1. mn_chilly

    Wilson Tour Series

    Hi all - I've been hitting with a Wilson nCode nTour 95 for several years and it's great. However, they're wearing out and they seem hard to come by (at least in good shape that is...). After some internet snooping, it seems like Wilson stopped making tour series - is that correct? Best I can...
  2. Z

    When to move up in weight

    How would you go about determining when a young teen should move from a lightweight version of a racquet to the regular weight version? (I know I can add tape rather than buy a new racquet.) Similarly, when/if would a high-level older teen want to move to the heavier or "tour" version of a...
  3. H

    Choosing between the Prince ATS Textreme Tour 98 vs 100

    Hey there! I currently play with a Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) (2019) and I love it! I'm struggling to find it now in grip size 3 though & figured I may give the new versions a go. I would typically just gravitate towards the 100 again but the playtesters comments on manoeuvrability have...
  4. S

    head prime pro vs prime tour overgrips difference

    as the title says i would like to now what the differences are between head prime pro and prime tour overgrips are, online i could not find anything really describing the diffrences. i would like to hear from your experiences and knowledge thanks
  5. T

    HEAD Gravity Tour vs. Prince Phantom 100X 305

    Just curious if anyone who has played both frames could give some general feedback as to how the two compare, which one you prefer, and why. Thanks in advance. Background: 3.5/4.0 all-courter, 39 yo, good fitness, one-handed backhand, SW forehand. I play the 100X 305 with 1g lead @ 12, 8 & 4...
  6. Okinawa Puroresu

    Head G360+ Extreme Tour vs Babolat Pure Aero VS

    These racquets have been lauded both on TT and Tennisnerd and YouTube as the big time crossover between the modern spin game and controlled player’s sticks that has actually married well. The retail versions are used today by up and coming pros like Berettini, FAA, Alcaraz, etc. I’ve seen some...
  7. M

    Tecnifibre NRG2 tension for 360 Prestige pro

    Hello I just got a prestige pro and found it to be very low power and very low trajectory which is odd coming from the 360 mp I’m just trying this one out because I’ve heard great things about it’s stability and accuracy. Anyways I’m about to string NRG2 on it and wanted to see if I can get some...
  8. M

    What Version of the Wilson K Factor Tour is this?

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this post! My friend found what we believe is a Wilson K Factor Six One Tour in his basement, but upon further inspection we are not sure if it is actually real. I attached some photos below. We initially thought this was a 2007-2008 version of the...
  9. G

    Switched from Babolat Pure Strike Tour G1 to Yonex VCore Pro 330

    I recently switched from the PS Tour G1 that I had been playing with for 3-4 years. Main reason behind the switch was I wanted more feel and was getting some unpleasant vibrations from the racquet. I switched strings, however, I didn't like the feel after trying several strings. I probably could...
  10. WilPro

    Maximum racquet weight allowed on tour

    I was wondering if there is a maximum weight allowed on tour as there is a maximum racquet length allowed on tour (29 inch). I just want to know if maximum weight is regulated by some one on the WTA, ATP or ITF tour. Thanks.
  11. F

    Yonex Poly Tour Drive vs Babolat RPM Blast

    Hi, Has anyone tested both in full bed and compared them? What racquet and tension was used? Which one did you like the most? Which one provided more spin/tension hold/durability? I know there are other gear shaped strings for spin out there but here I am interested in these 2 only. Thanks...
  12. C

    Wilson Ultra Tour hybrid stringing and frame shape

    Need your help here.... I have been experimenting with several string setups in my UT (18x20) and in order to determine tension for mains and crosses I have consulted tension adviser ( It recommends slightly higher tension in the crosses e.g...
  13. A

    ANGELL - Which TC? What string pattern?

    Hey guys, so this is what I'm looking for in a racquet: - Plush, buttery feel - Stable (while being under 12 oz would be ideal!) - Tons of control - Free power (this is just an added bonus, and does't have as much priority as the previously mentioned - if I'm not asking for too much) Based on...
  14. A

    Racket suggestions! :) Thank you!

    Hi! I'm 23 years old, and I play with a semi western forehand and a single handed backhand. I play an aggressive baseline game, and love to go to the net when the opportunity presents himself. I hit more flat shots than I do topspin. Ideally my racquet should be comfortable (plush, buttery feel...
  15. S

    Predicting the ATP Top 10 in 2022?

    Five years from now, here's where I see the ATP shaping up. I am not a fan of any single player, more just a fan of tennis per se, but I am slightly biased towards American players, as you might be able to tell. I digress. Here is how I see the ATP Top 10 in 2022: ALEXANDER ZVEREV JR. — GER...
  16. D

    Who will be first time ATP Champions in 2017?

    2016 First time champions Nick Kyrgios Alexander Zverev Diego Schwartzman Pablo Careno Busta Karen Khachanov Steve Johnson Albert Ramos-Vinolas Paolo Lorenzi Lucas Pouille That is up from 6 first time champions each in 2014 and 2015 Who do you predict will win their first ATP Tour Level...