1. M

    College 2024 Racket Search

    For the past four years I have used the Wilson Blade 98 v7, 18x20 with tour bite @53 and overall loved it and still love how it feels. However, as a now sophomore in college and a club tennis player (at a nationals qualifier I might add), I do not play as often as I was and am looking for a...
  2. I

    Question to PS97 v13 Owners

    Has anyone measured the strung SW of their racquet in stock (no customs) ? The SW of 321 on TW just doesn't make sense. I'd say maybe a typo and supposed to be 312 which sounds much more reasonable but it's not first time I see a measured SW on TW that seems too high ... Vcore98 was 325 which is...
  3. E

    Need help finding a racquet to switch to from my vcore pro 97 310 2021

    I'm looking to switch from my vcore pro 97 310 2021. I originally used the 2021 radical pro and switched to a few different racquets. Lately, I've been using the Vcore pro. I've found that it takes a lot of the spin that I produce on my forehands away and it's been killing my game. I like...
  4. D

    Ben Shelton new racquet for Wimbledon training

    Ben spent the first half of the year playing with an Ezone and PolyTour Rev. In this photo he has a darker racquet with a green string. Could be Vcore Pro with poly tour pro green?
  5. K

    Speed MP vs Ezone 98 vs Vcore 98(2023)

    Did somebody try all these racquets? I am thinking of selling my speed mp and change to a 98” Yonex Racquet. My level should be NTRP 4/4.5. Agressive Baseliner Gamestyle like Rybakina or Sabalenka. I m looking for a sort of upgrade of the speed mp which i feel a little bit unstable when i hit...
  6. Mosesdas

    Yonex 2023 Vcore 95 lead tape location recommendations?

    Hello! I just switched to the 2023 Yonex Vcore 95 and it plays pretty amazing. A racket that feels like an extension of my hand. Ground strokes are great and so much pop on the serve. The only thing that needs some fixes is the volley. It's not as stable on the volley thus I was going to put...
  7. Q

    2023 VCore condensed review thread

    With the main VCore 2023 thread getting extremely long, use this thread to help people parse reviews. Keep discussion only to posts in the TW playtest thread review format. I'll be getting my 98 in tomorrow to compare with the 2022 EZone 98. Include the following in your review: Which racquet...
  8. T

    Does the Yonex VCORE SV 98 come with a foam-filled handle?

    I recently purchased two Yonex VCORE SV98 racquets off of ****, the first one I got came with a foam-filled handle so I assumed that was stock. Then the second one I ordered has a hollow handle, I'm assuming the first one I got was customized by someone, and Yonex didn't just forget to put foam...
  9. bobeeto

    Caroline Garcia Racket?

    Anyone know her strings and specs?? based on photos it looks Like the 2018/2021 Vcore 100, But curious to see what specs she’s rocking.
  10. ChanTen

    Head Extreme Tour, Yonex Vcore 98/100, Head Radicals

    Hello fellow tennis players, Been using Radical S so far, and would like to go two ways to upgrade my racquets. Current like: Serve Power, Precision Current dislike: Stability, Sometime too powerful Option 1: Add lead tape to increase stability, less power, more control. Currently Radical...
  11. David Le

    2021 Yonex VCORE Limited Edition

    For those who loved the Galaxy Black colorway but love the 2021 VCs better, Yonex is coming out with ltd editions again but this time in a black/grey/volt colorway. The volt accents are where the blue was on the OG red colorway. At this time, it looks like only VC100 and 100L will be available...
  12. M

    Head prestige vs. Yonex vcore

    Which of these rackets do you guys prefer? Head graphene 360+ prestige MP or Yonex vcore 97 HD. I'm on the fence which one to buy.
  13. F

    Racquet tuning

    I have two racquets Yonex Vcore 98 tuned by a professional ATP stringer Their specs are now identical: <1g mass difference <0.1 cm balance difference I noticed that when I play with racquet #2 I do not play so well and I feel it's a tad less manouvreable. I could not believe that I am able to...
  14. J

    Vcore Pro 97 (2021) vs Vcore 98 (2021) vs Ezone 98 (2022)

    Hi All, It's my first post on the forums, even though I actively read a lot of stuff on here. So, I've been playing tennis for about 2 years - twice a week. For most of that time I've been using the Vcore Pro 100 alpha - this is essentially a takedown version of VCP 100 but made in china and is...
  15. F

    Hybrid stringing with Tecnifibre Triax and Yonex Poly Tour Air

    Hi, I would like to try this hybrid stringing and would appreciate some guidance before I waste too many meters of strings with experimenting. :) Which one should go on the mains and what tension shall I use? I would like to maximize spin&comfort. So far I played mostly with full bed of Yonex...
  16. T

    Yonex Regna 100

    Is the Yonex Regna 100 similar to a Vcore pro and how much free power does it provide compared to other racquets e.g speed pro, Vcore pro 100?
  17. time410s

    Which Angell Frame Should I Get?

    I'm open to any of them from the 95 to the 101. Maybe leaning towards the 97 or 100. Seem to have a modern feel without being too "pure drive" like. Am I right in describing it that way? I like a racket with great access to spin and pretty good feel. I have an ezone 98+ that I mostly like minus...
  18. 10S-Junkie

    Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD vs Yonex Vcore Pro 97D

    Creating a separate thread for discussing/comparing these 2 specific racquets to A) provide information to current 97HD users that are considering switching to (or adding) the new 97D and B) to get feedback/opinions from others that have tried both. There has been some discussion already in the...
  19. F

    L5 grip raquets

    Hello, I'm struggling to find raquets with grip size 5 where I live (Switzerland). Theoretically my hand would be size L6 but I gave up searching for that. I've tried to buy L4 and then add heat sleeve or replace base grip with the thickest I've found (Karakal X-Cel Gel) but there are at least...
  20. Michael7

    Solinco Confidential vs Solinco Tour Bite

    Hello Everyone, I use Solinco Confidential 17 on my VCORE 95 but was wondering if others had any opinions on other strings close to that setup? How would Tour Bite fair when compared to Solinco Confidential? Any info would be great! Thanks
  21. T

    Any similar feeling racquets to the old Yonex Vcore SV series?

    Hi, I'm looking for a racquet that is currently being produced that has a similar feel to the old Yonex Vcore SV series of racquets. I recently started playing with an old Yonex Vcore SV TEAM from 2017. It was the first racquet I ever bought, I restrung it and started playing it and found the...
  22. meametz

    Testing Feedback for: 360+ Speed MP, Yonex Vcore 98, Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310gr, Blade V7 98 18x20

    Hi All, I tested the above mentioned rackets for a week and would like to chime in with my feedback. All 3 were strung with Isospeed Black Fire at 25 kgs all around. For reference: i am a relatively new player. Been playing for around 2,5 years. Didn't have proper training other than videos...
  23. Babolix

    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    Hi. I wondered if some of you (or TW) have some news about a new Vcore line (maybe with VDM etc...) ? Could it be for 2020 or more 2021 ?
  24. F

    How racquet frame affects serve speed and spin

    Hi, I recently tested and compared the Tecnifibre TFight vs. Yonex Vcore both at 305g and 98 inches head size. Both racquets were tuned with the same amount of lead tape at 3 and 9. Both racquets had the same strings and tension and OG. I tested them the same day on the same indoor hard court...
  25. A

    From a prince tour 100t to a yonex racquet i need help

    Hi rigth now im using a prince exo3 tour team, i like a lot this racquet but i need a racquet with more weigth. Im looking for a yonex racquet that can give me a similar performance but more stable, pls can help me?. My playstyle is a baseliner game, i like To play 2-3 steps behind the baseline...
  26. Sardines

    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    Since it's no longer the Vcore SV, I thought the range of racquets deserve its own thread. The marketing text is now less numbers (like the SV 2.9% more spin with Aerofins etc) and just a big marketing statement of most spin friendly racquet ever! The Liner tech (like Wilson's parallel...
  27. VamosRafa69

    Modifying Vcore Pro 97 310

    I have recently switched to the vcore pro 97 and like it a lot. I find that it is slightly under powered at times. I have had trouble returning big serves with it. I was wondering if anybody has experience with this racquet and what modifications they have added. I am going to be adding a...
  28. TheBaumer

    Need string advice for 2 Yonex racquets

    I am fairly new to tennis and have tried a variety of different racquets over the past 18 months or so. I bought a gently-used Yonex Ezone AI 98 Lite and really liked it. So when I came across a mint condition Ezone AI 100 at a Play It Again Sports while on vacation, I picked that up and have...
  29. Yoneyama

    Compensating Balance for Fairway Leather

    Hi guys, First time poster here. I've recently started playing tennis again at 24 years after having 6 years off. I'm appreciating the technicalities more rather than just hitting a ball with whatever racquet. I bought a Yonex Vcore DuelG 310g and have been really enjoying how it plays. I...