1. Lleytonstation

    One massive point at 4-1

    30 all 4-1 in final set was huge. Med got the point with a net cord. Would had been break point there. Would he still break again? Crazy how little things like that can change everything.
  2. Lleytonstation

    Djoker loss but got the love he wanted

    He finally got the love and admiration from the crowd. Watching him at the end get all emotional and still hold his head up high and be a gracious loser. Very proud of Djoker and feel slightly bad for him. Earned a lot of respect and love from people that disliked him today.
  3. Lleytonstation

    TTW Weirdos Assemble: Research Time (TTWWP)

    As one of the most normal TTW users, I have created a research project. I am doing some research that is very integral to the survival of my species. I thought it would be helpful to do some research on the weirdest humans here at TTW. After spending countless hours gathering data, reading...
  4. Lleytonstation

    Leylah Annie Fernandez News

    LAF. Born in Montreal, living the Ecuadorian life. Born composed, born confident, and a little bit blood thirsty. Allons-y Leyyllllaaaahhh.
  5. Lleytonstation

    Djoker not the only one going for cygs this year

    Will the first men's singles player to win not only the cygs but golden slam be someone other than Djoker? Dylan Alcott might just steal Djokers thunder.
  6. Lleytonstation

    Bigger upset: Alcaraz or LAF

    Leylah Annie Fernandez at age 18 beat 2 time uso champ and 4 time HC slam winner Osaka who is ranked third. Alcaraz at age 18 beat Tsitsisapassy who is ranked third. Both great wins. Both have potential, but alcaraz likely going to be more consistent. Best of 5 for alcaraz though. Which one?
  7. Lleytonstation

    USO been pretty awesome so far

    It really has. Big teenage upsets in both draws. Drama from Tsits and Murray. Zverev and med looking great. Djoker going for cygs. Girl chugging beers on Ashe. Has actually surpassed my expectations and could really have an interesting finish.
  8. Lleytonstation

    Osaka officially taking a break from Tennis

    Wonder if she will ever play again. Unfortunate. 4 slam winner at her age possibly done.
  9. Lleytonstation

    Get it done Djoker: Bring home the CYGS

    As much as I dislike Djoker, and I do, I have decided to root for him to win the CYGS. First, I already think he is likely the greatest ever, and I am happy with where Fed and Rafa are with their legacies. So rooting against Djoker at this point seems kind of pointless other than I dont like...
  10. Lleytonstation

    The True TTW hero: Spencer or Nina?

    In one corner, we have the natural, brilliant, sophisticated, darling, lovely, supernatural, not afraid to get dirty, destroyer of the sarresshiii, one in a million.... SPPPPPEEEEENNNNCCCERRRRR HAAASSSSTTTINNNGGGSSS!!!! In the other corner... we have Nina. @Sudacafan @Nole Slam @Bender
  11. Lleytonstation

    USO opening ceremony!!!

    Brutal stuff
  12. Lleytonstation

    Would Osaka winning USO be a bigger deal than Djokers CYGS?

    Sounds crazy. Probably is, however, it wouldnt surprise me if Osaka gets more coverage for winning USO. We all know that Djokers cygs is more historic, more interesting, more valuable, and much more difficult. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us to see. But we are massive...
  13. Lleytonstation

    Mets fans are the worst and the players finally let them know

    Mets players give the thumbs down to their own fans when they get a hit. I love it.
  14. Lleytonstation

    The next gen know how to stop Djoker now: Eat a Snickers

    They are working on a plan, and doing everything possible... Fourth time is a charm? right Buffalo Bills fans? @Federer and Del Potro
  15. Lleytonstation

    Tennis: There are slams... then there are paychecks

    Tennis has been going down a path that is leading them to their own destruction for some time. Now it is being realized. Slams are by far the most important thing in tennis as it should be. It is what you strive to win, what you focus on, and what you should be most remembered for. We all...
  16. Lleytonstation

    Any EDC fans? Loaded up my keychain

    So I got addicted the other day to keychains and EDC (every day carry) items. Amazon didn't help. What started as "I need a keychain since my keys are boring" ended up being 150 dollar bucks spent. Items purchased for keys: Rovyvon mini flashlight GUS mini pill bottle Mini knife Mini audio...
  17. Lleytonstation

    Tim Tebow is back

    He will get hated on of course. But he is back... For now.
  18. Lleytonstation

    Let's play a game: Racquet Smashes

    So I will post a picture of someone breaking a racquet. Then you post one, but there is one rule. No repeat moments. Go.
  19. Lleytonstation

    What if Djoker accepted the villain role? What then?

