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  1. Zardoz7/12

    Are we entering a version of the 2001-2003 ATP Era?

    In 2001-2003 there was a vacuum because the Sampras era was over and Hewitt, Gustavo Kuerten and the veteran Agassi among others picked up the pieces somewhat until Federer's ascension to the top, during this period of time there were surprises winning or making finals of high level tournaments...
  2. AnOctorokForDinner

    2011-15 Federer vs 2017-21 Djokovic in slams by level of play

    Performances worth considering: AO: Federer 2011, 12, 13; Djokovic 2019, 20, 21 RG: Federer 2011, 12, 15; Djokovic 2019, 20, 21 WB: Federer 2012, 14, 15; Djokovic 2018, 19, 21 USO: Federer 2011, 15; Djokovic 2018, 21 Ordering by level: AO: Djo 19 > Fed 11/12 = Djo 21 > Djo 20 > Fed 13 RG...
  3. AnOctorokForDinner

    Higher level clay season?

    2008 Federer: Estoril W (Davydenko), MC F (Nadal), Rome QF (Stepanek), Hamburg F (Nadal), RG F (destroyed by Nadal) 2021 Nadal: Barcelona W (Tsitsipas), MC QF (Rublev), Madrid QF (Zverev), Rome W (Djokovic), RG SF (Djokovic)
  4. AnOctorokForDinner

    Better hardcourt player in 2011?

    Nadal: AO QF, USO F, 2 masters finals, YEC RR, 0 titles Murray: AO F, USO SF, 2 masters titles, YEC RR, a 500 & a 250 title However, Nadal leads HC Slam H2H for the season 1-0. What it tells us?
  5. D


    http://www.tennisabstract.com/blog/2020/10/12/not-all-twenties-are-created-equal/ 1. Read it entirely. 2. Discuss/ Disgust 3. I do not agree with the article, but I do love me some hot takes.
  6. AnOctorokForDinner

    Tougher competition: prime Federer at Wimbledon or prime Djokovic at the AO?

    08 Djokovic added to make it 7=7, given that he did play at a prime level then. Fedr relevant comp: Wim 03 - Roddick, Philippoussis Wim 04 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 05 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 06 - Ancic, Nadal Wim 07 - Ferrero, Nadal Wim 08 - Nadal Wim 09 - Söderling, Roddick Djovk relevant comp...
  7. D

    Zverev at 21 vs Nadal at 21

    Some people on here are hyping Zverev way too much so just wanted to put a little perspective on this thing. Slams won: Nadal: 3 Zverev: 0 Masters won: Nadal: 11 Zverev: 3 Slam QFs reached (or better): Nadal: 8 Zverev: 0 Zverev in this era is considered a booming young star but the truth is...
  8. robthai

    If Feds peak years coincided with these next gen losers

    If Fed faced peak Nadal and Djokovic during his peak years, but then as he declines and has to deal with these next gen losers the same way Nadal and Djokovic have once they got olded. What would be his slam count? Would it be less or more than 20?
  9. Bender

    ATP World Tour Finals to stay in London till 2020 under new sponsor.

    RIP Nadal's prospects of a title. Updated Link: http://www.atpworldtour.com/en/news/nitto-atp-finals-in-london-through-2020