1. T

    Wilson Blade 98 BLX 18 X 20 Grommets

    Hi All, I have two Wilson Blade 98 BLXs (18 x 20) that are really torn up and am struggling to find much-needed replacement grommet and head guard kits online. This would be the 2011 series (black and gold paint job - this). I believe the part I need is WRG706100, which is widely unavailable...
  2. P

    FS: Wilson Clash 100 V2 Noir 4 3/8

    post deleted and moved to proper forum. thanks!
  3. Kalugin

    Wilson H22 puzzle

    Entertaining riddle for TT Wilson gurus. This is Wilson H22 16/19 in (K) Blade paintjob. Extended lenght - 69,5 cm (XL)! Wilson code for this model is GR187 (on pallets). Lead tape under bumper guard and something metal in epoxy in the handle. I was told that this is personal Pro Stock racket...
  4. A

    Wilson Steam 100, Blade 98 glossy paintjob | review

    After playing 2 brand new Steam 100, Blade 98 glossy paintjob, for almost a year. I can have a feedback. I strung the racquet with Luxilon Alu Power, RS Lyon, Black Knight. Most of the times I played with these 3 strings. My tension is always 24 kg in the mains, 22 kg in the crosses. Also I...
  5. J

    Wilson Shift Pro mod - wow...

    Just to help anyone struggling with the same things I was... I bought a Shift Pro two months ago and loved the feel, power, spin, and stability but thought I was swinging a little slow and it felt sluggish... so I bought a Wilson leather grip to try to make it more headlight. When new before...
  6. B

    Wilson Pro Staff 97L V13

    Hello! I want to buy this used Wilson Pro Staff 97L V13 and I would like you to tell me if it is legit. It has a fairly low price compared to the rest on the market and raised a question mark for me if it is legit or not. Thank you! Here are link for photos.
  7. V

    Special edition US Open 2023 Wilson Rackets

    https://www.thetennisinsider.com/post/wilson-blade-v8-16x19-2023-us-open-racket-release-early-access-best-price Only the Blade 16x19 and Clash 100. Both have the US Open logo on them, pretty cool. I guess the Noir ones aren't happening anymore?
  8. M

    Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 100 v14 reviews ?

    Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 100 v14 reviews ? comparison to v13 ?
  9. D

    Oversize racket recommendation for a recreational intermediate player

    I am turning 40 this year and currently playing with a leaded up vcore 95 2021 (4g at 3 and 9 and 2g at 12). string setup is wilson nxt mains 52 lbs and technifibre ice code on crosses 50 lbs. to give some background, i am an intermediate rec player (not really interested in competition play). I...
  10. Goregeous Neckry

    The Wilson Ceramic just arrived, good and bad news.

    Howdy, the racket arrived and there are good news and some bad. I’ve cleaned all with reduced bleach and alcohol and it become to be new now xd The racket have the upper part of the frame partially painted. Weight is normal for the model (it doesnt have the original Leather Grip), 346 grams...
  11. J

    Help me replace my Wilson BLX Juice Pro 96 after 10 years

    I need a new racquet because it is almost impossible to find these anymore. I have always used Wilson, but open to trying other things. If anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them. According to tennis warehouse, the specs of my racquets are 324g unstrung, 336 SW, 7 HL, 66 RA, 27.25 inches...
  12. M

    Wilson Blade pro V7 - V8 stiffness rating RA ?

    Stiffnes rating RA?
  13. M

    Wilson Blade pro V7 and V8 stiffness rating RA ?

    Blade pro V7 and V8 stiffness rating RA ? Anyone measured it unstrung or strung? no specs on wilson.com website
  14. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Wilson Labs Shift Prototype

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: Are you ready for another playtest? We have some Wilson Labs Shift prototype racquets available in both the 300 and 315 gram version. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet...
  15. TennisCouple

    H22 vs Blade v4 pro stock

    I recently got my hands on a pro stock blade v4 with V8 pjs and have been really enjoying it. I have been spending time researching the different blades out there and the H22, and I am trying to decide whether to get another one or try H22s but I have no idea what they are like. What are the...
  16. B

    Need some help! Wilson Ultra Pro 16x19 vs Yonex Vcore Pro 2021

    I have the opportunity of obtaining 2 x Ultra Pro's for the same price of a single Vcore Pro. These are the two racquets im keen on, which one would you guys recommend? Reasons why i have picked this racquet is due to lower swing weight and easy on the Arm. Many thanks
  17. R

    Is there a new Wilson Federer DNA Backpack to be released?

    Hey guys. As many of we know, the new Wilson Pro Staff V14 is coming early next year. But does somebody know if there is going to be an update for the Federer DNA Backpack as well (not the Pro Staff themed bag)? I want to update my 2018 all-red DNA backpack, so I was thinking if I should wait a...
  18. E

    Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 9 vs Wilson DNA 12 pack

    Hi, I'm looking for a nice, good looking and functional bag that is not too big for a recreational player, that can carry 3, maybe even 4 rackets, with extra space for shoes, clothes and other gear. A big fan of wilson here, so I ended up choosing between the Wilson Super Tour Pro Staff 9 and...
  19. O

    all wilson holograms starts with “w”?

    all wilson holograms starts with “w”? today I visited a store that definitely shouldnt sell counterfeit rackets. examined several wilson models (i dont remember which ones exectly), I noticed that some holograms have just numbers, without w at the beginnin. Is that normal?
  20. Tan Tennis

    What would Wilson do with the Pro Staff line after Federer retired?

    Hi guys, Federer is retired, and it doesn't seem to me to have other top players on the tour who play with the PS97 or RF97, especially on the ATP. I read from this forum that there will be the new v14 with bronze color coming out probably in early 2023. I'm excited for that and plan to get...
  21. V

    Federer's Laver Cup racquet

    Hi! Did anyone notice that Fed's racquet for the Laver Cup has a red butt cap like the regular Pro Staff v13, and a brown leather grip? Is that a new model? The RF97 has a flat black butt and a black leather grip. Did I miss anything?
  22. A

    Wilson blade 18x20 v8 VS babolat pure strike 18x20 3rd gen

    hey guys i want controlled racket from these two as mentioned i have been using demo racket of both of them but i am not able to select between them them please help
  23. R

    Wilson Clash 100 v2 vs Wilson blade 100 v14

    Hi guys. I coach a Wilson sponsored player and they have to choose between these 2 sticks. Anyone that have tried both that can give some feedback? She is currently playing with the Clash 100 v1.
  24. CharlesMG

    Wilson Roger Federer DNA 12 Bag - Signature

    Hi, Is it only me who finds the current Wilson bag offerings inadequate? What I mean, given the price tag, the bags that have decent design like the Pro staff v13,doesn't have a hard shell to keep it's shape and make them more durable, also the straps and handles are just cheaply done. Given...
  25. T

    What size tennis bag for me?

    Hello everyone, i am looking for advice in tennis bag sizes. I will need to carry: 2-3 racket frames 2.5 litre bottle 1 pair of shoes Towel Overgrips Around 2 sets of 12m strings A jacket and some spare clothes Wristbands/spare overgrips/ phone/wallet/keys/e I was looking into Wilson super...
  26. S

    Head Radical MP vs Wilson 100L V8

    Is the Head Radical MP 2021 or the Wilson 100L V8 better? Whats the main difference, I am only able to demo the latter and havent gotten a chance to demo the head one.
  27. Michael7

    Wilson Blade Pro (V7 or V8) 16x19 vs 18x20

    Does anyone have any opinions on these two frame and best string/lead setups they enjoy? Thanks!
  28. D

    Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack Design Update?

  29. A

    silver foil inside tennis kit bags

    now a days most of kit bag comes with some silver foil inside and company claims to keep your rackets and string reels inside it only .. I am curious to now that why so ? why they are used for and are they really effective compared to kit bags without those silver material.. I always break my...
  30. A

    Wilson or gamma ?

    can some one please help me choose me between Wilson pro Overgrip or gamma supreme pro Overgrip my hands sweat quite well .. I can say that my hands sweating rating is 7.5/10 so any one can help me in choose between them in terms of durability and tackiness as I don't change Overgrip very often...