wilson pro staff v13

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    Wilson Pro Staff 97L V13

    Hello! I want to buy this used Wilson Pro Staff 97L V13 and I would like you to tell me if it is legit. It has a fairly low price compared to the rest on the market and raised a question mark for me if it is legit or not. Thank you! Here are link for photos.
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    Question to PS97 v13 Owners

    Has anyone measured the strung SW of their racquet in stock (no customs) ? The SW of 321 on TW just doesn't make sense. I'd say maybe a typo and supposed to be 312 which sounds much more reasonable but it's not first time I see a measured SW on TW that seems too high ... Vcore98 was 325 which is...
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    Looking for a Pro Staff Six.One 95 V13 Grip Size 3

    I am trying to purchase this racquet but unfortunately, I am located in Canada and Wilson does not ship there. If anyone has this racquet please reach out to me as I am interested in purchasing it!
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    Recommended string for Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13?

    I am getting a Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13. What are the string recommendations to get the most out of this frame and at what tension? I demo-ed it with Wilson NXT @ 55lbs but wasn't completely convinced. I have previously been playing with Head Sonic pro @ 50 lbs. Would love to hear what works for...
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    Diary of a Demo: Thoughts and Comparisons

    I'm new to the forums, but I've really appreciated all the detailed thoughts that people share about racquets, strings, etc. It's my favorite part of the forums. This week I'm demoing racquets, and I thought I'd post my results. May they help future researchers the way so many folks here have...