1. HetTheGreaterer

    Wawrinka had higher peak at RG than nasal

    Djok beat nad (peakiest) at rg15 Wawr beat fed (peaking) & djok (ultronly peaking) So wawr > nadl at RG, no??? Disgust
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    Will wawa-mury ever come back to top 20??

    I doubt it, really... If they can not recover till 2019 season, I will be giving up on them Edit :-some poll options ha ve spelling mistake, *confusex* instead of *confused*, and *oy* instead of *only*
  3. ak24alive

    Stan the man is back

    Stan the man will be back at Madrid Open. Now this is one man I have faith in. Who do you find solace in these difficult times? This desert of clay is thirsty for a shower of Swiss Milk and as the mighty Fed is serving the third world in Africa the universe now demands his brother to stand up to...
  4. Yoeri Tennis II

    Best Nadal points in GS finals that he lost..

    This is a mighty fine collection of points that show Nadal's fighting spirit even at the brink of losing. This is what it takes to beat Nadal at the tail end of a slam! Nuff said!
  5. Kylo Reed

    Could Wawrinka Shorten His Take-back?

    First and foremost, I am a huge admirer of Wawrinka's one-handed backhand. If his ability on his backhand side does not astonish you enough yet, look no further than: However, I am also an avid student of the game who is always looking for knowledge to improve my game. So, I would love to...
  6. J

    Great to see Djokovic back on court (Wawrinka too)

    Donald Young is Djokovic's opponent, he's completely off today (He has a solid game when on) and Djokovic is treating this so far as a practice session. I don't think it'll be too long till we see Djokovic back in the top ten if his elbow issue is maintained. Wawrinka's groundies are really...
  7. -NN-

    Have Murray and Wawrinka won their last Slams?

    There are some poll options and you can select one option (though the vote can be changed).
  8. -NN-

    Who predicted Stan Wawrinka's success?

    Out with it.
  9. Yoneyama

    The 'Sound' of Wawrinka's shots

    So I have been depressed lately due to the lack of Stan on the scene and have been watching lots of highlight videos on youtube. Something that has become apparent is the unique sound of Wawrinka's shots compared to almost all other pros. Wawrinka's shots have a kind of smooth whistle to them...
  10. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats - Wawrinka [3] vs. Nadal [4] - FO 2017 F

    Cumulative stats for first 6 rounds. Nadal is better in every way that I tried to cut the data /thread @Meles @icedevil0289 @Gary Duane @Chanwan @Sysyphus @Red Rick
  11. TheMaestro1990

    The one-handers are Rafa's biggest threat at RG

    Think about it: Djokovic has just fired his entire team (except guru Pepe) and we have no idea how that will turn out, even though many on this board believe that his poor form so far in 2017 will continue. It's very unclear in what shape Djokovic will come into RG. Murray hasn't been playing...
  12. Backspin1183

    The current top 5: Is it the oldest ever?

    The current top 5 on the men's tour: 1. Andy Murray (29), 30 next month. 2. Novak Djokovic (29), 30 next month. 3. Stanislas Wawrinka (32). 4. Roger Federer (35), will be 36 in August. 5. Rafael Nadal (30), will be 31 in June.
  13. Paullaconte1

    NO ENVY, JUST FRIENDS. Why I liked growing behind Federer. WAWRINKA

    Very nice interview fro the man. People tend not to take him much in consideration even if he has 3 slams and 1 ATP1000 under his belt. http://tennistonic.com/tennis-news/?nid=9014&/Why-I-liked-growing-behind-Federer.-WAWRINKA
  14. -NN-

    "...maybe even tougher than a Grand Slam." - R.Federer

    Federer says that winning a Masters 1000 might be harder than winning all four Majors in one year.
  15. TripleATeam

    First slam to not be won by the Big Four or Wawrinka?

    Just state which you think will be the breakthrough for the next generation. Add the year and player you believe will accomplish it.
  16. J

    After Federer and Nadal upset odds in Australia, who will win the French Open?

    https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/esp-french-open-men-federer-nadal-upset-odds-australia-072633699--ten.html After Roger Federer’s shock win at the Australian Open – five years after his previous major title – the top of the men’s game seems to be in a state of flux. Remember folks this is a...
  17. Wilhelm

    Pierre is the man

    Time has come to honor one of the most influential people in Roger Federer's career. This slam (AO 2017) belongs to the absentee master of building robust long-term physical condition. Pierre Paganini is a humble guy, always shy to speak to the media, rarely present in the box and never one to...
  18. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats in AO17- Fed [17] vs. Wawrinka [4] - SF

    Ran the numbers for Fed vs. Stan through the AO SFs. Fed better overall, vs. stronger opponents. running less per point, and overall hitting more winners facing BPs in fewer games and getting broken fewer times seeing BPs more often, and winning more of them Let's see how it plays out!
  19. Backspin1183

    Australian Open 2017 draw

    Please post the AO draw on this thread. It would save us time not having to go through several pages of the general AO 2017 discussion thread. Thank you.
  20. InsideOut900

    Anyone who remembers this match?

    Found extended highlights of it on a dude's channel. Young Mugray vs. pre-prime Stanimal. First set was rather mediocre from Murray(lost it 6-2),but afterwards the match was great,much better than you would expect from this match-up around that time. Dunno if I should call it a rare gem,but a...