1. G

    NRG2 vs Triax vs Head Velocity MLT

    Been doing a little bit of research, but have not found too much info on these three strings comparing them. I'm thinking about switching away from RPM (becoming too stiff for me) to either a hybrid with a multi or full bed of a multi. In your experience, what are the pros, cons and comparison...
  2. liftordie

    Velocity/poly hybrid for CLAY spin player

    Anyone is playing with hybrid V/poly on clay with a strong spin game? Does it last long? What cross are you using?
  3. C

    Strings becoming stiffer after (some) play?

    I've noticed this with the poly strings I have used but what about multis and synthetic gut? I strung my Ultra Tour with some Gosen AK Pro CX 16G at 23kg and for the first three hours of play it was very nice, but after the 3hr mark the sweet spot started to get smaller and smaller and the...
  4. Zardoz7/12

    When will Federer & Nadal terminally decline? as in finito, no more winning slams.

    These two have defied being written off, they've been written off more times than Superman, Batman and Spiderman put together, written off more times than John Cena, Incredible Hulk and even Hulk Hogan. How far in time do we have to go back in Men's tennis where two players in their 30s dominate...