vcore 95

  1. F

    vcore pro 97d VS vcore 95

    Hello, I was using the vcore 98 for a couple of years and I really liked the frame. Gives me good control and power but it's not great for volleying. Recently I bought the vcore pro 97d to try it out. I find it has great power and plow which I love. It's also better for volleys however I found...
  2. A

    What sounds like a smarter choice, VCore 95 or VCore Pro 97 (HD/Standard)?

    I've recently gotten back into the game, and have gotten into some racquetholism. After using the YouTek IG Radical MP, and then Graphene Prestige MP as a junior, I came back, and thought I'd look for something more powerful than the latter of these to get back into it. I demoed some racquets...
  3. Michael7

    Yonex Vcore 95 use with either Poly Tour Strike, Solinco Confidential, or Hybrid (Gut)

    Anyone try the Vcore 95 with either of these strings and have any advise/suggestions?
  4. bobeeto

    Will the Vcore 95 die?

    Is Denis Shapovalov’s switch to Ezone a sign of Vcore 95’s discontinuation? I’ve heard yes from some and no from others, what do you think?
  5. F

    Back into tennis after 20 years. Racket advice. Currently PD Swirly. Video inside!

    Hey guys, Just got back into playing after 20+ years (played from 9-16). Still rocking the Babolat Pure Drive Swirly. Returned in November, and well, as a gearhead, can't stop looking at racquets. Also, sometimes I'm getting some wrist pain after playing. I know, I'm 50lbs overweight, so that...
  6. Michael7

    Solinco Confidential vs Solinco Tour Bite

    Hello Everyone, I use Solinco Confidential 17 on my VCORE 95 but was wondering if others had any opinions on other strings close to that setup? How would Tour Bite fair when compared to Solinco Confidential? Any info would be great! Thanks
  7. P

    Yonex Vcore Tour G 310 vs Vcore 95 (2021 red/blue version)

    I originally played the Babolat Pure Storm LTD (black/yellow) for the longest time and switched to Prince Classic Graphite 100 to Babolat Pure Storm GT (10.4oz version) to Yonex Vcore Tour G 310. I play with all of them in stock forms. For me, all of them have 1 thing that I look forward, the...
  8. Znak

    Graphene 360+ Presitge MP/ Graphene 360+ Speed Pro/ VCore 95 '21

    Out of curiosity which is closest to the Blade v7 18x20? I've been reading that both Head racquets are similar to some degree to the Blade, but curious as to what characteristics they all share and which are the outliers. I'm aware of the TF40 being a direct comparison, more interested in other...
  9. pico

    Vcore 95 - backhand slice help!

    Hi all. I shift before a Gravity Pro and a Vcore 95. I have about 2g of lead at 12 on my Vcore 95 and my Gravity Pro is stock. I hit a way nicer, penetrating backhand slice with my Gravity Pro but can't get that with my Vcore 95. What can I do with the Vcore 95 (in terms of customization) to...
  10. pico

    Vcore 95 fave setups?

    Curious to know the string setups of other Vcore 95 users. Do share!
  11. A

    Yonex VCORE 95 vs Wilson PS97CV

    Hi All, I used to play a lot as a junior but its been a good 15 years since I played seriously. I’m trying to get back into it, and get my conditioning backup. I’m a 4.0/4.5 at this point. My goal is be 5.0 and start playing in 18-39 tournaments again. My last racquet as a junior was the Wilson...
  12. A

    Most similar racquet To exo3 tour 100 prince

    Hi i have a prince exo 3 tour 100 and i want a similar racquet with the same amount of effects and more stability in volleys, my play is baseliner with a semiwestern forehand and 2hbackand better than my forehand and im 15 years old and im 6.15 ft so i want a racquet that helps my serve so what...