vapor x

  1. Devil_dog

    So I got a pair of Nike Air Zoom Prestige

    Thanks to Tennis Warehouse's sale price, I opted to buy and try a pair of the Nike Air Zoom Prestige. I'm an admittedly life-long Nike guy. My favorite tennis shoe for the last decade of playing has been the Nike Air Vapor 9/9.5s. I tried the Lunar Ballistecs but it never really felt right. But...
  2. H

    Nishikori’s Wimbledon Air Zoom Vapour X

    By some means or another my cousin has ended up with Nishikori’s Air Zoom Vapour Xs from Wimbledon this year and I was wondering if anyone could suggest how much they are worth and what the best way would be to go about selling them. Thanks in advance. I’m having trouble attaching an image of...
  3. T

    I need help picking a tennis shoe

    I need to buy a new tennis shoe and my options are: Nike Air Zoom Zero Nike Vapor X Nike Zoom Cage 3 Adidas Barricade Boost 2018 Asics Solution Speed FF What would you recommend?
  4. dr. godmode

    Dimitrov wearing RF Vapors

    what the heck
  5. eman11

    Federer new Vapor X not the true shoe

    There is no surprise here (only surprise is that it hasn't been brought up), but just wanted to say that the GOAT is still using his same outsole... which is good, hopefully (at least) one more GS in 2018. The outsole can be seen on the Perth YouTube video of Fed's practice from yesterday. Why...