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    War Between brothers (TTW Style)

    What happens when the big 3 move on and we all go our separate ways? New armies form and brothers and sisters go to war with each other. Once the last line of defense falls... borders will be broke and new alliances will form.
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    The Yearly CLAY Hawkeye Debate

    It happens every year. We create many threads about whether they should go to hawkeye or not. People use science and words such as "dust spray" and "correlated oval spectrums" to debate this nonsense. However, this year, there is a twist. With no line judges being used anymore (looks to be...
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    Thiem better on clay or hard?

    Think about this: Thiem only masters came on HC vs Fed. He has reached two different HC slams, and is likely to get a HC slam. That vs 2 clay slam finals and no clay masters. Now he does have a Rafa barrier in his way. But it is interesting.
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    We Owe Zverev an Apology

    Good for him. ALL TTW apologize here... except @Meles
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    Djokers Win Streak Still on?

    So he still has not lost technically. Does his streak continue or not? What if he wins FO. Will it still be an undefeated year?
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    Asterisk unless Med, Thiem, or Zverev win

    So, while I dont like the call, and think it ruins the tourney legitimacy. I always thought Med had a great chance to beat Djoker in the final, and think Thiem had a chance as well. Zverev less likely, but he has beat him on fast HC in a big final. If anyone else wins, it has an asterisk...
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    This is ridiculous. Tsits is supposed to be the next great? Yeah right. Never want to hear how Fed had it easy. Djoker has it as easy as it gets. Trash tennis being played. No All Time Greats present except for Djoker. Djoker is two or three tiers above what we are seeing. Tennis is in...
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    3D printed steaks

    Lazy thread incoming. I heard that laser printing 3D steaks are literally a thing now.
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    Med is the ONLY guy who can beat Djoker

    There is one man that can beat Djoker. His name is... Med. (Well, it is not his full name because I am lazy, but this parenthesis sentence took longer... so maybe not lazy) He is the only player that can be just as consistent, just as defensive, and serve just as well. I do think if Med...
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    The REAL BAE Debate!

    So @Federer and Del Potro started a very scandalous and unnecessary thread when we all knew the answer. That Spencer is the GIRL. (Greatest Imaginable Realist Lover) However, @MichaelNadal brought in some good competition for the best Bae. So once and for all, who is the best Bae? (Best Ashe...
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    Ashe or Grandstand? Does it matter?

    With no fans, does it really matter what court they play on? I get Ashe has a roof, but from what the players have been saying, Ashe is much slower than the speedy outside courts. Would it even be fair to use it? I get it when you have fans, but other than if it rains, why even bother. Plus...
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    Put an End to Court Speed Finally!

    Okay, so I am obviously not a court speed guru and I usually go by the "eye" test which is ridiculed by many on this site. However, none of the statisticians or experts can seem to agree on anything that has to do with court surface. No one on TTW ever agrees, whether it is due to biases...
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    Fan Impact on USO

    The stage is set. But the stage won't feel like a big stage for those playing. With no fans, the underdogs might have caught a break. Think about it. The lower ranked players are used to very little fans. It takes away pressure. No mass media to deal with either. The top guys are used to...
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    The big 3 and Murray Book Titles?

    @Swingmaster got me thinking... If all four (Fed, Rafa, Djoker, and Murray) were to write an autobiography book based on their lives/tennis career, what were their book titles be and what would be the cover? Example: Fed: "I Treated the Two Impostors the Same" Rafa: "The Bull" Djoker...
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    Would Fed had played USO?

    Assuming Fed was not injured. Would he have played at the USO or would he have skipped it. Fed is very lucky to an extent that he does not have to deal with PR nightmare this can become. Watching Fed so far during this pandemic, he does not give you much about how he feels about it. Seems like...
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    Time for a petition: I am not no farm animal

    I am calling all TTW fellow believers. As you obviously all know (you should be checking my activity daily), I am approaching a massive milestone in my life... I am soon to reach TTW level of "G.O.A.T" as I am about 40 posts away. I have strived to be the best I can be. It was not easy. I...
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    No fans at USO: What will be the effect if any?

