the big 3

  1. RaulRamirez

    Is Wimbledon - US Open really the "easiest" double of the year?

    This thread was inspired from another one, and I used the same data points as were used there. (Too much time on my hands with no work today.) Starting in 1988, here is a compilation of the most times players have won certain "pairs" of slams in the same year - with the following results, from...
  2. RaulRamirez

    Big Titles Won (Big 3 versus the field) the Last 15 years

    Here's a stat of questionable value on this slow day, although it does illustrate just how dominant The Big 3 have been the last, well, 15 years. I may not be breaking news here, but sometimes - with all of the debates here - it's nice to sit back and appreciate just what Fed, Rafa and Novak...
  3. RaulRamirez

    Will Zverev's Laver-Cup clinching win increase his confidence?

    Okay, this is yet another Laver Cup thread, and I realize that LC is just an exhibition. But given that there is some pressure to win when teammates are counting on you, do you think Zverev's win yesterday will give him a confidence boost in slam tournaments? Don't laugh...well, you can. Most...
  4. RaulRamirez

    If THE BIG 3 is the best trio ...

    ...of contemporary players to ever play (with three great rivalries among Fed, Rafa and Novak), who do you consider to be the next best trio? Or if you think another trio was even better, state your case.