vcore pro

  1. T

    Yonex Regna 100

    Is the Yonex Regna 100 similar to a Vcore pro and how much free power does it provide compared to other racquets e.g speed pro, Vcore pro 100?
  2. time410s

    Which Angell Frame Should I Get?

    I'm open to any of them from the 95 to the 101. Maybe leaning towards the 97 or 100. Seem to have a modern feel without being too "pure drive" like. Am I right in describing it that way? I like a racket with great access to spin and pretty good feel. I have an ezone 98+ that I mostly like minus...
  3. time410s

    Vcore Pro 97 (310) Is super plush

    I really enjoy it and it's a favorably balanced racket. I actually extended it half an inch before getting to know it but I love it as it is right now. If you aren't familiar with XTP buttcaps it's the easiest way to add length to your racket, which I did on my vcore pro. Really nice. Here's a...
  4. 10S-Junkie

    Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD vs Yonex Vcore Pro 97D

    Creating a separate thread for discussing/comparing these 2 specific racquets to A) provide information to current 97HD users that are considering switching to (or adding) the new 97D and B) to get feedback/opinions from others that have tried both. There has been some discussion already in the...
  5. G

    Switched from Babolat Pure Strike Tour G1 to Yonex VCore Pro 330

    I recently switched from the PS Tour G1 that I had been playing with for 3-4 years. Main reason behind the switch was I wanted more feel and was getting some unpleasant vibrations from the racquet. I switched strings, however, I didn't like the feel after trying several strings. I probably could...