wimbledon 2018

  1. Rafa4LifeEver

    It all started here

    Djokovic 3.0 began right there, the beast was awakened once again. There was spark in his eyes once again after that point was robbed from him. The rest is history as we know it, 8 out of the 12 slams afterwards. was this a major turning point in tennis history, ladies & gentlemen? I surely...
  2. BGod

    2018 Wimbledon vs. 2008 Wimbledon

    Okay, so I didn't see the 2018 Wimbledon semifinal between Nadal and Novak live and watched the last set on two occasions on replay. A few days ago I finally watched the match in its entirety because finding 5 uninterrupted hours for a replay isn't easy. And I have to say, I was blown away...
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    Djokodal wimby 2018 highlights......

    Download before greedy people make it go down too.. This one has an average audio quality with a bit of noise and some non-english language commentary(though, grunts can be heard easily) but some very good rallies are included
  4. augustobt

    F... the AO2012 final, this was the real deal

    Over 5 hours of a REAL AND ENTERTAINING MATCH, with both players playing on high level most of the time. No 1min of ball bounces before every serve. This was THE DEFINITIVE Nadal vs Djokovic.
  5. Djokerr

    Federer's loss at Wimbledon 2018 is heartbreaking for Djokovic!!

    Federer was well aware of the future possibilities in Wimbledon 2018 before playing Kevin Anderson. Knowing that an in-form Djokovic could be in the finals against him and defeat him to become the first man to beat him 3 times on grass, Federer robbed Djokovic his opportunity to do so...
  6. RF19

    2018 Wimby Champion - Rafa

    Its an interesting Semi's line up. I was hoping for Delpo to make it to final two and then lift the trophy, I guess the psyche did its job. Having said that there's no doubt that RAFA is a great champion and deserved to win too!! I am going for RAFA to be the favorite to win the championship...
  7. RF19

    Is that the end of the Great Legend, Roger Federer?

    Did we just witness the end of the era? Did we just watch the legacy come to an end? Being a die-hard fan of Roger, I couldn't handle this one. But keeping emotions aside, this brings up a very important question on whether Roger is done here? He is aging, although he doesn't show it on the...
  8. HetTheGreaterer

    So who has soft draw now????

    As usual. It was for him, and it is for him and it will always be for him Ned... Almost all of those so called threats (all clay specialists and grass mugs) are out from nadal's half...... Only djok and delpo remains while fed has cilic who, is more of a threat than these two combined (or...
  9. HetTheGreaterer

    Is stanimal back??

    Defeated last year's R16 and 6th seed dimitrov. First slam match win in over a year.. Battled from a set down, a break down in 3rd set..... Saved multiple breakpoints... And finally won 1-6 7-6(3) 7-6(5) 6-4.... Shown some glimpses of comeback.. Mental resilience was solid
  10. VamosRafa69

    Nike wimbledon gear for Rafa

    Does anyone know if Nike will be releasing the shorts rafa wore in his exhibition match or the cages he is wearing with a grass court outsole? Thanks
  11. cluckcluck

    Sugita Looking Good, will win Wimbledon 2018

    You heard it here first