1. A

    Indoor tennis in London

    (I am aware there is a similar thread but it is old and doesn't address all of my criteria. I was unable to find definitive information online (including the LTA site).) I'm in London in December with a friend and would like to play. Given the weather and the fact we'll be travelling we'd like...
  2. galahad

    Cold weather options for your legs?

    Getting ready for another season of outdoor night tennis in the 0-20(celsius) range. Any recommendations for leg wear would be appreciated. Compression stuff just ins't warm enough. Most of the warm up suits are too floppy. Advice???
  3. Znak

    Canadian Tennis

    I'm back in Toronto for the year and do I ever miss my league in France. Why is it that we have no public courts, and the private ones we do cost literally two arms and three legs (and are all full/waiting lists for over a year)? And winter leagues you pay initial fees, plus a monthly plus an...
  4. ChaelAZ

    Oh, the weather outside....

    Is REALLY dang nice in Arizona during this time of year! I wanted to rub this in before the sweltering heat dries us to prunes starting in June! So this was me hitting Sunday evening in the gorgeous 80 degree Arizona sun. Had to put sun screen on. All you snowy folks, be jealous...for now! lol.
  5. MakoTsunami

    Tundra Tennis: Winter is Coming

    Saw this yesterday on facebook. Same guy that made the Seth Federer video. His content is pretty funny.
  6. Znak

    Winter Tension

    Do you guys adjust your strings to match the weather? If so what do you do? It's getting close to 0 Celsius in Paris, and wasn't sure if it's normal to make adjustments to your strings to compensate.