recently bought a house in Central Florida with the goal of bringing in players to live in and train together at the tennis house and compete in the pro events scattered throughout Florida. So...
  7. PURETENNISsense

    What to include in a College Recruiting Video

    I played juniors in the US and when it was my time to play college tennis, recruiting videos were not a thing to do. Nowadays almost all recruits have a video of some sort. Some are pure with no edits and productions.... others look like an amateur film major/graduate is trying to make an...