1. time410s

    What's your top and bottom racket choice?

    I wanna know what your top choice and last choice of racket brand would be and why. I'll start. Top: Yonex because amazing quality control and nice plus length offerings. Oh, and generous handle mold length even on standard length. Find a yonex you love and it's hard to beat that quality...
  2. time410s

    Asking For Honest feedback on a video I might do

    I'm working on a video where I thoroughly breakdown my first impressions on a TenX racket. They're an up and coming racket company from Australia with some international presence. Maybe you've heard of them. Anyway, I do somewhat of a teardown and I talk in detail about my observations and...
  3. M

    What Version of the Wilson K Factor Tour is this?

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this post! My friend found what we believe is a Wilson K Factor Six One Tour in his basement, but upon further inspection we are not sure if it is actually real. I attached some photos below. We initially thought this was a 2007-2008 version of the...
  4. C

    Current rackets with BLX feel?

    I had the realization today that three of my favorite hits over the past decade were Wilson BLX frames - BLX Blade 98 (current racket), BLX Six.One 95 16x18, BLX Juice Pro. Do any current production rackets/lines (Wilson or otherwise) have similar feel to BLX? I know racket feel is very...
  5. Andy Wang

    Wilson blade pro 16x19 grommets

    Not sure if this is a dumb question but can the regular blade 98 V7 16x19 grommets be used for the blade pro labs 16x19?
  6. G

    Blade 98 v7 16x19 or Clash 98

    I've been demo'ing racquets for a while now. I had a thread about it prior. I currently have a Ultra100CV. I've tried: Pure Drive 2021 Yonex Vcore 95 2021 Yonex Vcore Pro 97HD Yonex Vcore Pro 97 Yonex Vcore 98 2021 Wilson Pro Staff v13 Blade 98 v7 16x19 Clash 98 I've come to the...
  7. Andy Wang

    What replacement grip does the new Wilson racquets use?

    If I'm looking to replace the original grip of say the newer wilson racquets, i.e blade v7, ultra 100 roland garros, blade roland garros, prostaff etc. Which replacement grip should I be buying? There are too many of them on wilsons website and too little information on what these racquets use x.x
  8. Znak

    Graphene 360+ Presitge MP/ Graphene 360+ Speed Pro/ VCore 95 '21

    Out of curiosity which is closest to the Blade v7 18x20? I've been reading that both Head racquets are similar to some degree to the Blade, but curious as to what characteristics they all share and which are the outliers. I'm aware of the TF40 being a direct comparison, more interested in other...
  9. eman11

    PCB Wilson in Andalucia 2021

    Pardon my ignorance... but what is this?
  10. L

    New Wilson Tennis Bags

    Im wondering if anyone has any news or update on when the new wilson tennis Bags the pros are using will be released. Pros have been using these since the end of last year and i want to buy one but on wilson website it only says coming soon. Any update or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. goldenhawktennis

    K90 to...what? Help me find my new stick a decade later!

    Howdy ya'll! I'm finally posting to these forums for the first time in over a decade (the tennis bug always bites back!) to hopefully garner some insight into what I've missed in racquet technologies since the K-Factor/BLX days (lol) and gather your recommendations as I set out to demo a handful...
  12. L

    What Bag are the Wilson Pros Currently using ?

    Ive seen they are using a new unreleased bag. I checked tennis warehouse and i see they are currently only selling a black colorway. I was wondering if anyone had any info on when it will be releasing. Im in need of a new bag so hopefully i can wait for the new one to drop. thanks for any help...
  13. M

    At what point would differences in stiffness RA be noticed

    I play with 2 (thankfully) matched Wilson Blade 98 18x20 v7 Racquets with the below (unstrung) specs... Weight 307.6 and 307.9 Swingweight 305 and 304 Balance 32.7 and 32.5 Stiffness 60 and 60 Wilson's poor QC aside, given that virtually none of those specs are on the money, I'm happy with...
  14. L

    New wilson Tennis bags

    Hello @TW Staff , I was wondering if there was any information on the release of New Wilson Tennis bags that ive seen all the pros using as of recently. Ive been looking for an update but id like to wait for the new one if possible! Thanks !!!
  15. derick232

    What version of Pro Staff 85 is this?

    I have the opportunity to buy a pro staff 85 but I'm not exactly sure which version it is. Could someone help please? It says Pro Staff®️ 6.0 and has black buttcap with red wilson and the code GDR. Does this mean it's one of the TW releases?
  16. D

    Racquet recommendation for a USTA 3.0?

