1. D

    Zverev will win 2023 ATP Finals

    It's a pity he wasn't able to compete in 2022 finals to defend the trophy as Sascha in his traditional November shape is extremely hard to beat. Therefore I don't consider this as a bold prediction: you can put his 3rd YEC title in the 2023 calendar. 2018 - 2021 - 2023
  2. D

    2022 ATP Finals F: [3] Casper Ruud vs Novak Djokovic [7]

    [content deleted by user]
  3. D

    2022 ATP Finals SF: [7] Novak Djokovic vs Taylor Fritz [8]

    H2H Djokovic 5-0 Fritz Vegas odds (as of 18 November) Sources: atptour.com oddsportal.com
  4. D

    41 years old Rojer shows at the 2022 ATP Finals that age is just a number

    Rojer (born in August 1981) with a good chances to reach the ATP Finals SF from the Red Group! All he needs to do is to win the 3rd RR match on Thursday.
  5. D

    2022 ATP Finals RR: [3] Casper Ruud vs Taylor Fritz [8]

    Hey, why there's no talk about this match? Both undefeated, the group winner plays here. Fritz a slight favourite. First meeting. Fritz winning 2-0 will leave a SF door open for Nadal.
  6. D

    2022 ATP Finals RR: [1] Rafael Nadal vs Felix Auger-Aliassime [5]

    Most of people expected both players to win in an opening round. Meanwhile FAA lost to Ruud 0-2, Nadal lost to Fritz 0-2. Who will prolong the chances for the SF? Vegas odds: Nadal R. - Auger-Aliassime F. 2.25 - 1.67
  7. D

    How have they made 2022 Turin draw step-by-step

    1 took a map 2 drew a vertical line 3 done
  8. D

    How many matches will Nadal win in 2022 YEC Turin?

    YEC is a highly specific tournament. You can win just one match to be promoted to the semis. You can win two matches just to be eliminated in the RR phase. You can win just three matches (1xRR + SF + F) to get the trophy. You can win four matches (3xRR + SF) and go home with empty hands...
  9. RaulRamirez

    Can Djokovic complete the (probable) Zed/Med double?

    At the USO, Novak got past Zed in a tough semi, but was either too spent, too overburdened with the weight of history, or simply outplayed by Med in the final. What do you envision in Torino (no poll): A. Stopped by Zverev B. Stopped by Medvedev C. A 6th ATP Finals trophy D. A Ruud awakening...
  10. D

    2021 ATP Finals Torino SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Alexander Zverev

    It's a charm of round robin phase: the Saturday semifinalists have been determined regardless Djokovic vs Norrie match score on Friday. H2H Djokovic 7-3 Zverev Road to The SF W Djokovic vs Ruud 7-6(4) 6-2 W Djokovic vs Rublev 6-3 6-2 W Djokovic vs Norrie 6-2 6-1 W Zverev vs Berrettini 7-6(7)...
  11. D

    2021 ATP Finals Torino RR: [3] Alexander Zverev vs [7] Hubert Hurkacz

    Who is going to advance to the semis? Zverev win guarantees the place in semis for him. Hurkacz can advance under certain conditions as Sinner is another candidate. Red Group standings H2H Zverev 1-0 Hurkacz Vegas odds (as of 16 November) Sources: nittoatpfinals.com atptour.com...
  12. D

    2021 ATP Finals Torino RR: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [5] Andrey Rublev

    It's really hard to believe, but this is the very first official match between them. Winner of this match goes to the semis. H2H Djokovic 0-0 Rublev Vegas odds (as of 16 November) However they trained together last year in Rome: Sources: oddsportal.com What's your prediction?
  13. D

    2021 ATP Finals Torino RR: [2] Daniil Medvedev vs [3] Alexander Zverev

    Their encounter number 11. H2H Medvedev 5-5 Zverev Vegas odds (as of 15 November) Sources: atptour.com oddsportal.com Feel free to discuss.
  14. D

    2021 ATP Finals Turin RR: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [8] Casper Ruud

    Their second meeting. H2H Djokovic 1-0 Ruud Vegas odds (as of 14 November) Sources: atptour.com oddsportal.com What do you think?