1. G

    Drop Weight with Upgrade Path (Alpha, Gamma, Tourna, etc)

    Well, at this point I feel like I have read every thread I can find and still have a few questions - though I am leaning toward the Alpha Pioneer DC+. I am sorry if this has been covered recently but with the changes and tweaks to models from older models I was looking to find the most...
  2. L

    Best drop weight with good base clamps stringing machine

    I am looking to buy a drop weight and customize it to be best electronic stringing machine without exceeding the price of a readymade electronic stringing machine (for e.g. Gamma ELS). I have read lots of articles and expert advises in multiple threads and concluded on two machines with Wise...
  3. S

    Tourna 150-CS strong notching.

    Hey guys. Avid home stringer here, but I have a question if anyone can answer me. I use a Tourna 150-CS, and I generally love to string on it, but there’s one thing that just seems super weird to me, unless I’m doing something wrong. Whenever I have to pull tension, I have to wrap the string...
  4. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Super Grap vs Gamma Supereme Overgrips Review

    Hey all, Currently using Yonex Super Grap overgrip (tacky version) and thinking about experimenting with other overgrips. I do love the Yonex Super Grap (for me it is the perfect balance between tack, comfort, and durability) but I am looking for some cheaper, more available options and want to...
  5. R

    Good base for a Wise?

    Hi Guys. I'm still searching for a good, electronic machine. I have limited space so would prefer a table top machine. I currently have a Gamma progression ii Fixed clamps (but it is plastic so i'm not fond of them). I will buy a Wise (or the pros pro mt-200 for the knot function?) and add it...
  6. O

    Alpha Axis Pro or Tourna 300cs

    Don't know which one to go with. Seems I can't go wrong with either, but just to be sure. I would prefer the one with the best clamps, however if one is much better than the other I would obviously go with that one.
  7. time410s

    Something better than Tourna Grip?

    I use Volkl V-Dry and find it to offer what tourna does but in a much more premium package and maybe 5x the durability. Easier to install. Does anyone else swear by this stuff? I would love to know what your favorite dry grip is if you use them regularly. Tell me a bit about your climate too...
  8. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    racquet reviews: say hello on IG ! (y) YT: total number of strings: 72 Group A (round profile): 1. Tecnifibre Ice Code...
  9. H

    Best Polys for 18x20 string pattern

    Old topic, new thread! What are some good poly to try for this string pattern in your opinion? I'm trying to look around for ideas to string my Head MG Radical MP. My priorities, in order from high to low, are: power, spin potential, overall cost (price + how long each sj last), control (since...
  10. F

    Increase Yonex grip size

    Hi all, I have the following dilemma. My hand works ok with a grip size L5 (4-5/8 inches) although according to all websites I checked I'd need even a bigger grip size. E.g. when I measure my hand with this method I get more than 150mm or 6...
  11. A

    Which Way To Go: Tourna 300-CS/Wise 2086 versus Tourna 600-ES?

    Hello all! It's been a while since I was last on here, but I'm looking at buying my first personal stringing machine. I actually have quite a bit of stringing experience, having strung professionally at my local tennis club and part time at one of the largest mail-order tennis retailers (the...