wimbledon 2019

  1. Rafa4LifeEver

    The last episode in the Federer - Nadal Saga

    I don't think any of us realistically thought that this was going to be their last professional match against each other; the way both of them had rejuvenated themselves after the disappointment of last few months of 2018 was certainly a good omen. After their meeting at French open a few weeks...
  2. TheAssassin

    First anniversary already!

    The longest ever and perhaps the most dramatic Wimbledon final happened exactly a year ago. How time flies... The question is, how many years of your life did those five hours take away? :eek:
  3. F

    Need Help Finding A Picture of.....

    Hello everyone, I don't really know where this would go because this is probably the most random thing you guys have ever seen on here...but here we go So i know this is a little odd I have been trying to look for this picture of Federer for hours now and still can't find it, it's honestly one...
  4. Fiero425

    The Greatest Match Of Wimbledon?

    For years now all concerned from the media to players go to the rivalry of Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal as the greatest with their 2008 Wimbledon Final being labeled "The Greatest Match!" I just happened upon a tape with misc. clips of TV shows, movies, and the 2019 Wimbledon Final with...
  5. D

    New doubles couple become N°1 after winning WIMBLEDON

    Juan Cabal and Robert Farah defeated Nicolas Mahut and É. Roger-Vasselin 7-6 6-7 6-7 7-6 6-3
  6. Yugram

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    As previous thread was deleted, I’ve decided to make it myself, now in more appropriate way. :)
  7. LaZeR

    Is it the First Time in 12 YEARS all the Big 3 are in GS Semi-Finals?!

    Hi, WHAT are ALL the YEARS that ALL the Big 3 (Federer, Djokovic, Nadal) were in a Grand Slam Semi-Finals?
  8. pedro94

    Centre Court vs Court No.1 speed comparison

    I've seen lots of people here saying how Nadal vs Querrey being scheduled on C1 is bad news for Nadal because of it playing a little faster than CC. I'd be interested to see what the reasons for this statement are.. C1 (on the right) is visibly much more worn down than CC (on the left), and...
  9. Yugram

    Wimbledon R4: Roger Federer [2] vs Matteo Berrettini [17]

    It is on! Now just the final part of my beautiful prediction should come true. :happydevil: Berrettini’s victims this grass season: FAA, Struff, Khachanov (x2), Kyrgios, Basilashvili.
  10. Enceladus

    2019 Wimbledon 3R: [3.] Rafael Nadal vs. Jo-Willfried Tsonga

    ATP H2H: 8-4 for Nadal GS H2H: 1-1 tied They had one meeting on the grass, which Tsonga won 6:7(3), 6:4, 6:1 at the Queens Club 2011. Can Tsonga will surprise and advance through Nadal?
  11. Yugram

    Nadal is officially Epic

    I’ve been following Rafael since Roland Garros 2010 and I must say, I have NEVER seen him rising his level so dramatically in just one match, especially on the first week of a Slam. And the fact that it’s grass makes it even more impressive. Just look at some stats from his match against...
  12. Yugram

    Berrettini will meet and beat Federer at Wimbledon R4

    Now that Coric withdrawn, the new Italian superstar will take his place in the draw, which means a potential meeting with Rogerio in R4. You heard it first here, Matteo Berrettini will slay Federer for the biggest upset of 2019 and it will be epic.
  13. Yugram

    Rafa fans, Federer or Djokovic?

    We all know that with a horrible draw like this, Rafa’s chances for Wimbledon crown this year decreases significantly. While I still bull19ve in The King, at this point it’s likely a conversation between #21 for Federer and #16 for Djokovic. So the question is: if Rafa loses, who out of these...
  14. raph6

    Nishikori in Federer Quarter

    Since Wimbledon 2018, the player who has beaten Kei Nishikori in a Grand Slam has always won the title. Djokovic defeated him at Wimbledon 2018 QF, US Open 2018 SF, Australian Open 2019 QF and Nadal beated him at RG 2019 QF. Federer fans, you know what that means :sneaky: