1. NRMM

    Strings weight

    Hi guys, I was trying to find information on strings weight, a sort of database, list etc - is that information available anywhere? Cheers
  2. Y

    How are light version of racquets made?

    are light versions of racquets made by putting less carbon fibre material all across the racquet, or are both light and normal versions the same amount of material, but the normal version has extra weights placed in different areas? If they have different amounts of carbon fibre, will it not...
  3. pico

    Why is my RF97 weighing 365g?

    Hey guys. I was gifted a 2015 RF97. I recently weighed it and was surprised to see it weigh 365g. It has a Head Hydrosorb Pro grip with an overgrip and is strung with 17g poly. There doesnt seem to be any lead on it. I havent checked under the butt cap. I have a black RF97 with a similar setup...
  4. J

    Question on the Prince Phantom Pro 100P and weight variation

    hi all - hoping to leverage the forum to figure out a weight differential in a couple of PPP100P’s I picked up recently. I bought one through TW when they were on sale a month or two ago and liked it, so picked up another gently used racquet on the Bay. The one i got through TW is strung up...
  5. TheLambsheadrep

    Adding mass in the handle - best method for feel?

    While there are multiple ways to add mass in the handle in order to make a racquet heavier and more lead light, in your opinion which method leads to the best resulting feel?
  6. M

    Racquet specification weight and grip sizes

    How do manufacturers maintain a racquet's specification weight when the racquet comes in different grip sizes? With bigger grip sizes, there is more material and hence mass at the handle. So to maintain a given specification weight as grip size goes bigger, something has got to give, but what...
  7. F

    Best option to increase grip size (+1) while preserving bevel feeling and not adding too much weight

    If you had to increase your grip by one size, what method would you chose? Assume your goal is also to keep the original bevel feeling (avoid rounding it too much) and keep the additional weight as low as possible.
  8. A

    Increasing weight on GT Speed S so it will be more like GXT Prestige MP

    Hello all, So, pretty much what's on the title. I have two "very different" rackets (Graphene XT Prestige MP and Graphene Touch Speed S) and I would like to make the Speed S a little bit heavier. A little background... I tried a demo of the GXT Prestige S and I quite enjoyed it - despite not...
  9. Znak

    Functional Tennis Workouts

    Looking if any of you have any reccos for functional tennis workouts at the gym (or outdoors), with/without weights, resistance bands and medicine balls. Any videos of pros doing specific workouts would be a big plus! Thanks!
  10. J

    Pro Staff 97 black countervail weight

    Hi, could someone with the PS97cv help me confirm the weight of the racket? I found 2 different weights on TW... One said 332 grams and the other 327 grams. I got an used racket and it came at 332 grams with the overgrip (probably around 326-327 without the over) . Do I have one on the lower...
  11. R

    Should I Increase Racket Weight

    I currently have a stock PS90 Blx so that should be about 357g. It's really easy to swing for me (idk why people say it's heavy), so should I increase weight just because I can? Is it better to weigh up the racket as much as you comfortably can, or is there a better strategy to choosing racket...
  12. SoccerGuy

    Sock Raquet Specs?

    Rewatching his Laver Cup highlights, wow does Sock get some raquet head speed. Anyone know how he has his raquet customized?
  13. F

    How much change the balance adding weight to the buttcap?

    Hi people, I've a Blade 18x20 with balance at 33,7 cm and I wanna change it to 32,5 cm to increase a little the maneubravility and make a more "arm friendly" balance...how much weight I need to add? Or how much grams are needed to change the balance one point or cm?
  14. G

    Starting Strength for Tennis?

    I'm a high school tennis player for a competitive high school and I've been looking for every advantage I can add to my game of the court. Recently, I started following the starting strength program (which consists of compound lifting exercises like squats, deadlifts, OHP, etc). Then I read an...
  15. S

    Advice on racquet setup - AI98 customized

    I've been playing with my Yonex AI98s for about two years now. I really like my racquets and am in no position to switch to anything newer/different at the moment. That said, after I first bought them, I customized them. I haven't revisited the topic since then however now I am trying to fix...
  16. Christian Olsson

    Modification / matching Völkl racquets

    Hello fellow TT nuts! As you might or not know by now I'm very fond of the 10 series Volkl racquets, got the Super G 295 myself. I think I've gone through what can be done. Since they have the dampening pin in the handle many think that it's impossible to mod inside the handle. But that's...