1. Rafa4LifeEver

    Move on to the Spain now

    Well, depsite the loss, Rafa's fitness level, fighting spirit, ballstriking (in a few patches) was great for a guy who hasn't played a competitive match in over 3 months. I see no negative vibes in this loss, all credits to the young Russian andrey rublev for taking it to nadal with massive...
  2. Rafa4LifeEver

    The 20 impossible to believe shots of Rafael Nadal the greatest warrior of tennis world

    Just found this video on YouTube. He had literally no business making any of those shots. Scary good from the God of clay. The incredible racquet head control, power, spin, precision, athleticism, footwork and anticipation this guy possesses are extra terrestrial.
  3. Boom-Boom

    Another moral victory for Nadal!!!

    After violating tennis rules on every single serve by taking wayyyy too much time, he now does it on the return (although the rules have it the returner has to be ready for the server) ...delays a Kyrgios first serve on match point which whould have been an ace in the third set TB in Acapulco...
  4. D


    There is only man we can rely on, one man we can count on to save tennis from an age of darkness and that man is Rafael Nadal. Many here don’t like him and I’m not too fond of him myself but I implore you to put your bias and fan agenda aside and think of the bigger picture. The Zedmonsters...
  5. D

    Zverev at 21 vs Nadal at 21

    Some people on here are hyping Zverev way too much so just wanted to put a little perspective on this thing. Slams won: Nadal: 3 Zverev: 0 Masters won: Nadal: 11 Zverev: 3 Slam QFs reached (or better): Nadal: 8 Zverev: 0 Zverev in this era is considered a booming young star but the truth is...