1. Rovesciarete

    Spin and Speed - Forehands of the current ATP

    Just found a neat graphic of Tennis Insights which places most of the top players of 2023 in relation to the tour. Keep in mind the sample bias, more so for guys blasting away with little margin. The relative positions of the elite is usually much better supported. If they read the data at the...
  2. E

    7 foot rope / air zone system for training high heavy ground strokes

    I remember seeing this recommended by Oscar Wegner and have also seen it on Tennis Spin and Play Your Court. I have never seen it used in a clinic but it sounds like a good idea. Is it more commonly used...
  3. K

    Top 5 Topspin WTA Players

    Could you list your top 5 WTA players that definitely use more topspin than flat? I just want to compare the use of the topspin with the racket they use. Such as Vcore/ Rybakina, Tecnifibre/Iga, krejcikova/head extreme.
  4. L

    Light racket suggestion for developing topspin (beginner-intermediate player)

    Greetings, I started playing about 2 years ago and play recreationally during summer months. I can rally dependably and have a consistent serve. Lately what I observed is that I struggle a lot while generating topspin on forehand. I have an eastern grip and I find the wrist action on contact...
  5. M

    Heavy topspin gamestyle : hesitation between two kind of raquet

    Hello everyone! I read the forum a bit too much to find information since i struggle with a raquet choice but I think i need to post a new thread, sorry about it. As a beginner I was told to get a 285g pure drive, then a 300g pure drive a few months later. Everything was fine until I wanted to...
  6. LoveTheGreatOne

    Rank top5 players from current tour in terms of......... much can they tolerate Nadal's forehand topspin to the backhand, and actually neutralize or attack it.
  7. E

    Kick serve - tips for depth and “drop”

    I have recently developed a kick serve that keeps me out of most of double faulting troubles. However, being new at it, I am still improving at it and suffering “childhood diseases” with it. One such “disease”, in competitive play, is its low depth and slow, loopy arch. I spin it up to get it...
  8. D

    Planning on coming back to tennis

    I'm planning on coming back to tennis, it's been almost 6 years without regular training and I want to come back hard in 2021. I'm planning to play next thrusday against someone strong even if I get destroyed, just to play tennis again. I'm planning to hit the ball as hard as I can as long as...
  9. Ice-Borg

    Move from 16x19 to 18x20 racquet?

    Guys, I need some advice. My regular racquet is a 16 x 19. I'm a 3.5 player and typically hit a lot of loopy topspin forehands. Backhand is flatter. I can also hit good slice and have a good spinny drop shot. I also get a lot of good kick on my serves. I've found one annoying issue is that my...
  10. S

    Ball pocketing vs. Top spin

    I recently heard the Tennis Warehouse podcast about classic racquets (here) (which was really good by the way), and it really made me wonder how ball pocketing (or as some of the playtesters say "plush feeling") affects topspin generated by a racquet. I understand the science behind how, when...
  11. Dharmaboy

    Looking for a new Wilson Racquet in my 40's

    Hey guys getting back into tennis after a 2 years break. I am in better shape now than before (dropped about 20lbs) lifting weights etc. I primarily play with Wilson K 6.1 95 and my Blade 98s. With a few of my nagging shoulder issues and inability to generate much spin due to being an 70's born...
  12. F

    How does Fognini gets so much Spin on his FH?

    He seems to be constantly over 50rps on average. There are not many players in that range. But it never looks like he is going for heavy spin. Also he seems to hit much flatter than Rafa or Thiem. Shouldnt it be difficult to deal with? Flat power with crazy spin...
  13. HetTheGreaterer

    Rafael Nadal's FH has wrong technique....

    Someone just said it... On tennis world USA Discuss... Disgust Remove slash (/) between tennis and worldusa
  14. liftordie

    Your softest hybrid setup for spin and control

    Hi, I created this thread to let you post what hybrid setup are you using right now in 2018. But ONLY setup with great comfort, spin and control. And WITHOUT natural gut. Please give us also your tension and sorry but I would have answers from 4.0 level players minimum and who are spin players...
  15. pczerner

    How far behind the baseline are you allowed to serve?

    Hi all, first post but have been reading over the years. I've searched for an answer to the above question, but have not found anyone who talks about it. Is there a specific rule that limits how far behind the baseline you're allowed to serve? Here is my thought: if there isn't a limit, one...
  16. F

    Two kinds of Topspin

    In the last few weeks I noticed that there are two really different kinds of a topspin (FH). 1) I was producing this kind of spin for the last few years and I think most recreational Players do so: This has a lots of spin immediately after the Ball leaves the strings you can really see it...
  17. Znak

    String setup for a string breaker

    My friend that I'm stringing for is a string breaker, usually gets anywhere 3-10 hours from his strings... Heavy top spin hitter (not a form issue). He wants something relatively arm friendly for his RF 97 — he used to do nat gut but it was getting too expensive. His 2nd last setup was Gamma...
  18. Znak

    2 steps forehand 1 step back

    I'm slowly discovering my tennis game is like my golf game — I got the basics down quite easily then plateaued. To progress further it's taken/ing alot of time and discipline... I think I'll be 80 and have finally figured it all out. I'll shed old habits and play very well for awhile, then...
  19. The Vitamin L

    new video new racquet

    Back at it again. Finally bought a gorillapod to record some tennis. Very satisfied with both the gorillapod and the new racquet! Critiques on the tennis, video-on-fence positioning, attire, etc. are very welcome! Always willing to try new things slappin' da ball mini tennis for the warm up...