1. left-handed

    Do you have rackets strung with different tension?

    Last week I was playing match indoor (barn-converted) and many of my shots were long (I mean a lot). It looks like I had too much power. I had to hit ball really light but my game was so bad. Weather was bad on that day (raining a lot) and I think air pressure had an impact. I was thinking if...
  2. N

    Hybrid String Tension Suggestions

    Hey Guys- I'm new to the forum and truly amazed by the vast information and knowledge being shared so actively. Can't believe I'm only finding this now after years of playing, but happy that I did stumble upon it when I did. Now - I know this question has probably been discussed countless...
  3. OldManStan

    What is your go-to default tension for new strings?

    My go-to tension is 48lbs for my DR98s and Ezone 98s. How about you guys?
  4. F

    Arm friendly string set-up

    Hi all. I'm in my late 40's, 5.0/5.5 level, and had rotator cuff surgery last year. Play with a Wilson 95 BLX One. Looking for advice on a good soft string pattern. Played with cheap polys my whole life due to ignorance! Recently changed to Polyfibre black venom mains and Head Rip Control cross...
  5. A

    Hybrid Yonex Polytour pro 125 with Head Velocity MLT or full HVMLT

    Hi guys, I need some advice from you. I played with Babolat PS 98 po7 with RPM blast 125. This combination destroyed my arm. Now i bought the third generation of PS 98 because they were supposed to be more arm friendly but i changed the string to Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125. This combination is more...
  6. W

    3 knots stringing

    Hi all, I just got two of my racquets done by my tennis center and at my surprise both racquets had 3 knots (all on the bottom) and was just wondering if it would be something to be worried about (in tension in general) or a mis-stringing from the stringer (i was not able to contact him...
  7. WilPro

    Best way to get better fast

    It is simple, get a high rate of repeat-ability. For example, have all racquets identical, string always with the same wire, same tension and string as often as you can. Worst thing is to have many different racquets in your bag, even if the difference is just the string or weight. If they are...
  8. E

    Is Babolat PureStrike 98 (18x20), in your experience, a tennis elbow maker?

    I'have just gotten an unstrung Babolat PureStrike 98 (18x20). While looking at some stringing recommendations, I ran into a discouraging pattern where people initially praise the racket for its play performance (it is one of the highest rated rackets on TW, rated at 89), but then I see...
  9. pico

    Tension advice for 18 x 20 low powered racquet?

    Hey guys. I was researching this and there seems to be two camps on this. I have a Gravity Pro which falls under the "18 x 20 low powered" racquet category. I am experimenting with tensions. I use Volkl Cyclone mostly. I have always strung above 52lbs but I have read ppl suggest that under 50 is...
  10. Jay Sean

    Does lower tension in crosses matter?

    I have had the thought that it doesn't because pulling the crosses through the mains already demands more tension than the mains strung alone. As in, there's much more friction involved when pulling the crosses through, which I figured must take up some of the force needed to pull the strings to...
  11. D

    Wilson Blade 98 L (16x19)

    Hi everyone! Can you advise me which strings, and which string tension to use? 2 or 4 knots?
  12. Awesome Prostaff

    Tier 1 Black Knight

    Hey guys, I’m probably gonna string my RF97 with the Tier 1 Black Knight and YTEX Quadro Twist, so anyone want to suggest what tension I should put it at , BK on the Mains, and QT on the Crosses
  13. Pitti

    String advice for Ultra Tour 18x20?

    Hi everyone. I’ve registered to this forum to see what string advice can you give me: I’ve recently returned to tennis after a 10 year hiatus. I was a consistent club player by the time I gave it up. I’m an all court player, with a 1hbh. I’m aggressive, and like to open angles and attack short...
  14. liftordie

    Best tension poly/sgut hybrid for spin?

    I'm using Signum Pro X-perience 1.18/Pro's Pro Synthetic 1.30 hybrid in my Prince Phantom Pro 100. I actually string at 49lbs (22kg) and I like it a lot. BUT I'm curious to know if lowering the tension of sgut crosses could give me more spin and wider sweetspot?? :unsure:
  15. S

    Racquet Tune question (another one)

    Hi All, I know there are numerous threads on this - I cant seem to find the answer to this. So apologies for starting another. I have just got a Pure Strike (previous thread on this story here > https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/expert-question-pure-strike-18x20.625268/ ) Ive...
  16. wferdinand

    Cross strings tension compared to mains tension

    I stringing my racquet for 23 kgs (50 lbs) both mains and crosses from same copoly in the last few months. Before this I stringed 23 kgs (50 lbs) to mains and 22 kgs (48 lbs) crosses, but I felt too loose this setup, same mains/crosses tension is for me more balanced, don't loosing flexibility...
  17. S