    Dear members, First let me give you a background about myself. I am from Sri Lanka and I am 37 years old, 5'6", weighing 180 pounds. I went for tennis coaching for around 6 months in my junior days, played around 2-3 competitive matches in school. After an injury I stopped playing and started...
  17. joshuadearing

    Prestrung "good" rackets and Prestrung in general (Wilson Six.One 2017)

    I ordered a bunch of the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One (2017) from Europe (I'm in Cali) and they come prestrung with Wilson synthetic gut. I had bought a few of them back in 2017; so I can confirm that even the USA versions came prestrung. I just wonder why Wilson did this and a question in general...
  18. S

    Wilson Midsize Silver Shadow

    I found this beautiful Wilson racquet for just 10 bucks. I just don't know anything about it. It is 360grams strung, has a 16x19 string pattern and is 4 1/4 grip. The grip appears to have been a white leather one, although it is no longer white.
  19. M

    Do Not Buy Wilson Custom Velvet Racket

    The velvet paint job on my custom blade started to peel off in less than a month. Wilson warranty team refused to stand behind its own product and blaming it on the paint chip. It is clear that the coating applied to create the "Velvet" paint job did not stick and was not applied properly. It...
  20. R

    Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0 string advice?

    Hey guys, I'm getting in a Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0 soon. I plan on adding a leather grip to it, Head XtremeSoft overgrip without overlap on top of leather grip and regular Wilson Pro overgrip on top of that. The no overlap, thin and soft Head overgrip to make the leather grip more bearable for my...
  21. Pitti

    Can you help me search for an open pattern racquet?

    Hi. From now on, and probably until Christmas, I'm in the search of an open pattern racquet. I've always used closed 18x20 pattern racquets (currently an Ultra Tour), but I've found that I must be very precise in my timing and in my footwork to make them work, and also I must swing with all of...
  22. I

    questions about RF97

    Hi guys, I usually play with my K90 and PSBLX90. I tried the RF v10 5 years ago (red black first version) but I personally don't like it at all. I found it is too soft and the swing weight feels so much heavier compared to my K90 & PSBLX90. And I don't have a feeling that the RF97 is a good...
  23. T

    Wilson blade V7 frame deforming.

    I have noticed my Wilson blade v7 18x20 frame is starting to deform to more of a circle. When I hold it next to other blades, the frame is less egg shape. Am I tripping or have other people had that happen. Holding it next to other racquets, it’s wider by almost a full beam. How is that possible?
  24. OldManStan

    Wilson Roland Garros Backpack

    Never thought I would call a backpack handsome or buy an $80 backpack, but I just did. Thoughts? Seeking validation to justify the purchase. :rolleyes: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Wilson_Roland_Garros_Backpack_Bag/descpageBGWILSON-WRGTBPB.html
  25. G

    2020 Prostaff update

    Just wondering if anybody has any news, info or secrets about updates to the Prostaff line next year. Really intrigued if the “FeelFlex” will get implemented, sounds really good. A 60-62 RA Prostaff would truly be awesome! Anything???
  26. WilPro

    How do you identify a PT57A and H22?

    I seen lately many adverts, and was wondering how do you correctly identify what is it they sell? Thanks a lot.
  27. A

    Why don't pros use their string provider's stencil?

    I remember in the 90s and 2000s, the majority of players used to have their string provider's stencilled onto the bottom of the racquet, underneath the stencil logo of their racquet e.g. Sampras used a Wilson racquet so had a 'W' stencilled on his racquet and below was the Babolat stencil lines...
  28. A

    Prince vs. Wilson quality control?

    As it stands today, which company has better QC? I’m thinking of either picking up a Textreme Tour 95 or Pro Staff 97.
  29. M

    Does anybody recognize this racquet from the 90's?

    This Wilson racquet is from a photo taken around 1997 or so, I'm wondering if anybody recognizes the model, I would definitely appreciate it, its very hard to Google for:
  30. brettfan

    Blade 98 v7 16x19 with pro stock specs... possible?

    I'm curious to know if there are any pros or college level players using the Wilson Blade 98 16x19 v7. I mean the retail one you can buy at the tennis shop, not the pro stock. I'm a 5.0 player who loves this racquet but, I'm wondering if I should add some lead tape to enhance this racquet's...