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  1. P

    Beginner serve - A slight standoff with my tutor this morning

    Hi Rec/beginner trying to improve my serve. Historically I've been waiter-traying (but with a continental grip) and I'm trying to fix this (in practising my serve) and move towards edging and properly internally rotating my shoulder on contact. See as as my reference for how I'm trying to...
  2. A

    Tennis Tutor plus ball machine ball stuck reset

    I’m losing my mind. My tennis tutor had been sitting in garage about a year. The batteries were still charging. After full charge, I tried it and carousel spins ball drops and stops in between throwing wheels and machine just dies , without throwing ball. I bought two new batteries, took...
  3. A

    Tennis Tutor Plus: Ball won't feed at 1-5 speed but will at 7-10

    Hello, I JUST got this machine from a facebook buyer and I was testing it out before taking it to court. This machine spits out balls at 7-10 ball speed BUT it won't do anything at 1-5. The ball kinda just rolls down the slide and sits there. Using new penn couch and wilson all court titanium...
  4. D

    Tennis Tutor 2 External Battery Pack

    Hi, I've just bought a used Tennis Tutor 2 and tried it out today for the first time - it's great, sends balls out at a good speed and at a consistent depth. I can see I'm going to use it a lot to help get a bit of consistency in my strokes. However, it is a bit of a pain to transport. So I'm...
  5. VAJ

    Tennis Tutor Raised Platform or other ;upgrades'

    Has anyone raised the height of the Tennis Tutor? I have played many hours with my Tennis Tutor Plus Player for the three years I’ve owned it and now I want it off the ground at least 30 inches so in a straight ball delivery the ball will come out close to level. Has anyone else tried this...