    Expert Question - Pure Strike 18x20

    Hi All, Excuse the length of this post. Helpful if you read it. I just got my new PS 18x20. I used to play with a Babolat Pure Storm GT and havent changed since 2011 as I havent been able to find a racquet that plays similar. I demoed the PS 18x20 racquet using TW's demo program. Tried the...
  18. C

    Wilson Ultra Tour hybrid stringing and frame shape

    Need your help here.... I have been experimenting with several string setups in my UT (18x20) and in order to determine tension for mains and crosses I have consulted tension adviser (http://www.stringway-nl.com/en/TAonline/calc.php). It recommends slightly higher tension in the crosses e.g...
  19. J

    String tension vs Head Size

    Hi, my current setup is a Babolat Pure Drive using and hybrid string. Main is VS gut at #54 and Cross is RPM at 52# and love how it play. I recently ordered a new racket (Wilson Prostaff 97L) and want to use the same hybrid string so my question is... Should I keep the same tension or drop it a...
  20. C

    Tennis main > cross, badminton cross > main

    I asked for stringing my tennis racquet at a badminton-specific shop. Not sure if it is a good idea, but the shop is convenient for me. I told the guy to do main/cross = 52/50 lbs. He said oh are you sure, because in badminton we string higher tension in cross than main. I wanted that spec...
  21. X

    WISE Not For 360 ?

    While on my search to find the most reliable machine to use a WISE tension head at the lowest cost I have noticed something about the WISE machine in that it doesn't appear to be made for 360 degree rotation. While observing various types of machines I noticed that most machines have their...
  22. I

    Babolat Boost Drive

    Hi guys, I started playing again 3 months ago after a 15 years hiatus. I played for 5 years as a kid from 8 to 13 years old. I bought a Babolat Boost Drive as it seemed to be a very decent racquet that could no wrong. Now that I’m starting to find my groove back and hit the ball a bit harder I...
  23. B

    Racket improvement-need tips for a new one

    Hello. I have been using the same racket for years - Wilson K six.two, and I used to play with 26kg tension, then switched to 25, because it felt like the racket absorved my swing speed/power somehow. I know it is still high, and I still feel like I can not generate speed as much as I want to. I...
  24. Tecnifibre Official

    Tecnifibre Official - Strings

    Hello everyone! This is Eric/Nick here with Tecnifibre and we’re here to create a new thread to better engage with the community and answer all of your questions. Below is a brief introduction on the two of us, how we got into tennis, and what we do for Tecnifibre. We look forward to meeting...
  25. Aloysius

    Prince Syn Gut w Duraflex in Pure Drive (17G vs 16G)

    Hi all, I am using a Pure Drive GT. Was wondering if anyone tried Prince Syn Gut with Duraflex in a Pure Drive (PD) before? I don't hit super hard and sometimes encounter wrist issues, so I would probably stick to my usual syn gut tension of 54 lbs. I am looking for opinions on 16G vs 17G syn...
  26. Y

    How to fix net on a fixed net post

    So my tennis courts have net posts that look like this (see attached pictures) https://imgur.com/a/bsqkg Recently, a few of the nets have started sagging and now are multiple inches too low. I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the tension on a net of this type. At first, we tried...
  27. pico

    RF97 Autograph @60lbs on mains anyone???

    Hey guys. I recently purchased the black matte RF97 Autograph. I strung it with the Volkl Psycho hybrid (Volkl Cyclone on mains at 58lbs and Volkl Power Fiber on crosses at 55lbs). This is one powerful racquet. I am over-hitting a lot with it. I have the same setup on my Yonex Duel G 97 330g and...
  28. S

    String Tension and Cross-Stringing Tools

    On threads pertaining to the use of cross-stringing tools such as the StringWeaver or the Stringway MK2 there has been a good deal of discussion and speculation about how such tools affect the string tension and bed stiffness. People ask if they need to reduce the pull tension on the crosses to...
  29. Spoderblitz

    Need a string recommendation/tension

    Hello, As an individual that doesn't have a broad knowledge of tennis strings and how well it performs, I would require some recommendations as I struggle to find a string that suits my needs. I am a 3.0-3.5 player with a strong eastern forehand grip and a one handed backhand with short-medium...
  30. Znak

    Winter Tension

    Do you guys adjust your strings to match the weather? If so what do you do? It's getting close to 0 Celsius in Paris, and wasn't sure if it's normal to make adjustments to your strings to compensate.