venus williams

  1. Enceladus

    Venus Williams should quit

    Federer's announcement of his retirement from profesional tennis yesterday is a gauntlet thrown down for the older of the Williams sisters, who is a year older than Fed. Venus has been uncompetitive for several years, repeatedly losing in the 1st rounds. If she were to focus on doubles, it would...
  2. D

    King Richard - Official Trailer

    "Venus and Serena are gonna shake up this world." - Richard Dove Williams Jr. believe
  3. puppybutts

    Who was/is better? Venus at 40, or Kimiko at 40?

    Kimiko Date was about 40 years old during this match. Venus is 40 now. It's amazing looking back how freely Date was still running around. It's also crazy to think of Venus as the young opponent in that match, but she was already about 30.
  4. J

    Producing a Professional Tennis Player despite the extensive amount of money.

    Hi Everyone, I'm a junior tennis player who wants to play on the pro tour but unfortunately, due to the extensive amount of money that goes into producing a professional tennis athlete, I'm unable to afford high performance training - especially in Oceania, and particularly in Europe where most...
  5. MichaelNadal

    Happy Birthday Venus :)

    Well it's here, she's officially 40 today. Queen. Legend :cool:
  6. Enceladus

    Serena Williams withdraws from Rome with injured knee

  7. wferdinand

    Williams sisters config: big headsize compared high tension

    Hello guys! I do not understand the reason about Williams sisters configuration. Blade 104 around 66 lbs (30kg) A big headsize racquet delivers much higher power and worser control. High tension gives lower power and better control. What can give this config, which better than a smaller, 98-100...