1. Rafa4LifeEver

    Nadal's worst ever performance....

    ......In a clay court match. For some reason it showed into my youtube feed. Rolling back the years, I still can't believe how nadal managed to play this bad, in a masters 1000 final, on clay, in Spain?? Couldn't manage to break Murray, couldn't hit many Forehands & backhands past his own...
  2. P

    Worst Grand Slam Finals in history???

    I'll start this off, but keep in mind, I haven't watch much tennis before 2000: #10: Australian Open 2020. It wasn't necessarily a terrible match, but it was just so underwhelming based on what was expected by the way they moved through the draw. #9: Australian Open 2003. This was just an...
  3. P

    Worst and Best outfits of each of the Big 3.

    Let me start us off. Federer's Worst has to be the UPS Fedex: As much as I love Uni Qlo, it just doesn't fit with RF. Nike did indeed save the best for last: Djokovic's best is just the simple one: He honestly hasn't had to many bad ones, but this has to take my cake: Nadal's best: Nadal...
  4. Sum Buddy Ells

    Movies you nominate for COAT (C r a p p i e s t o f A l l T i m e)

    With so much negative energy wasted over at the GPPD forum...I'd rather focus on hating movies you've seen that are so bad (A) you couldn't watch till the end (B) you lost respect for the leads or (C) they're laughably bad First nominee: