1. M

    Closest racquet to Volkl V Feel 8 300g?

    Hi, I’m looking to update my Volkl racquet and really have liked my V feel 8 (300 g). I am a 3.5/-approaching 4.0 player that plays adult competitive league - both singles and doubles. Any suggestions in the newer Volkl line up ? Thanks.
  2. C

    Volkl V-Pro users

    Anyone else use this string and think it's a pretty good all around string. I've used the 17 and 18 guages in closed and open pattern racquets and really enjoyed it. It's a round poly, I consider it on the softer but not soft-powerful side of polys. Comfortable but with good feel, good tension...
  3. DeeeFoo

    Which tacky grip is the most absorbent?

    So I usually use Tourna Grip during hotter months because my hands sweat, but I will use a tacky overgrip during colder months because I like how they feel. My hands still sweat during colder months, but not enough to the point where Tourna Grip is required. But still kinda sweaty. Are there any...
  4. C

    Volkl V Cell V1 Pro

    Hey This new model version will soon be availble from Volkl. I see that it's already available on TW US... (nothing on the European website yet!!? Does any of you have any experience with this stick?? Looks like its a bit more manouvrable that the former version... Would be really interested...
  5. time410s

    Something better than Tourna Grip?

    I use Volkl V-Dry and find it to offer what tourna does but in a much more premium package and maybe 5x the durability. Easier to install. Does anyone else swear by this stuff? I would love to know what your favorite dry grip is if you use them regularly. Tell me a bit about your climate too...
  6. V

    Volkl Grand Prix

    Hello, just bought a rare and hard to find frame - Volkl Grand Prix. Maybe anyone have any info about it. It looks 27in long, L2 handle, will weigh it later. Maybe someone knows head size?
  7. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    racquet reviews: http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/ultimate-racquet-of-choice-tournament-players-and-or-coaches.705277/ say hello on IG ! (y) @dandan.tennis total number of strings: 72 Group A (round profile): 1. Tecnifibre Ice Code 1.30-6.9 2. Luxilon Original 1.30-7.3 3...
  8. S

    Prince vs Volkl

    TW is playing favorites. I am a Volkl user and fan and am concerned that the brand is not being given the proper attention by TW. Volkl currently has 20 new racquets, the bulk of which are in the VFeel line. Only 6 of the new racquets have published reviews appearing on the website although more...
  9. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse: Volkl V-Feel V1 Playtest

    Applicant period is now closed. Selected playtesters will be notified in the next few days. Attention Talk Tennis Members: We have a VERY Limited number of Volkl V-Feel V1 Pro, V1 MP & V1 OS racquets for a playtest. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT...
  10. R

    Volkl V-Sense 325g - Stiff Racquet?

    I bought this raquet because I thought Volkl makes Arm-Friendly racquet and Flex rate 63 and balance 7pts and 325g weight seems enough to ensure Arm-Friendliness, but/// I dunno. I can't say 100% sure, because I was playing with more than a slight sore tendon... Considering stringing it with...
  11. liftordie

    Pro's Pro Synthetic VS Volkl Classic Synthetic Gut

    Volkl Classic Synthetic Gut 16 and Pro's Pro Synthetic 16... Similar snapback, power and durability/tension maintenance?
  12. J

    V1 Classic vs V1 Midplus

    Well, I finally demoed a few racquets and to my surprise the Volkl V1 Classic was my favorite out of the bunch. The head was the perfect size and shape, extremely comfortable yet responsive, good control. That being said is there any real difference between the Classic and the Midplus? As far is...
  13. d-quik

    what does the "Quantum 10 Tour" play like?

    A search of the forum yields some conflicting results, i assume tehre were other frames with DISGUSTINGLY similar nomenclature but i am talking about this one specifically...
  14. T

    What Gauge of Hyper G and Cyclone?

    I love Hyper G and Cyclone. Just want to see what gauge of Hyper G and Cyclone is the most popular! Vote if you want to know.
  15. A

    Opinion - Most stable 11 oz racquet

    Wanted your guys' opinion on what you think is the most stable, comfortable, control-oriented, but still powerful 11 oz racquet in the market?
  16. Simon_the_furry

    Soft, spin-friendly hybrid setups for Yonex EZONE Ai 98?

    I'm looking for some new setups to try. My last setup was Wilson Revolve 16 in the mains and Gosen Laytex Touch 16 in the crosses, at 52 and 48 pounds respectively. It made my arm sore, though. I'd like a nice set with ample spin and a plush feel. I liked Isospeed Cream a lot when I tried it...
  17. J

    Anyone know when Volkl plans to release the next line of rackets (past the V-Sense line)

    Looking to buy a new racket from Volkl, but wondering if they plan to release a new line of rackets soon or not. I am not sure when the V-Sense line came out, but I think it was a while ago. Anyone have insight as to how often Volkl comes out with new rackets ? If so, what are the updates ...
  18. J

    Comparing a Volkl V-Sense V1 Pro and Volkl V-Sense 8 (300g) ?

    Anyone have any personal comparisions between these two ? Power, Spin, Comfort, Control ?? Am using a V1 Pro today, but wondering if a switch may help. Thanks
  19. Hunter Rice

    Best Racquet Company

    Please vote for your favorite racquet company and tell us why that company is the best!
  20. Moosch

    Does String Color Play A Difference In Cyclone?

    Most gauges for Cyclone have the option of black, orange, and yellow (Looks like 18g is the only one with pink). Has anyone tested out multiple string colors and noticed any difference in playability? Is control affected? Any difference in spin? Play duration? Also, are there any other big...
  21. Babolix

    Tecnifibre Black Code Fire / Lemon

    Is there one guy that tested the new Black Code Fire or Lime ? I heard the Fire would be like the Volkl orange Cyclone (that I prefer to the black one) and the lime like a Revolve spin green. Some reviews would be welcome !
  22. S

    ATTN: Volkl Experts

    Hi Guys, I really need a second Pb 10 Mid 93. I have the yellow & black one. I can't seem to find anyone with a yellow black one in the right grip size. 4 3/8. However, I found one guy who has a black one. Do you know how close the specs are for the all black one? Below are the specs I found...
  23. Christian Olsson

    Modification / matching Völkl racquets

    Hello fellow TT nuts! As you might or not know by now I'm very fond of the 10 series Volkl racquets, got the Super G 295 myself. I think I've gone through what can be done. Since they have the dampening pin in the handle many think that it's impossible to mod inside the handle. But that's...
  24. T

    New Volkl Tennis Bags

    Hi, Just wondering when you will have the new range of Volkl Tennis Bags in stock? Regards,