1. Tennis Sam

    UTR League Incentives

    I've been aware of UTR for a long time in the junior/college arena. Mostly the incentives there are for juniors to maximize their UTR so that they will get noticed by college coaches. There are all kinds of interesting things I've observed for kids doing to maximize their UTR. Some high level...
  2. CourtHive

    An Engine for Ratings and Rankings...

    An article which tries to put the current focus on ratings in perspective... https://medium.com/@TennisVisuals/eyes-on-court-8eb0209ca082
  3. Simon_the_furry

    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    UTR is a flawed system, and myutr is a poorly-designed website. This is why. Hear me out: High school matches cannot be recorded unless the ENTIRE TEAM is registered with UTR. This effectively means no high school matches ever get recorded. Casual club matches cannot get recorded either...