    There will be no fans at the USO. Will this effect any players or matches? Will players be less likely to have a comeback? Does it harm the favorite? Does it harm the underdog? Or... Will it play no roll at all? Will be interesting either way to hear the noise more clearly as well as hear...
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    First Slam Since 1999 without Fed and Rafa

    USO will apparently not have Rafa in the draw. Fed is out due to injury. I believe this is the first slam where neither were present for a slam. Crazy.
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    USO will NOT work

    About every tourney has had someone if not multiple people get C19. These are with small draws and not nearly the amount of people involved. When a player gets C19 they will have to withdrawal regardless of what round they are in. It is not even a matter of if, but how many? At what point does...
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    Djoker must make a statement now!

    We get it, we all have parents or people we love that say things we don't agree with. It happens, but as a public figure, unfortunately, you sometimes have to address it. In this case, what Djokers father has said about Dimi needs to addressed publicly. This is a massive slight to Dimi in...
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    USO at Indian Wells?

    I think the USO will announce on Monday that they are playing, but if they can't... We all know USO could be held at Indian Wells facility in November, and they could use the financial boost as well. Is this something that would be logistically or financially plausible? Would you rather they...
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    Tour Reset: Why not now?

    I assume USO and FO will take place, but if it does not, wouldn't this be a great time to revamp some thing on the tour? Such as schedules and tournament, and surfaces? Would you be up for "resetting the Tour" and starting fresh in January? (Assuming USO and FO don't take place)
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    Liberating feeling going into August

    Does anybody get the feeling that when the tour starts up again by essentially going straight in to two slams in a month, that it is a liberating feeling? I know many don't think they will be played, but I do, and I think it will be essentially full participation. While many think it will be...
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    Save us Thiem... save us

    It is time Thiem becomes the saviour we all have wanted. It is his time. For Rafa fans: Yes it could be scary if Thiem has confidence going into the FO, but Rafa is still Rafa at the French. That being said, it stops djoker from getting within 2 of Rafa. It also gives someone Djoker has to be...
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    Where are we on court speed at AO20?

    Always ends up being a debate, so I thought I would start it off. Looks decently fast and the bounce seems a bit low. Good for Fed? What are your thoughts? Like the change? Not a huge difference? Edit: After a few more games, seems a little bit faster and a little bit lower than USO, but...
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    It is Zverev's year

    Zverev has shown his talents... and his weakness. He has had his ups and his downs. He was young, now he is at the age where it is time to show what he really is. The more I think about it, and the more I watched his matches at the end of the year, I feel like he is a mental game away from...
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    I sense a shift in the TIGER debate as Djoker sets aim on Rafa

    While I am obviously in Feds corner (think his Tennis resume is indisputable as being the Greatest Ever speaks for itself Regardless), I do think the shift of those trailing has altered significantly. Rafa has always chased Fed and will continue to do so, but he is clearly catching up at an...
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    2020: Same song different verse: Djoker and Rafa

    To me it is simple and not very surprising, but Rafa and Djoker will take the first 3 slams of 2020 with ease. In order for this to NOT happen there would have to be a dramatic shift in the young guys or in Rafa and Djoker. This means the young guys (Thiem, Med, Tsits, Zverev, Khach, Matteddy...
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    Wearing glasses with perfect vision?

    Is this socially acceptable? I want to buy the new Bose sunglasses and put clear lens in them to get more usability out of them. They are insanely cool, as if I have my own personal soundtrack for my brain. But I have perfect vision, so is this weird? Does anybody use glasses just for style...
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    Rafa had enough of reporter and let him know Rafa tells reporter it is time for Spanish interviews after being asked ridiculous questions about his wife. I dig this. Never see Rafa riled up. Hope...