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    Will it ever end? Is tennis an old mans game now?

    Players with slams younger than Djoker who turns 34 in less than a month: Cilic-32 (on clear decline) Del Potro-32 (essentially retired 2 years ago) Thiem-27 (can we say he is declining?) Only two answer options here, either tennis has entered a dark age and the tennis is simply not making...
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    Super League Football? Kind of crazy.
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    Djoker lost... Rafa lost... OMG!!!

    Means nothing.
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    Channel Slam: Greatest feat within a year other than CYGS?

    Laver did it. Borg did it twice. Rafa did it twice. Fed did it. But who has not? :unsure:
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    Fed did it, Rafa did it, Djoker didn't

    Fed beat Sampras and Agassi at slams. Two ATG's. Rafa beat Agassi. Djoker? Zero wins against those greats. Ouch. Fed shook Sinatra's hand.
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    Tour is back: Strong Era again?

    Fed is back on tour. Gets a win. It has to be asked.
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    Fed is back: The tour is officially back

    Yo, Shapo, lay me out a beat... “The name is Fed and I am back, so you Fed haters who think you can control your biofeedback, dont have an anxiety attack, in fact, relax and sit back and get out your Kodak, cause I am about to go on the counterattack, you think i am old and done but I am about...
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    Big3: The Good, The Bad, and The Grit your teeth and say something nice

    So let's play a fun game where we say: Fav Big3: When and why you became a fan Why they are your fav Biggest negative Least fav Big3: When and why you started to dislike them Why you like them the least Biggest positive It will help us to get to know the "why's" better about each members...
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    The Greatest Coach EVER has passed

    Walter Gretzky, the father and coach of Wayne Gretzky has died today. A true Canadian hero who did it the right way created one of the greatest athletes in the world. As Walt said... "Wayne does not have God gifted talents, he has Walt gifted talents." Sad day.
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    The Big3 and the Big3 Matches that changed EVERYTHING

    So, there have been three matches that involved the Big3 that have changed legacies, records, and the future of the Big3 race forever. The question is, which one changed the landscape of the Big3 race the most? First up: Australian Open 2017 Final: The two greatest ever playing a final after a...
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    Bieber did it: Huge fan now

    Sorry. But I can't hide it anymore. Always hated Bieber from the beginning. So childish, terrible music, and a wacko. But I am sold. I had a friend tell me to watch his new music video and I scoffed at him. But he said "trust me." So I did. Edge of tears. Not only was his music great, but...
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    Switching from Blackberry: What phone should I get?

    I have used a blackberry my entire life. So I have always had a PKB. My current Blackberry Key 2 is not holding up anymore. It simply is old technology with no updates and runs slow. I have held on for years as I need my PKB. Now, it seems I have no choice as there are ZERO PKB on the market now...
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    Big 3 aside: What is the future of the ATP?

    So put aside your Big3 fandom here, we get it: Fed good, Djoker bad, Rafa clay. Go have your farm animal debate somewhere else. This is to discuss the upcoming, and inevitable questionable future of the ATP. For the last 20+ years we have truly been blessed by the tennis Gods. 90's tennis...
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    Can Goal Posts move? Yes... yes the can, and have

    Goals and their posts, have evolved and changed over the years, as seen in hockey, football, and NFL.... So why not tennis? :sneaky:
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    Toronto Maple Leafs are Cushion Heads

    First off. I don't know what a cushion head is. Secondly. The Maple leafs and their fans are the most overrated thing on the planet. Boo. Boo. P.S. Matthews is trash
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    ZERO ATG's present or in the making: Going on 13 years

    The last three ATG's have been Fed, Rafa, and Djoker. All three still present at an age where when they won their first slams we would have said they would of retired by age 30 or earlier. Of course they are the three greatest ever, but at 34/35/40 soon, they are not in their prime of their...
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    The Serbian Scorpion will BEAT Med

