wide toebox

  1. E

    Best Wide Toe Box - Stiff Shoes for Hallux Rigidus / Big Toe Arthritis?

    Hi all, Many years back I injured my big toe badly in a tennis tournament. :cry: It healed but then grew spurs and my cartilage diminished. I now have stage 4 arthritis in the big toe, so I live with it until I decide if/when to have fusion surgery. Because of course, I am not going to stop...
  2. D

    Recommendations for narrow heel + medium/wide toe box?

    Can anyone recommend the best recent, available shoes you've tried for relatively narrow heels but a medium/wide toe box (width wise)? I find many shoes are unstable in the heel area and my feet tend to move around at the back. However, if I go down size(s), the toe box becomes far too tight...
  3. Isca

    Wide foot woes... any shoe with bigger toebox than Babolat SFX3?

    Hi all, this is my first post here and I hope you knowledgeable folk will be able to help me! I have been trying to find a pair of tennis shoes that will fit my duck feet. For years I've crammed my feet into whatever and gone up a size or two, but it's never really been satisfactory. I've...