1. N01E

    FS: Uniqlo RF Federer US Open 2019 jacket

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): I have uniqlo 2019 US Open RF jacket available for sale. Technically this one is from Tokyo lifewear day 2019, but it's the same model as the one worn by Fed during the USO. No size tag inside but it fits similarly to uniqlo US M (96-104 cm chest). Condition...
  2. N01E

    FS: Uniqlo NK headband

    Item Description (Brand): White Uniqlo NK headband Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 6.8/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): multiple *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): It's the 2013 (I think) version of the uniqlo bandana. I haven't...
  3. David Le

    FS: Uniqlo Dry-Ex Joggers Set of 2

    Item Description: Uniqlo Dry-Ex Joggers Black Quantity: 2 Size: Medium Condition: 1st-8.5/10 2nd-9/10 Specific Time Used: Wore them during the cold months but only for errands. General Description: EUC. Up for grabs are two Uniqlo Dry-Ex Joggers. *Note they are two different styles but they...
  4. Babolast

    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

  5. David Le

    Kei Nishikori’s ‘19 Barcelona shirt.

    Anybody got any sources on when it’s going to come out? I dig the design and colors as well.
  6. N01E

    FS: Uniqlo Tennis Jacket

    Item description: Gray Uniqlo Tennis jacket Size: US/EU size Medium Colour: Grey Condition: 9/10 Quantity: 1 Time used: 1 hour Description: This is an extremely rare to find jacket that was worn by Djokovic in Doha 2017 as a part of Uniqlo 2017 ND collection. Almost identical one was worn by...
  7. N01E

    FS: Uniqlo medium tennis shorts

    Item description: Those are shorts from Nishikori USO16 collection. It's hard to find uniqlo tennis specific shorts, so this is a great deal for everyone who only got polo shirts from them. Size: Medium (They're from Japan, but Uniqlo sizes for bottoms are the same for every region) Colour: Navy...
  8. T

    Federer Gear

    Like many who follow tennis, I’m interested in getting members’ opinions on gear. I’m not strictly talking about rackets here though. What I’m wondering about is what folks think about the likelihood that Roger Federer (not necessarily other players) has his apparel contract with UNIQLO...
  9. N01E

    RF asian swing outfit

    Dunno if it's been posted before. Also used all black pj for the shoot.
  10. David Le

    FS: Uniqlo Tennis Shirt

    Apparel Item Description (Brand) Uniqlo Tennis Shirt Quantity: 1 Size: XS Condition (x out of 10): 9.0/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): Multiple times *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): None. Had this one for years but it doesn’t...
  11. I

    Uniqlo Pre-orders

    I'm just curious if anyone who bought Wimbledon or USO pre-order gear has gotten ship dates yet? I might buy the USO shirt, but haven't as of now.
  12. I

    Federer opened my eyes to Uniqlo

    So before Wimbledon, I owned mostly Nike stuff with a little Under Armour. I thought Uniqlo was some weird, overpriced Asian brand. Well, I was completely wrong. I went to a Uniqlo store for the first time and was really impressed. The quality was very nice and the prices were phenomenal...
  13. N01E

    Uniqlo ND: A Complete Obituary

    RIP Uniqlo Nole, long live Lacoste Nole. This thread is practically stolen from @King No1e but this time with Novak as the main hero. Looking back at those designs may show us what to expect with Roger. RG12: Very simple and classy IMO. He also worn all navy (not black like most people...
  14. N01E

    Do people realise that uniqlo...

    were sponsoring tennis players before? Seriously, when I see people wondering if fedr will be wearing their shoes I'm almost surprised. They've been doing outfits only for 6+ years, you may have just as well expected Novak to wear lacoste shoes. They never cared about the huge demand for the...
  15. Zebrev

    Anyone else want to see a Djoko-erer match at Wimbledon.

    Last meeting between the two was Aussie Open 2016, so nearly 3 years ago. One of the most interesting dynamics of any match up, like watching the greatest ever playing a machine designed not to miss. Fascinating clash of styles and personality. Been too long since these two faced off, who else...
  16. pdizzy

    Kei Nishikori POST INJURY and NEW serve

    This was taken by me during Nishikori's semifinal and final matchup, showcasing his new platform serve and backhand POST INJURY. Semifinals against Jason Jung and Finals against Mackenzie McDonald at RBC Tennis Championships of Dallas challengers tournament. He is looking closer to his old self...
  17. N01E

    Djokovic gear

    Hi I'm currently searching for Djokovic uniqlo (jap size L both shirt and shorts) and ST (size M) gear.