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    Olympics... Nothing golden about it

    Some top seeds: Rublev #5 Carreno Busta #6 Hurk #7 Schwartzman #8 FAA #9 Monfils #10 Karatsev #11 Sonego #13 Humbert #14 Best of three sets... Only 6 matches needed to win... What is this?
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    Don't get it: Big 3

    I don't get the issue here. Honestly, what is the problem? Djoker: Best accomplishments. He earned it all. Yes, many of us don't like it, but whatever. It is what it is. He deserves it. He will end up on top. Accepr it. It is awesome. Even if I don't like him. Enjoy it, it is incredible stuff...
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    How Pancho would do in the modern era...

    I couldnt find the "Club Tennis" Section, so I posted it here. I dont think he falls in the top 100. Here is my list of 100 players that would be better than him if he played in the modern era. @Nole Slam @Phoenix1983 @megamind @Poisoned Slice
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    NHL 21-22 Season

    Okay I know it is early, but off season trades are starting already. Can TB threepete? @Federer and Del Potro Will cushion heads cushion head? @Steve0904 Will @stringertom watch this year? Bring the cup back to Canada. @catskillthunder @spystud @Dan Lobb @Ronaldo
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    How was your start on TTW? How have you evolved as a poster?

    So I came to TTW thinking I was a tennis guru. That changed quickly when I learned about ELO, weak eras, and next gens. The first few posts of mine were very thought out and analytical. I soon learned that was a mistake. I now have evolved into posting "ABNG, TIGER, weak era, and ngbs" along...
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    Join the Anybody But Next Gen train: If you like good tennis

    Unite big 3 fandom in the fight for great tennis. Don't give these bum shufflers another inch they don't deserve. Join the ABNG now! Accepting all applications! For those that like great tennis with high level of finals, join us. Tired of seeing predictable unstable and mentally weak tennis...
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    Is Pancho a top 50 player all time?

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    The WC script was leaked!!!! Does Djoker win?

    So here is the exact script with a few uncertainties, but for the most part it is what we will see in the final. Outline: Berr gets broke in first service game Berr gets broken in last service game of first set 2nd set is close, but Djoker breaks late Berr puts up a fight in the 3rd, but cant...
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    Can't lie: The run for the CYGS is exciting... For all

    I don't want Djoker to do it. His fans do. That being said, whatever side you are on it makes things exciting and interesting. Will he win 3 straight? Will he win Olympics? Will Rafa stop him at uso? Will 21 be winning the CYGS. Incredibly exciting actually. Can't deny it will be a fun...
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    Let's be honest: Only Djoker deserves this WC

    Look, Djoker is playing some pretty good tennis and is very determined right now. You could only pick 3-5 guys at certain points in the past decade that could give this Djoker a run for his money. So as far as level he deserves it. Now the competition? Terrible obviously. But as I stated above...
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    Greatness isn't described in numbers: it goes beyond that

    Rolex ad describes greatness without numbers. Which is true. You don't describe greatness with just numbers, you don't describe life with numbers, and numbers don't tell the whole story. Now it doesn't mean he IS the greatest nor does Rolex suggest this. It says Fed goes beyond numbers which...
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    Yo Djoker: Shapo got something for ya

    FAA... Lay me out a beat.. Yo yo it's Shapo shippity Shapo here to bring the syrup, I hate to do it but I'm about to make a TTW stirrup, you see me as a next gen bum shuffler but you boomers can take this ball and shove it up your muffler, your boy Djoker couldn't even do it right as I not only...
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    British crowd: props to Djoker

    I have to give mad props to Djoker. I have not seen too many Fed matches where I felt he was not there crowd favorite, and definately not many where they erupt in cheers for his UEs. Whether there are more locals because of C19 protocols or what, Norrie was the clear crowd favorite. As a fan...
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    Grass is slippery... Wahhh... Easy fix

    They haven't played on grass in two years... They are coming from months of clay court play and expect to just flourish on grass a week later? Give me a break. This was expected. Stop complaining and fix the problem. It is not the grass it is the preparation. Maybe a solid month of play on...
  15. W

    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs Thiem, French Open final, 2018

    Rafael Nadal beat Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 in the French Open final, 2018 on clay Nadal was the defending champion and this was his 11th title at the event. He'd go onto win the next 2 also. Thiem was playing in his first Slam final. The two had met in the semi's the previous year...
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    Actor or actress you think deserves more love

    There are some actors and actresses that I sometimes don't understand how they are not casted more? Maybe it is their choice, or maybe they just picked movies that didn't pan out. Here is a few: Garret Hedlund: Troy, Pan, Tron Emile Hirsch: Alpha Dog, into the wild, Lord's of dogtown...
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    As a Fed fan, Djokers greatness just helps Fed

    So if you are knowledgeable about tennis and not bias, you should see that Djoker has or is going to end as the greatest. But you should not be salty as a Fed fan, you should embrace it. This is what Fed has done to the greatest... Beat Djoker 24 times. (That is a lot of times to beat the...
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    It is grass season: Let the smoke fly

    It is here. The greatest part of the year. Hopefully, soon it will be even longer with its deserving masters.
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    Djoker still needs 2 more Laver Cups

    Fed: 3 Rafa: 2 Djoker: 1 This is a huge stain on the resume. In order to be a farm animal you must pass or tie them here.
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    Three person chess?

    Saw this today, did not know it existed. Anybody ever play it or know the rules?
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    ABNG or Next gen: Starting tomorrow with Djoker

    So a lot has happened in the tennis world over the past few years. Most tennis fans (not all) have one or two big3 that they back. They also usually dislike one or two of them. We have had some dramatic and intense fan wars over it. However, how many have accepted the truth, that there is no...
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    TIGER was always meant for him

    Djoker is the TIGER. No way around it. He has everything. Best at AO, beat Rafa at RG twice, beat and tied Fed at WC. Has all the h2h needed. Weeks and years at number one. YEC's. There is nothing more. He will have 19 slams and likely 20 in a month. I don't like it one bit, not one tiny bit...
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    Your take on Steve jobs?

    Yes, I see his negative side. Jerk for sure. But we need these guys, and very few exist and are usually ridiculed.
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    Answer these 10 questions... or else

    1. Is cereal soup? Why or why not? 2. What is invisible that you wish you could see? 3. Why is pizza round? Should it be? 4. If you were warped 10 years back in time for one minute, what would you do? 5. If you were warped into the past 500 years, how would you prove you were from the future? 6...
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    Rafa fans: Chill and have some faith in your guy

    Yes I am a Fed fan first, but I am a Rafa fan too. I am sick and tired of hearing how Rafa is old, mentally weak, a shell of himself, and so on. He has lost one set up to this point playing his B- game. He has about three to four more levels he can raise his game to if needed. Have some faith...
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    Big 3 SuperPowers

    Which player would be more scary? Fed: Adds Djokers return Rafa: Adds Feds Serve Djoker: Adds Feds/Rafas Net game @lud
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    Thiem had a decent run, will go down as a good player

    Thiem had a good run on clay and a good run on HC (he was always built for hard). While he won't go down as an ATG, he was pretty good at times. However, one master's title on hard and ZERO on clay, with his one *slam* coming against zverev is... Well... Not a great look. Slightly below guys...
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    McLovin is 40

    Oh how the time flies...