wilson blade

  1. R

    Which Wilson Blade?

    I'm trying to decide which Wilson Blade to get. I demoed the v8 16x19 and enjoyed it, although it felt heavier than what I usually use. I think I'd get used to the weight quickly though. I've heard good things about the 18x20 models and the v5, so I'm considering those. I've also demoed the Head...
  2. R

    Wilson Clash 100 v2 vs Wilson blade 100 v14

    Hi guys. I coach a Wilson sponsored player and they have to choose between these 2 sticks. Anyone that have tried both that can give some feedback? She is currently playing with the Clash 100 v1.
  3. M

    Comparison wilson Blade 100 vs 101 square inches

    I cant see a difference, the 101 (left) it is supposed to be bigger but the Blade 100 (right) is bigger and roundier shape ? Im I blind ???
  4. C

    Describe the Blade V8 feel (POLL!!)

    Hit with the Blade V8 (18x20) awhile back when it came out, struck me as a little, what I'd call, "muted." For me that means it felt like I didn't always know where on the stringbed I was hitting the ball. I am going to demo this racquet again soon, in the mean time.. How would you describe the...
  5. irarbnc

    Help - switching to lighter Racquet 290

    Hi! I play tennis for the past 6 years, and so far I have been using Prince Textreme 100 P (305G). I have been having control issues and my wrist starts to "flap" after an hour, so I would like to change to a lighter racquet, 285-290. I am looking between Wilson Blade (V8 or old?) - vs Yonex...
  6. Vincent Wang-Bouchard

    New Wilson Blade 2021 Unique Color-changing Paintjob Spotted?

    Hey Y'all, I saw around that there is a new Wilson blade generation coming out soon from a few college tennis players hitting them around! Apparently, there's a really "unique" new paint job with the new blades that change color from a brownish to a greenish shimmer when moved around sort of...
  7. Andy Wang

    Wilson blade pro 16x19 grommets

    Not sure if this is a dumb question but can the regular blade 98 V7 16x19 grommets be used for the blade pro labs 16x19?
  8. Vincent Wang-Bouchard

    New 2019 Wilson Blades (release date included + new tech)

    So as you all know the Blade is due for its refresh, however I can happily say that Wilson has gone in to make minor and major changes to the stick for overall better ergonomics and hitting. The new blade will release in about a month (Aug 15th) A lot of people are trying to sell out the...
  9. 25-TENNIS

    Armfriendly replacement of Blade?

    Hi, I have some shoulder problems and I'm looking for an armfriendlier replacement ofy Wilson Blade 98UL & 98L. So it has to be lighter than 300g/10.6oz and a 95-100 sq. inch headsize. Which racket do you recommend?
  10. Rozzdawg

    Racquet Change advice

    Hi, first post on here so I hope I'm posting in the right section. I'm a college player and I play with the Head Radical MP (16x19), but recently tested a Wilson Blade 18x20. I have very loopy topspin groundstrokes, so I have never had a good relationship with 18x20 patterns, but really...
  11. donnayblack99

    Handle vibration with the new Blade 98 CV

    Just picked up 3 new CV Blade 98 18x20s. I'm getting a heavy vibration from one in the handle. The other two are ok. I've popped the handle and looked at the grip and frame. No cracks, nothing out of the ordinary. All three look and feel the same... everything seems to be in order. Any...
  12. M

    Alternatives for a racquet that is no longer made

    Hi guys, I recently got the opportunity to hit with a friends racquet. It was a Head Radical Mp 18x20. I think it was from 2013, and as such it has been discontinued. I really clicked with that racquet. I felt totally in control with placement, and didn't feel like I needed to hold back on...