1. S

    Returning player looking for feedback on my 2hbh (video)

    Hi all, I used to play tennis 2-3x a week growing up as a kid, it's about 10 years later and I'm trying to get back into it. Picked up a babolat pure drive and been hitting with my partner (she's much better than me) a few times a week for the last month. Having some trouble getting the...
  2. Pitti

    Can you recommend me some technique videos to regain basic technique?

    Hi. I've been out of tennis for a decade, and I've been playing again a bit (once/twice a week) during last year. I've lost some technique. Can anyone recommend me some series of videos to improve my current technique and my footwork, so I can regain a bit of it? Additional info: I play with...
  3. E

    Tennis matches and tennis serves videos data-sets

    Where can I find tennis matches or serves videos datasets?
  4. E

    Tennis matches and tennis serves videos data-sets

    Where can I find Tennis matches or Tennis serves videos datasets?
  5. E

    Tennis matches and tennis serves videos data-sets

    Where can I find Tennis matches or tennis serves videos datasets?
  6. HetTheGreaterer

    Strokes of Genius :- Roger Federer...

    Just got over with my daily workout and found this video on YouTube via random swipes and clicks... One of the best yet not famous fed interview.. He talks about his game development all the way from childhood onwards... About his thoughts on his game, what he thinks has made impact on his game...
  7. Znak

    Functional Tennis Workouts

    Looking if any of you have any reccos for functional tennis workouts at the gym (or outdoors), with/without weights, resistance bands and medicine balls. Any videos of pros doing specific workouts would be a big plus! Thanks!
  8. Yoeri Tennis II

    Rarest Federer video on Youtube! Finally we get to see this footage

    From the lost and found section! Holy crap this is RARE! All credit goes to TGM Tennis for providing the full match - Holy Grail of Secret Federer Matches - This beauty, among some of the other Federer match highlights, are part of the Swiss Maestro's tennis' version of the lost city of...
  9. Pctopcool

    Three months later, any progression on my serve (videos)?

    Three months ago, I posted a video on this forum, seeking advice on my serve (link). I got tons of great tips as well as well as kind words that helped and motivated me to work on that. I want to first say thank you to everyone who has helped me! Since then, I have been practicing serve...
  10. Pctopcool

    Newbie seeking advice on serve (with video)

    Hi there, This is my second "newbie seeking advice" post here. From my first post, I received tons of great advice and encouragement that helped my game a lot. So, hopefully I can get some feedback again this time. I started playing tennis last fall, and am recently focusing on my serve. As a...
  11. pdizzy


    Anyone use youtube to document their tennis game? Comment with your channel and I'll subscribe (with a subscription back!)
  12. N

    Interviews, tweets & Other congratulatory social media - Post here

    There is nothing more enjoyable for me as a RF fan than to view his post-match interviews, congratulatory tweets from other players and sports etc after a big match win like this. I’m sure thats thr case for other fans as well. Can we collect all such artifacts here in one place please. I know...
  13. O

    Filming your match

    I'm curious, as a player, how many of you film your match (or training)? Why or why not? What do you do with those videos? What is preventing you from filming more?
  14. TWE Staff

    VIDEO RECENSIONE in lingua ITALIANA della nuova Yonex EZONE 98 305g!

    Scopri la video RECENSIONE della racchetta Yonex EZONE 98 305g. Potete leggere la recensione, vedere il video o ordinare la racchetta in prova qui:
  15. K

    video coaching

    Hi everyone, Winter is coming in my area and coaching costs much more because of court fees. Has anyone tried a service where you video tape yourself playing and then submit it to a coach in order to point out how you can improve technique? I saw a couple websites that offer this and was...
  16. Liam Grennon

    Babolat Pure Drive Review ( Video)

    Hey All! Our GoPro Died and we didn't see until the tiebreak so we only got a couple of game's unfortunately on video. So the review will be from both Ethan (Lighter Blue shirt not serving first) and me Liam (Dark Blue shirt serving first ) Let's do some background first SORRY FOR BAD VIDEO...
  17. snahzje

    Serve Practice Video - 3.5

    Hi Everyone, Some new tennis courts were built just across the street from my company office so I took the chance to finally practice serves and record it during a ~45 minute break around lunch time. Background on me: 4 years of high school tennis, 2 years of varsity. Took a long ~12 year...
  18. projectone7

    Thoughts on his Forehand?

    Thoughts on this college player's forehand?
  19. H

    Can't hit flat serve

    Hello, some time lurker here. I decided to ask help here, because my serve is not progressing. My serve has always been rather weak. I never had a real flat serve. Its basically always some kind of dink inside. However, I can hit this crazy slow sidespin serve. Demonstrated in the...