western grip

  1. Martves613

    Is my racquet angle too open?

    Hello everyone, COVID is on strike here in Czech Republic so we have full state lockdown for almost 2 moths already. And as it seems, it won´t get better till next month or so. Every non-pro sport activities are banned right now (tennis included), facilities for indoor tennis are closed due to...
  2. S

    Full Western Grip for OHB?

    I switched to a one-handed backhand a few months ago. I never really paid much attention to my grip before, I started off with a loopy swing which had too much spin but now I swing with quite a linear motion, and the result has been a slightly inconsistent but moderately powerful and quite...
  3. LaZeR

    Eastern Forehand Grip Officially Dead and (Semi)/Western KING??

    EDIT: this thread is dedicated to fans of Semi/Western forehand grips so if you're not please don't troll. Thank You! This doesn't apply given the Borg/McEnroe/Connors era, or prior to Sampras/Federer, but given recent advances in tennis in general, is an Eastern Forehand Grip now approaching...
  4. LaZeR

    Extreme Western Grip

    EDIT > changing the OP coz this thread is more about NOT watching the ball on follow through which combined with Western could destroy her arm! :cool:
  5. pico

    Anyone use this one hand backhand grip...

    I think this is a Western grip or maybe more extreme even but I was just wondering if anyone uses this grip? I seem to like it lately. I used to play with an Eastern bh grip but switched to this now. I get way more topspin.
  6. Raf.spin

    [Video] Western grip too extreme

    My first coach had an extreme forehand grip and he taught me the same style. Ever since I've been unable to change it, it has been many years. I find my grip a bit too extreme. Any ideas on how to change it? Everytime I try, I hit very hit balls without control. An ideal forehand grip for me...