us open 2018

  1. brian anderson

    Serena Williams

    joker by far has the worst post match crowd love maneuver. hand to his heart to each section of the stadium. makes me want to puke agassi’s was pretty lame too
  2. raph6

    What's wrong in Zverev's game ?

    I just watched the highlights of his match against Kohlschreiber and I don't understand why his game is not working. The guy has a monster backhand, an irregular but heavy forehand, a good serve etc... His game could be like Cilic's but him doesn't work. Do you have serious explanations ? I...
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    2018 USO 1R :- Roger Federer [2] v/s Yishito Nishioka

    Fed looking way off his form. Apart from serve, nothing is working. Can he stop the leakage of errors?? Would it be an easy one for him or some tough work?
  4. georgemccauley

    If Nadal gets to within two Grand Slams of Federer, will he inevitably overtake him?

    This Open could be a big tournament, if Rafa manages to win, and he's got a great chance of going deep with the draw he's had it'll be the first time ever he's within two grand slams of Roger. The way i see it, if it happens is one of two things: 1) Roger finds early 2017 form and wins another...