1. E

    Nike players using special Court Vapor Pro shoes?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a new pair of tennis shoes, and I've been looking at the Nike Court Vapor Pro, because I mostly play on clay (I am from Argentina) and I need a shoe that has that rubber protection on the inner side, since my shoes always end up getting a hole in this part (see...
  2. M

    Nike Zoom Zero (ZZ) VS Nike Vapor Cage 4

    What are you experiences with these shoes and which do you prefer? I love the cushion of both just not sure which one to stick with....
  3. J

    Grigor Dimitrov Nike Vapor Pro Stock Shoes obtained (with pics)

    I've managed to get my hands on a pair of Dimitrov's custom Nike Vapor 9s grass court shoes from Queen 2019. They are a paint job of the Vapor Xs but he's using a custom version which are actually the Vapor 9s. Differences I can see are: - Carbon fibre shank (like Federer's) - Higher quality...
  4. Devil_dog

    So I got a pair of Nike Air Zoom Prestige

    Thanks to Tennis Warehouse's sale price, I opted to buy and try a pair of the Nike Air Zoom Prestige. I'm an admittedly life-long Nike guy. My favorite tennis shoe for the last decade of playing has been the Nike Air Vapor 9/9.5s. I tried the Lunar Ballistecs but it never really felt right. But...
  5. B

    Nike Vapor 9.5 - Vapor Advantage?

    Hello, I have been using vapor 9.5 for years, but unfortunately, I guess it is discountinued, so I cannot find shoes fitting my size anymore. Vapor Adv. looks same ( the width, design etc.) Anyone who used these two before? I heard cage and other new shoes are relatively narrow, and I don't...
  6. projectone7

    GOAT Nike Shoes?

    Takes a look at these beauts: Wonder when or if TW will have them.