    Djoker has an emotional and competitive drive that play war with each other. Sometimes it goes in his favor, sometimes, like today it does not. He is an emotional player that lets his emotions take over sometimes. I do think he would like to control it, but he can't. He isn't a good villain...
  20. Lleytonstation

    Olympics... Nothing golden about it

    Some top seeds: Rublev #5 Carreno Busta #6 Hurk #7 Schwartzman #8 FAA #9 Monfils #10 Karatsev #11 Sonego #13 Humbert #14 Best of three sets... Only 6 matches needed to win... What is this?
  21. Lleytonstation

    Don't get it: Big 3

    I don't get the issue here. Honestly, what is the problem? Djoker: Best accomplishments. He earned it all. Yes, many of us don't like it, but whatever. It is what it is. He deserves it. He will end up on top. Accepr it. It is awesome. Even if I don't like him. Enjoy it, it is incredible stuff...
  22. Lleytonstation

    How Pancho would do in the modern era...

    I couldnt find the "Club Tennis" Section, so I posted it here. I dont think he falls in the top 100. Here is my list of 100 players that would be better than him if he played in the modern era. @Nole Slam @Phoenix1983 @megamind @Poisoned Slice
  23. Lleytonstation

    NHL 21-22 Season

    Okay I know it is early, but off season trades are starting already. Can TB threepete? @Federer and Del Potro Will cushion heads cushion head? @Steve0904 Will @stringertom watch this year? Bring the cup back to Canada. @catskillthunder @spystud @Dan Lobb @Ronaldo
  24. Lleytonstation

    How was your start on TTW? How have you evolved as a poster?

    So I came to TTW thinking I was a tennis guru. That changed quickly when I learned about ELO, weak eras, and next gens. The first few posts of mine were very thought out and analytical. I soon learned that was a mistake. I now have evolved into posting "ABNG, TIGER, weak era, and ngbs" along...
  25. Lleytonstation

    Join the Anybody But Next Gen train: If you like good tennis

    Unite big 3 fandom in the fight for great tennis. Don't give these bum shufflers another inch they don't deserve. Join the ABNG now! Accepting all applications! For those that like great tennis with high level of finals, join us. Tired of seeing predictable unstable and mentally weak tennis...
  26. Lleytonstation

    Is Pancho a top 50 player all time?

  27. Lleytonstation

    The WC script was leaked!!!! Does Djoker win?

    So here is the exact script with a few uncertainties, but for the most part it is what we will see in the final. Outline: Berr gets broke in first service game Berr gets broken in last service game of first set 2nd set is close, but Djoker breaks late Berr puts up a fight in the 3rd, but cant...
  28. Lleytonstation

    Can't lie: The run for the CYGS is exciting... For all

    I don't want Djoker to do it. His fans do. That being said, whatever side you are on it makes things exciting and interesting. Will he win 3 straight? Will he win Olympics? Will Rafa stop him at uso? Will 21 be winning the CYGS. Incredibly exciting actually. Can't deny it will be a fun...
  29. Lleytonstation

    Let's be honest: Only Djoker deserves this WC

    Look, Djoker is playing some pretty good tennis and is very determined right now. You could only pick 3-5 guys at certain points in the past decade that could give this Djoker a run for his money. So as far as level he deserves it. Now the competition? Terrible obviously. But as I stated above...
  30. Lleytonstation

    Greatness isn't described in numbers: it goes beyond that

    Rolex ad describes greatness without numbers. Which is true. You don't describe greatness with just numbers, you don't describe life with numbers, and numbers don't tell the whole story. Now it doesn't mean he IS the greatest nor does Rolex suggest this. It says Fed goes beyond numbers which...