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  1. Lleytonstation

    Tiny Carlos "Shepherd of Sheep" Appreciation Thread

    For those that don't think he will ever win a CYGS, 13 plus RG, 30 plus slams, become better than the big 3, or any of the ridiculous statements that have been uttered about Tiny Carlos, for the people who know his true height (172 cm), this is the place for you to appreciate him. The Shepherd...
  2. Lleytonstation

    How do you beat Alcaraz? Djoker and Rafa discuss how

    Rafa: why are we meeting down here in the basement of the collesium? Djoker: it is where I keep my cryogenic lab, but forget that it doesbt work anymore. We need to figure out how to beat Alcaraz and continue to win slams. Rafa: should we wait for Fed first? ... Long pause.... Both...
  3. Lleytonstation

    The #1: 2 Wins by Late April

    Dont blame Djoker. Not his fault he doesnt have to win matches anymore to remain #1. So why is this happening? It is not like he ripped it up after USO either. Maybe I am wrong, but could a golfer be #1 and not play for 5 months? Then again, maybe it just speaks to his incredible run last...
  4. Lleytonstation

    From Hype to Propaganda to Truth to Same Old Story: Alcaraz Timeline

    We all have witnessed the propaganda machine with NGBS players for quite some time now. That said, we believe that Alcaraz has knocked that narrative. A masters 1000 at 18 on HC, and now has the clay season coming. Exciting to say the least. It is finally happening... or is it? I like what I...
  5. Lleytonstation

    Kyrgios deserves ZERO credit nor respect for loss to Rafa

    The dude thinks he did something special by taking Rafa to three sets. He didn't. He lost. One break of serve. Crushed in TB, and lost all the long rallies. The dude isn't a tennis player. He is a professional server. (Not like berr the olive Garden host). He bashes guys and disrespects...
  6. TheNachoMan

    The failure of the “little 3”

    Medvedev, Zverev, and Tsistipas are just getting worse and worse now. They are vastly inferior to the previous gen and will soon be surpassed by the younger gen of Alcaraz and Sinner. I don’t see any redemption for them. The tour is in desperate need of the far superior and more entertaining...
  7. Lleytonstation

    Are we seeing a transition in Era? The pressure ruined the best players

    It seems the most talented players that were hyped up with propaganda have been failing left and right for several years. Maybe they were hyped up too early and the propaganda ruined their developments? Seems it won't be the med, tsits, zverev, berr, and the likes that dominate but the ones...
  8. Lleytonstation

    Time for a serious big 3 discussion: Bring your best

    Pick one picture that proves which big 3 is the best looking. I will give the best 3 of each to start.
  9. Lleytonstation

    Our current #1 is 1-8 vs Fed and Rafa and never beat either in a slam

    Facts: Med is 1-5 vs Rafa. Med is 0-3 vs Fed. Med is 0-2 in slams vs Rafa. Med deserves the right amount of respect. Hewitt level. Nothing wrong with that. Hewitt was a decent and sometimes very good player. Props to Med for reaching number one. @intrepidish @NeutralFan @mike danny
  10. Lleytonstation

    Well today answered the question: Would Rafa had beaten Djoker at AO22

    Rafa crushes Med... Again. Same guy that crushed djoker on HC. Djoker loses to some dude ranked #130. Pretty simple. Djoker gets destroyed by this rafa at AO22.
  11. Lleytonstation

    How many slams does Murray take from big 3 if he doesnt get injured in 2016?

    Djoker: WC18 and 19 are likely wins Murray gets against Djoker as Murray is 2-0 vs Djoker at WC. USO18 is likely a slam Murray takes as well. Fed: Maybe AO 18, but highly unlikely. Rafa: Maybe Murray takes one of Rafas 2 USO in 17 and 19. It total, Murray likely gets his needed 3 to be an...
  12. Lleytonstation

    Ranking big 3: # of ATGs beat

    Fed: Sampras Agassi Rafa Djoker Rafa: Agassi Fed Djoker Djoker: Rafa Fed
  13. Lleytonstation

    Fed only sincere nice guy: He let DelPo get his only slam

    Takes heart. Others should have done the same. Good for Fed. Just sayin.
  14. Lleytonstation

    Will Rafa try for number 1 again?

    I mean it's there for him. One last go? Massive gain in AO. Plenty of points to gain at RG and a good run at WC or USO could be huge. Vamos?
  15. Lleytonstation

    Love Rafa: But winning AO22 will be a let down for ALL

    I am rooting for Rafa to win it. But, it wont feel right nor will it feel as good as it should. A massive let down it will be if at 20 all, the record is broken by Rafa, while Djoker and Fed are not present while holding 15 of the last 18 and winning the last 7. Djoker the three time defending...
  16. Lleytonstation

    Is the MTO the best tactic in tennis?

    Sure seems to work.
  17. Lleytonstation

    Il Mondo: Apologize for your Berrettini slander: He is the 2022 AO Champ

    Some of you, many of you, must apologize for the atrocities you have committed. This man has won 4 ATP250 titles and a ATP500 title. He has gotten lessons from Fed at Wimbledon, has tattoos, beat Oscar Otte to reach the USO QF, beat Monfils to reach the USO SF, and of course beat Hurkacz to...
  18. Lleytonstation

    Ruud withdrawals

    #8 in the draw. Will the AO survive? Will shake the tennis world. Was a favorite to win the whole thing...
  19. Lleytonstation

    Berretinni is sooooo bad

    Just not good. Soory.
  20. Lleytonstation

    End of an era: Golden Age of tennis is over

    It is official. We had a fun ride whoever you backed. But the wheels fell off before the grand finale. Sure, Rafa and Djoker might win more slams and there will be a declared winner. But the golden era is over. Fed is done. Rafa on his last legs. Djoker? I don't even know. This whole...
  21. Lleytonstation

    Will Tiley step down or be fired?

    Obviously we know the Australia government screwed up majorly and they got what was coming to them with massive embarrassment. Djoker made some mistakes too, but he had to go through an unnecessary circus so he paid his dues. What about Tiley? He let Djoker apply past the deadline and then...
  22. Lleytonstation

    Djoker still did get special treatment regardless

    The deadline for exemptions was December 10th. He did not make that deadline. I have no problem with them allowing late exemptions even if it was special treatment. Having the number one player play is worth bending some rules that they likely would do for any top player. This was TA decision...
  23. Lleytonstation

    Djoker is playing: His Father has spoken

    "saying that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again." -Luke 24:7
  24. Lleytonstation

    Straight answers: Why was Djoker denied?

    He was given a medical exemption. For what reasoning? It was then denied the second time for what reasoning? Or was he denied because of a logistical Visa error?
  25. Lleytonstation

    The first Djoker Roar

    The roar heard around the world... It is coming to a court near you in Australia.... Get ready for it. Will be the highlight of the year.
  26. Lleytonstation

    Does djokers family and team get to go?

    Just wondering. Not sure if they are vaccinated or not.