    Yo! Shapo, lay me out a beat… "I got plenty of haters, you can call them Fed stat manipulators, or TTW administrators, they all facilitators, just a bunch of internet gladiators, I am for real, made of steel, its my turn to take the wheel, even after I got a raw deal, yeah you haters, I really...
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    Gods Favorite Son Aslan will BEAT Djoker

    Tennis is truly great. You could even say magical, spectacular, and even unfathomable at times. We have been lucky to witness some of these moments in the last few years: Fed at almost 40 years of age going 5 sets and tying an ATG who is years younger (amazing feat), Rafa winning (insert #) RG...
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    Consecutive Weeks GREATER than Total Weeks at #1

    So after doing a lot of soul searching and data research, I have changed my stance and come to the conclusion that consecutive weeks at #1 is GREATER than total weeks at #1. Purely based on intense data analysis and unbias soul searching. Simple: Feds 237 consecutive weeks is better than...
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    Time to move on: Djoker and Rafa are healthy

    Look, there is a tourney going on here with some possible great matches still to be played. At this point, we have all said our peace on the subject. Did Djoker have an injury? Did Rafa? Probably to some degree. Are they both playing close to 90%? Yep. Do they both seem to be recovering? Yes...
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    If its Fritz... You must Acquitz: Fritz will beat Djoker

    Sure, it seems like this one is already in the books. It is over before it begins. There is no shot for Fritz to win this. Lock it up. But wait, has their been a mis-step by his opponent? A overconfident Djoker? This is not just a typical journeyman he is playing, he is the face of the...
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    Tiafoe The Desperado will beat Djoker

    A young American cowboy on the western frontier tightens his straddle as he scowls into the scorching hot dessert. One thing on his mind... to be the best gunslinger there is. His spurs have been sharpened. His holsters have been unclipped. Cigarette has been thrown down. The faint crows can be...
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    TTW Christmas Gift Exchange 2020

    @Doctor/Lawyer Red Devil it is time we start a new trend and in the light of the holiday spirit... start exchanging gifts among TTW members. Everybody could use something helpful this holiday... what do you need? Do you wake up in the middle of the night screaming weak era! Do you see mugs...
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    Nothing has changed: Dont be fooled

    Nothing has changed. Even though TTW is doing the usual Armageddon on the big 3, everything is still status quo. Look at the year. Djoker finished #1 Rafa finished #2 Djoker won AO Rafa won FO Djoker likely would have won WC Rafa didn't play USO and Djoker got DQ YEC ends with a new winner...
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    Most Important Surface?

    Simple. @BackhandDTL @UnderratedSlam
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    Greatness of Djoker

    Sure, you can pick on Djoker for his Boob throw, the Adria Tour, the ATP council, the possum acts, the DQ, the weak era vulturing, the boring tennis, and his desire to be loved.... However, remember when you do so, that this is a man that has won the GRANDADDY OF THEM ALL... The Laver Cup. So...
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    More impressive? Consecutive Weeks at #1 or NCYGS

    Which one is more impressive? The NCYGS is impressive, but the CYGS has been done twice by Laver and the CYGS is much more impressive. However, Feds streak spanned 237 weeks (4.5 years) and is 77 weeks more than anyone else. No one even comes close, a whole year plus from what Fed achieved...
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    PCB aka The Spanish Capitana will beat Djoker

    Some may know him as the guy that DIDNT get DQ... Others know him as RBA... but this is a man that has no equal, and has been preparing for this since the USO just a few weeks ago. History was taken from him. Grasped right out of his hands. But not this time. This time, the man will not let a...
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    Khachanov aka The Moscow Ghost will beat Djoker

    Djoker will lose his next match. He is not ready for what is to come. He is not prepared, never was and never will be. An unstoppable force is coming for him, and not even the lineswoman can save him from this Loss. Djoker will get beat, by the one and only... The Red Right Hand, The True...